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Where to see animals in Africa?

Where to see Animals in Africa – Are you amazed? Well, I am, too. However, it’s not a mystery!!! There are actually nice places where you can see animals of any kind in Africa.

Africa continues to be that exotic, extraordinary continent, full of contrasts and where you can still see the wonderful spectacle of nature in all its splendor. Thus, in Africa we can still be amazed and excited by witnessing the beauty of the incredible life of its wild fauna. Throughout the African continent you can find numerous destinations where you can see wild animals in Africa. Some are already in danger of extinction, others impossible to see outside their natural environment and all magnificent and unique.

A most intense and exciting experience that has nothing to do with seeing animals locked up in zoos, out of their natural habitat and knowing that they are free. If doing this type of trip and living these experiences calls you a lot, in this article, we offer you a selection of those places to see animals in Africa.

The best destinations to see animals in Africa

It is advisable to carry out this type of activity through specialized agencies and with guides who know how to take us to places close to the animals. Observation points from which we can admire the local wildlife without being seen and, above all, without interfering in the daily development of the animals, they are not scared or threatened by our presence.
Thus, on our trip to Africa we will be able to admire the largest cats on the planet, see the most majestic mountain gorillas, follow the track of the black rhinoceros or see the most beautiful and spectacular animals in the great natural parks of this magnificent continent.

1. The big cats of South Africa

In the Kgalagadi Park, a beautiful natural space of about 38,000 square kilometers located between Botswana and South Africa, you can admire leopards, lions, cheetahs, and African cats, as well as other large predators such as hyenas and black-backed jackals. A wildlife conservation area with a spectacular landscape of red dunes, being one of the most extensive regions of unspoiled nature in the world.
It is recommended to access the park from the South African side, having to do the routes in all terrain since its roads are old and are still unpaved. The two most frequented routes are the Kgalagadi route with two campsites along its route and the route that runs between Nossob and Mabuasehube . The best season to do these routes is from November when the weather is cooler. An idyllic place to take spectacular photos of endless skies, red sand dunes and desert flowers.


      2. Namibia and the black rhino

The Desert Rhino Camp is a located in western Namibia, a place renowned for its population of black rhinoceros, being a mammal in serious danger of extinction that is worth seeing. It is also possible to see it in the Etosha National Park, located in the north of the country.

The black rhino is a unique species that has been heavily affected by poaching. Currently, measures are being developed to stop this type of hunting, in addition to establishing a sustainable tourism model aimed at the conservation and salvation of these unique animals.

             3. Swimming with dolphins in Mozambique

Swimming Dolphins

In Mozambique, you can swim with dolphins in the crystal clear waters of the southern coast of the country. A unique experience that only takes place if the animals do not show stress or rejection in the presence of visitors. It must always be considered that animals can be overwhelmed in the presence of many humans and their space and well-being must be respected. Be that as it may, just the fact of being able to see these friendly animals impresses and excites.

4. Spectacular natural parks to see animals


And it is that Africa has among its greatest riches some unparalleled natural parks, theaters of multiple films and reserves of extraordinary fauna and flora. Among the natural parks that you should not miss to see animals in Africa are:

Masai Mara is the magnificent setting for one of the most iconic films on this fantastic continent, the unforgettable “Out of Africa”. A film that shows us this piece of Kenya and all the beauty of its vegetation, geography and, of course, its wild fauna. It is advisable to visit this reserve in the month of August, when the animals migrate to cross the Mara River.

This park is considered one of the best natural parks in Africa. A park of more than 15,000 square kilometres that has a great variety of landscapes and a large population of animals. One of the great natural spectacles is also the great migration of zebras, gazelles and wildebeest towards the Masai Mara.

In this natural park in Uganda you can admire wild gorillas, this being a most exciting experience and that you cannot miss if you want to travel to Africa. A natural space where you can also see other primates.

A wide variety of natural parks in which to lose yourself among the wonders of the spectacular African landscapes, both its flora and fauna and live an unforgettable experience.