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Top 8 Scholarship Programs in Canada

Canada’s position as the top location with the most attraction to students continues to remain unchallenged, as it never ceases to welcome students to itself. The large influx of students has never stopped since 2016 when it accommodated about 300,000 enthusiastic students from every corner of the planet.

Basically, the number continues to swell daily as it increased steadily to 400,000 two years ago, and even more to 600,000 and still counting according to the present studies.

Wondering why Canada is being called the popular hot spot for Nigerian and other students? It’s simple. Look at these:

  • First, is the opportunity to experience and learn various languages due to the presence of students from various countries. This fantastic environment allows the students the chance to pick up multiple languages, adding to their arsenals, another skill needed to have a great career when out there.
  • Another is the allure of quality education, with the presence of some of the world’s finest schools in Canada.
  • Following this is the natural charm of Canada itself. The refreshing environment, high standard of living, and security in general. It’s a paradise to humans.
  • Left for the last is the best reason. It is affordable for most students.


Unfortunately, with such a good environment for learning at affordable prices, not everyone willing to study there has the financial ability to do so. This is where the scholarship provisions come in.


Looking for schools with the best scholarship opportunities in Canada?

Here are some of them listed below:


The Best Scholarship Opportunities in Canada




 1. Douglas College



Renowned as the largest and most affordable schools in British Columbia, Douglas college boasts a student count of about 25,000 students each year, with about a quarter of them being from different countries.

Of course, all of them couldn’t have had the privilege of being financially okay. So how are the students here? The Douglas College scholarship program!

They make use of the university scholarship scheme. With about $100,000 scholarship funds, the school can take in various students from overseas each year.

The Regional Entrance Awards, worth up to $20,000 in renewable reward is available to entrance students who are about to enter the college from secondary schools. This program is to applaud students who are not only good in their studies but have also contributed to their society.

Students are eligible for the scholarship if they have a GPA of 3.0(B) or higher, or have participated in community and college activities.

There are also various other scholarship schemes available in the school. Some of them are listed below:

  • Allied Vans Scholarship
  • Coquitlam Foundation scholarship
  • Irving K Barber transfer scholarship.


     2. Western University, Ontario

Being called the most beautiful university in the whole of Canada isn’t an easy feat. Filled with vibrant trees, towering buildings surrounded by a refreshing air, the Western University of Ontario houses close to 400,000 students each year.

Making it a priority, the school ensures the students do not lack both academically and socially. The university enjoys bringing students together from various environments to build a more welcoming atmosphere in the school.

The scholarship program run by the school is actually in two ways. The first is the International President’s Entrance Scholarships which is an amalgamation of three other scholarship schemes. It has a total worth of $50,000 and is mainly made available to excellent students. The eligible students are either very good academically, very smart, or have exceptional performance in outdoor activities. The school intends to further improve these students by providing all sorts of opportunities.

The second part is The Admission Scholarship. This one is almost like a welcome package for being a student of the school. It is automatically activated for new students upon admission to the school.

 3. Fleming College

Named after the popular inventor, Sanford Fleming, the Fleming College is also called Sir Sanford Fleming College.

The school features more than 15,000 students with over 70,000 graduated students. Although famous for their excellent study of the environment and natural science, they have a wide range of courses, fully satisfying their purpose of providing their students the chance of choosing various courses they are interested in.

The College mainly offers scholarships to students with outstanding performances, either academically or in extra-curricular activities. Their scholarship offers to include:

  • Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships
  • Gates Millennium Scholarship
  • Hani Zeini scholarship, with so many others.

   4. Humber College

Although it is called a polytechnic, it is still the largest one with a highly rated academic experience coupled with a sizable and reasonable scholarship program among its peers. It is located at the end of the western parts of Toronto, Canada with all facilities necessary for the most comfortable learning fixed in place. Using the method of practical teaching, the school ensures its students are thoroughly educated.

The college also offers an international entrance scholarship valued at $2000 for each student. It is usually employed in the form of a discount on students’ tuition fees, and it is only available to students who have registered for a full-time program at the college for the first time.

   5. York University


This school is a giant. A big one among all others. Known as the third-largest university in all of Canada, with a staggering amount of over 55,000 students from 178 different countries on the planet. It is said that almost none of the university graduates end up without a job after leaving school.

Moving to the scholarship program, York University has awarded over 35,000 scholarships with a total worth of $74,903,183 in monetary value.

The entrance scholarship is granted immediately after admission into the school, and it is available for all.

  6. University Of British Columbia (UBC)



Ranked as one the top 20 universities in the world for a very long time, the British University Of Columbia shows their passion for helping and encouraging students from around the world by using the sum of $30 million every year for scholarships and various other forms of supports for their students.


The best part is that students are automatically qualified for the opportunity to be considered for scholarship offers once they enroll in the school. Criteria include excellent academic performance and good results in other activities.

   7. University Of Alberta



As the name implies, the university is found in Edmonton, Alberta. Almost the same as York University, it is one of the top 5 universities in Canada. It houses over 40,000 international students and features over 700 academic programs.

The main requirement for the qualification for the scholarship is the GPA submitted during admission to the school. Other scholarship schemes run are:

International Student Scholarship worth $9000, for students with outstanding performance in their results, when just resuming their first year in the school.

University of Alberta International Country Scholarship valued at $5000, also for students entering the school with outstanding performance.

   8. University of Calgary


This university also has a lot of students, about 33,000 of them. Its focus is mainly on research, and most of its teachings are research-oriented.

They also offer the scholarship to international students, with its worth at $15,000 but it has just been awarded twice. Also, it is only open to undergraduate students in the school with a good degree of excellence in speaking the English Language.

The better part of the scheme? The scholarship could be renewed each year until the fourth year, provided the student’s GPA is not less than 2.60.

It is every student’s wish to be given the opportunity to have a free and reasonable education. Therefore, here are some of the top schools in Canada with the best scholarship program tailored just for you.