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Top Car Brands In Nigeria 2021

If there’s one thing Nigerians love, it’s to purchase and cruise around in the latest cars. Do you want to purchase a new car and you’re wondering what brand to get? Well, here are the top car brands in Nigeria in 2021. 

1. Toyota 

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer based in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. Kiichiro Toyoda created the company, which was formed in 1937.

Toyota is a top car brand in Nigeria and one of the world’s major car brands, based on total sales, which include its subsidiaries. 

Toyota was the first car company in the world to create more than 10 million automobiles each year, which it has done since 2012, when it also announced the manufacturing of its 200 millionth vehicle.

2. Honda 

Here’s another Japanese car manufacturer. Removing cars, Honda has been the world’s biggest motorbike manufacturer since 1959, with 400 million units produced by the end of 2019. That explains why they have vast car models in their catalog. 

In 2001, Honda overtook Toyota as Japan’s second-largest automaker. In 2015, Honda was the world’s seventh largest automotive manufacturer. Honda was the first Japanese car maker to launch an exclusive premium brand, Acura, in 1986. As of 2018, Honda has a 5,357,013 global production count.

3. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz or simply Benz might just be the most popular car brand in Nigeria. Unlike the two top car brands in Nigeria mentioned earlier, Mercedes Benz is a German manufacturer. The brand is renowned for producing very luxurious cars which is why it’s the choice-car for many Nigerians. 

Most of the heavy-duty trucks you’ll find in Nigeria are also Mercedes Benz products. Mercedes Benz cars are also renowned for price which is understandable because luxury is expensive. Fun fact; the first Benz produced in 1886 is believed to be the world’s first automobile. 

4. Lexus 

Lexus cars are known in Nigeria for their sleek yet classy designs. Aside from Nigeria, the car brand is present in more than 70 other countries. Lexus is a Japanese manufacturer and in the country, the brand is the number one when it comes to premium cars. 

The brand was created in 1989, at about the same time when Nissan and Honda were created. A very popular model of Lexus in Nigeria at the moment is the Lexus 350 car model. Like the Benz, most modern Lexus models are very expensive. 

5. Land Rover 

From the Land Rover brand, Nigerians love the Range Rover the most. The first Land Rover was produced far back in 1949. Most of the 4WD you’ll find in Nigeria are Land Rovers and the cars are highly renowned for their sturdiness. It’s not surprising since most of their cars are luxury sports cars. 

For example, there’s the Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, and Range Rover Velar which are all sports cars. Other top Land Rover cars include the Land Rover Discovery, Discovery Sport, and Land Defender.

6. Hyundai 

Hyundai Motor Company, or simply Hyundai, is a global car manufacturer located in Seoul, South Korea. In 1967, Hyundai Motor Company was established. Currently, the business controls 33.88 percent of Kia Corporation and is the sole owner of two brands. 

This includes Genesis Motor, a premium automobile subsidiary, and Ioniq, an electric vehicle sub-brand. The Hyundai Motor Group is made up of these three brands. In Ulsan, South Korea, Hyundai runs the world’s biggest integrated automotive manufacturing complex, with a production capacity of 1.6 million units per year.

7. BMW

In case you don’t know, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. It’s a German multinational brand that manufactures premium automobiles and motorcycles. The firm began in 1916 as an aviation engine manufacturer, producing engines. Now it’s one of the top car brands in Nigeria and the world.

BMW was the fourteenth-largest automaker in the world in 2017, with 2,279,503 cars manufactured. You should know the Rolls Royce which most of your favorite celebrities cruise around with. Well, it’s a BMW product.

8. Nissan 

Nissan Motor Company founded in 1933, was a forerunner in the car industry. Nissan has grown into one of the world’s major automakers, with yearly output of 2.4 million vehicles accounting for 4.9 percent of the worldwide market. In Nigeria, the car brand sells thousands of automobiles each year making it one of the top brands. 

Nissan sells around 35% of its automobiles in Japan, 25% in the United States, and 20% in Europe. The Infiniti, Maxima, Altima, and Sentra passenger cars, the Quest minivan, the Frontier pickup truck, and the Pathfinder sport utility vehicle are among the company’s best-selling vehicles. 

9. Volkswagen 

At number 9, we have another German brand. Volkswagen has an interesting history. The car brand was invented by Adolf Hitler – the infamous Nazist – in 1937. Then, he was in power and today the brand is owned by the German government. 

Not holding on to their history, Volkswagen is one of the top car brands in Nigeria and in the world. The brand controls other sub-brands like Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, and Bentley.

10. Kia 

Kia Motors Corporation was established in May 1944 and is Korea’s oldest automobile manufacturer. Kia has risen from humble beginnings as a maker of bicycles and motorcycles to become the world’s fifth biggest car manufacturer as part of the dynamic, worldwide Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group. 

Kia now manufactures over 1.4 million automobiles per year in 14 manufacturing and assembly plants across eight countries. The brand boasts of a global network of over 3,000 distributors and dealers. The cars are sold in Nigeria and more than 170 other countries. The company employs over 40,000 people and generates over US$17 billion in yearly revenue.

Bottom Line 

There you go, these are the top 10 car brands in Nigeria in 2021. If you have the money, make the purchase and enjoy your ride.