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What is PalmPay used for? All You Need To Know

PalmPay has been around for sometime now, however, not many Nigerians fully understand what the platform is all about. From the name, PalmPay, it’s clear the platform has to do with finance and making payments. 

However, the usefulness doesn’t end there; there’s a lot you can do with PalmPay and in this post, I’ll be discussing all the important things you need to know about PalmPay. 

What is PalmPay? 

PalmPay, as highlighted earlier, is a finance company and one with a dream to redefine the financial experience of businesses and individual customers in Africa. 

The company launched in Nigeria and Ghana in 2019. Since 2019 till now, they’ve garnered over 5 million customers, en-route to fulfilling their goal of over 100 million customers.

PalmPay is accessible such that anyone with a smartphone can access their services. In addition, you’ll find PalmPay apps in small not-so-smart button phones. 

Examples include Tecno and Itel button phones. This is also because PalmPay is an exclusive partner of Tecno, Itel, and also Infinix so, the app comes default with phones by these brands. 

To use PalmPay, you have to download the mobile app available for Android and iOS. Registration is quick and can be completed in no more than 2 minutes. Some people also register to use PalmPay for POS services. 

Features of PalmPay

PalmPay is ushering in a smarter way to make payments so the platform comes with some interesting features. Check them out below: 

Free Transfer 

With PalmPay, you can transfer money for free unlike banking apps that charge a few Nairas for every transfer. This means you’ll be able to save money, no matter how little. 

However, you can only make 90 free transfers to other bank accounts each month. Meanwhile, transfers to other PalmPay users are free pour toujours – forever. 

Recharge and Data

As you’d expect, you can use the PalmPay app to purchase data and airtime for your phone. The app supports all major telecoms in Nigeria – MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo – and others. 

The good thing about using PalmPay is you get airtime and data coupons from time to time. With these coupons, you can purchase airtime and data at interesting discounts. 

Bill Payment 

You can pay a variety of bills using the PalmPay payment app. Notably, there are some interesting options you can’t access with other similar services. 

For example, you can purchase WAEC checker PINs from the PalmPay app, book hotels, pay for water bills, pay your tithes, school fees, and government payments. 

You’ll agree that these are not your common bill payment options with other apps. What more? You still get interesting coupon discounts for all of these bills. 


Want to travel? Within or outside Nigeria? You can book your trips with PalmPay. Trips payment is one of the common uses of the platform. 

You can book both bus trips and flights. It’s like using services like Bolt and Upper; you have to select your departure location, destination, and your travel date. 

You’ll find a list of available trip services you can book along with their prices. 


PalmPay’s TV services lets you pay for your favorite cable decoders and more. You can pay your DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, and MyTV subscriptions among others. 

You can as well pay for mobile TVs like Iroko TV and Linda Ikeji TV. When you pay for TV services with PalmPay, you get cash backs. For example, you can get 2- and 3-percent of your money when you subscribe for DSTV and GOTV respectively. 

It may not be much but it’s better than nothing. 

Refer & Earn 

Perhaps the reason why you’re interested in learning more about PalmPay is the Refer & Earn program. Lately, many people have been making money by referring new users to use the app. 

It’s like an affiliate program: all you have to do is share your PalmPay link with others and you get your reward once they sign up and verify their accounts. You get rewards for every subsequent recharge they make also. 

Credit Service 

PalmPay offers a credit service that lets you collect loans. The advantage is that you can collect loans without paper works, guarantor, and you don’t have to pay interest if you pay back within 16 days. 

You qualify to use the credit service as you use the app. Ad initio, you can get a credit limit of up to 150,000 with the OK Card. As you continue using the app, your limit increases. 

Reward Zone 

The Reward Zone is where you enjoy all your benefits as a PalmPay user. From time to time, you win rewards by making transfers, purchasing airtime, using group discounts, purchasing data, funding betting accounts, and funding your PalmPay wallet. 

You can view and claim these rewards from the reward zone. You’ll also find certain tasks you can do to earn more rewards. 

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, PalmPay lets you carry out financial transactions like money transfer, airtime and data purchase, payment of bills, flights, bus trips, TV subscriptions, and more. 

While the platform has been around for some time now, the current rave is due to its numerous rewards, coupons, and discounts. 

If you make a lot of money transactions with your bank app and other financial apps, it’s a good option to use as it helps you save money.

The discounts and rewards you get may seem small but overtime, as it accumulates, you’ll find them beneficial.