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White Money Biography, Net Worth – All You Should Know

White Money recently emerged as the winner of the 2021 Big Brother Naija Shine Your Eye season. Do you want to know more about the latest Nigerian celebrity? If yes, read on as I will be covering White Money’s Biography, his net worth, and other details you would love to know.

White Money Biography

The major question on people’s lips is who is White Money? I’ll be treating that in this section.

White Money is Hazel Oyeye Onou and he was born on the 6th of July 1992. He’s an Igbo man hailing from Enugu State where he also grew up. The name “White Money ” is simply a nickname and the BB Naija winner is yet to shed light on why he chose such a name.

Well, with his utmost love for making money as he’s shown countless times, the name really does fit. White Money left Enugu where he grew up to Lagos in search of greener pastures. The BBNaija winner confirmed that he faced a couple of challenges growing up as things were not very alright financially.

In Lagos, he gained popularity – somewhat – in Ojuelegba and Yaba market places. Hence, it’s no surprise that he’s fluent in multiple languages including English, Igbo, and Yoruba.

White Money Net Worth

At the moment, Hazel Onou, aka White Money is a Naira millionaire. The grand prize of winning the Big Brother Naija show is N90 million which includes N30 million cash prize and N60 million in other assets.

These other assets include a two bedroom apartment from Revolution Plus, an Innoson Motors SUV, multiple trips abroad to Dubai and Dublin, and home appliances. Also, the Big Brother Naija winner also gets a brand new smartphone, a trip to watch the UEFA Champions League Final, and annual supply of Indomie, Munch It, Pepsi, etc.

With all of these, it’s certain White Money’s net worth is more than N30 million. Inside the Big Brother Naija house, housemates do contests in games to win cash prizes and other gifts and White Money did win a few.

Add these to the numerous partnership and ambassadorial contracts that are sure waiting for him on the outside. Furthermore, he has a strong fan base. White Money has an estimated net worth of N100 million.

White Money Life Story

As mentioned earlier, White Money grew up in Enugu and didn’t come from a rich background. After some years in Enugu, he moved to Lagos for better chances. While in Lagos, White Money tried his hands on several skilled and unskilled works before finding himself in the Big Brother House.

White Money is a diverse hustler. According to him, he’s worked as a mechanic fixing generators, as a photographer, barber, plumber, and also done repairs on telecommunications masts – all for the hustle and bustle.

The BB Naija winner has also worked as a motorcyclist – Okada Rider – and he’s also a music artist. You can find his songs on major streaming platforms and they were played in the Big Brother house on one or two occasions.

White Money Career

While White Money has done a lot; his major business before entering the Big Brother house was shoe importation. According to him, it was a turnaround business as he met with big clients and willing-to-pay customers. In no time, the business was booming.

As a BBNaija winner, White Money is also now an influencer with thousands of fans following him. Nevertheless, the Enugu man plans on focusing on his shoe importation business and maybe try his hands on a few others.

With the money and fame at his current disposal, he can take his business to the next level. Also, White Money has plans of not just importing shoes but also own his own shoe brand one day.

Recall that White Money is also a music artist. As a result, it won’t be surprising if he releases some new tracks. If the reception is great, he could take music a lot more seriously and we could see some significant features.

White Money Girlfriend

Does White Money have a girlfriend? A lot of female fans are asking this question and the answer is – or should be – no. During his stay in the Big Brother Naija house, he never mentioned once that he had a girlfriend outside the house.

Instead, he constantly stressed how he’s not able to be in a relationship at the moment due to one or two reasons. In the house, he did share a closeness with Queen and fans thought the ship would sail. Well, it looked like until Queen had to leave the house after the eviction night.

Now outside the house, White Money has confirmed that he has no romantic feelings for Queen. Nevertheless, he did state that he has a likeness for her that is natural and he wants them both to be cool and see how it goes.

White Money Updates

Now that the Big Brother show is over, how do you keep up with White Money updates as a fan? Well, it’s simple – you have social media for that. Simply follow White Money on Instagram and Twitter to get all the updates you need about the latest BB Naija Celebrity.

On Instagram where he has over a million followers, his username is @whitemoney__. On Twitter, the username is @itswhitemoney. Be aware that there are many fake pages and profiles on these platforms so make sure you’re following the real account.

Bottom Line

I believe I’ve covered all the most asked questions about White Money of the Big Brother Naija Shine Your Eye season housemate. What else would you like to know? You can drop your questions in the comments.