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Which Bank Has The Best Mobile App in Nigeria?

Thanks to mobile applications, people don’t crowd banks as they previously did. 

You can use your bank’s mobile app to perform everyday bank transactions like transferring money, checking your balance, purchasing airtime/data, paying bills, getting a statement of account, creating virtual debit cards, and a lot more.

Some bank apps even let new users create functional accounts without them needing to come to the bank to fill out lengthy forms.

The question most people are asking is which bank has the best mobile app in Nigeria. That’s an interesting comparison. From user reviews, here are the best bank mobile apps in Nigeria:

1. Kuda Bank App

It’s not surprising that many Nigerian bank app users choose the Kuda bank app as the best. Kuda is a mobile-only bank. In other words, all banking activities are done via the app. 

There’s no offline location for you to visit to make transfers, deposits, or similar. As a result, the app is well-equipped with all the features you’ll need in a banking app.

With the Kuda app, you can open a bank account in minutes. You can save money and you can also borrow. It’s super easy to use.

2. UBA Mobile Banking

The UBA mobile app comes second. It has 4/5 stars from over 11,000 ratings on the Apple Store, a testament to its reliability. In particular, the app is lightweight compared to many other banking apps in Nigeria. 

What can you do with the UBA Mobile Banking application? Well, a lot. You can perform everyday transactions like sending money, purchasing airtime and data, and paying bills.

You can as well carry out other transactions, like booking flights and purchasing food – not many Nigerian bank apps have these features.

3. Access More

You’ll find multiple apps affiliated with Access Bank in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. However, the Access More app is the One! The app is available to Access Bank users in Nigeria and also in other African countries.

It has 4.9/5 stars from over 78,000 ratings on the Apple App Store – seventy-eight thousand ratings. In fact, it should be number one except that other countries use it too.

Some features you can access from the Access More app include transfers, mobile top-ups, instant loans, bill payment, virtual cards, and debit cards.

4. Fidelity Online Banking

Fidelity Bank may not be as famous as other banks in Nigeria, but it has one of the best bank apps. The online banking app is available for Android and iOS, and it’s the only Fidelity bank app you’ll find on their respective app stores.

The best thing about the Fidelity Online Banking mobile app is its intuitiveness. Anyone will find the app easy and convenient to use.

Like other banking apps, you can use the app for transfers, purchasing airtime, paying bills, and paying subscriptions, to name a few.

5. Sterling OneBank

Here’s another not-very-famous Nigerian bank, but with one of the best mobile apps. The app has 3.9/5 from over 600 ratings on the Apple Store.

It’s similar but distinct from other Nigerian banking apps. Imagine reading the news when you launch your bank app. Yes! You can catch up with the latest news via the Sterling OneBank app.

Furthermore, you can create a banking account with the mobile app, and you can invest with Doubble services. However, note that the Sterling OneBank is a relatively heavy application.

6. V by VFD

From time to time, you’ll find Nigerian celebrities – Don Jazzy, the Mavins’ CEO, most especially – advertising VBank on social media platforms. Well, it’s not just for them to get paid. The banking app is dependable.

V by VFD lets you perform all the traditional transactions you’d expect from a banking app, and more. The app dashboard and its artistic orderliness is one to love. 

You can create a VBank account in minutes using the app. It’s a secure banking app to use, and it’s one of the best for saving money.

7. FirstMobile App

It’s sad that some of the most famous banks in Nigeria have banking apps that give users a headache. First Bank is undoubtedly a famous Nigerian bank. While its baking app isn’t bad, customers complain about one or two things.

The main issue customers have is that there are multiple FirstBank apps. There’s the FirstMobile app – the main mobile app – and then there’s the LIT by FirstBank app and the Firstmonie Wallet.

Nevertheless, you can use the FirstMobile app as a FirstBank customer. It’s reliable, most of the time.

8. Ecobank Mobile App

There was a time when the Pan African Bank was on everyone’s lips. Nowadays, it’s not so much, but that doesn’t mean the bank shouldn’t have a good app. 

The Ecobank Mobile App claims to “make everyday banking as easy as ABC!” Well, it has a 2.9/5 rating from the Apple Store, so perhaps it could use some improvements. 


At number nine, we have the ALAT app – a contemporary digital banking app by Wema bank. The app is praised by Wema Bank as the first fully digital bank in Nigeria.

ALAT isn’t a bad app. It only ranks here and not higher because not many people use it.

10. Zenith Bank eaZymoney

Zenith Bank users have a lot of negative things to say about the Zenith Bank eaZymoney app. We’ll leave it at that.