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Tuface Accused Me of Bedding His Wife and Set Me Up For a Beating – Brymo

Popular musician, Brymo, has accused Tuface of sending thugs to beat him up after accusing him of sleeping with his wife. Born Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi, Brymo in a lenghty Twitter post said Tuface – born Innocent Idibia – alleged that he slept with his wife in 2015, but has not come out till date to substantiate his claims or retract his allegations.

Brymo said he got the hunch that something was amiss when he and Tuface attended an AFRIMA media conference in 2015/16. He said Tuface “elbowed me in a supposed greeting as much as 4-5 times” and called his out his name menacingly without saying anything more until the programme ended.

He said he toured the United States with Tuface in 2012 and it was a wonderful experience since he always looked up to the You’re My African Girl crooner. Then a few years later, Tuface requested that he feature in a song with him.

“He approached for a feature, specifically asking me to get on a track with him,” Brymo stated. “I was initially reluctant to consider it, because I still didn’t know why he did what he did at the press conference years before. Well, I got persuaded to meet.”

According to Brymo, Tuface’s wife at a social gathering attended by friends a week earlier had asked him what the future of his career was. He said he responded that “I’ll be Africa’s finest act alive, and that I’ll reign for a decade,” a response that Tuface did not obviously like. He noted that a few weeks later, people warned him to be cautious with Tuface since the latter obviously considered him a threat.

Shortly after this incident, Brymo said he visited a hotel where he was to be hosted by friends. He said four thugs emerged from the hotel and attacked him, giving him a black eye.

“Later I found out from an undisclosed source that Mr. Idibia was responsible for the attack,” Brymo revealed. “Yet I couldn’t decide if it was for supposedly bedding his Mrs or for claiming the spot of the greatest artiste alive!”

Brymo said Tuface denied sending thugs to beat him up.

“Mr. Idibia has truly gone and tinkered with my life for months upon months,” the musician said. “It may be prudent of him to desist from interactions with things and people that are close to me, in my domestic spaces and in the field of survival. I have carried these emotions for many months, and I won’t rush to this for publicity. It is not funny. This is madness!”