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Top 7 Websites To Download Hollywood Movies In Nigeria 2022

One of the best things you can do to have fun in your free time is watching movies. If you’re a Hollywood fan, you can pay for subscription services like Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, etc, to catch all the latest movies and series. What if you don’t have money for a subscription? 

Well, you can still watch all the latest Hollywood movies and series. There are websites where you can download these movies. However, the problem most people have is finding the right website as many websites that claim to have the latest Hollywood movies are flukes. 

To help you. I’ll be listing out the top websites to download Hollywood movies in Nigeria. Check them out below:

  1. NetNaija 

Net Naija is the most popular website for downloading Hollywood movies in Nigeria. You can download both Hollywood movies and series on this website. Aside from the fact that NetNaija always has the latest movies, the website is recommended because downloading movies is easy. Also, Net Naija movie files are usually low sized without affecting the video quality. 

This means you don’t have to spend too much on megabytes to download. However, you’ll need a good video player to play movies you download from Net Naija; due to compression, your regular video players might not work. VLC is the recommended video player app to use.

  1. Waploaded 

While Waploaded is popular for downloading music, the website also features a handful of Hollywood movies. From the homepage, simply select the movie option and choose your favourite movie niche. You’ll find thriller, horror, crime, comedy, animation, fantasy, romance, and sci-fi Hollywood movies on, to name a few.

There’s always new movies on Waploaded so you’re sure to get the latest stuff. Before downloading any movie on Waploaded, you can watch the trailer. This gives you an idea if it’s a movie you’ll like or not. You’ll also find other details about the movie like IMDB rating, release date, etc.

  1. Seriezloaded 

The name of this website, Seriezloaded, already says a lot about what to expect. However, Serieszloaded is more than just TV series. You can download normal part movies too. Downloading from Seriezloaded is easy and straight to the point. The website features more than one download server and you can download the movie along with subtitles. 

Once you click on any of the download servers, you’ll be redirected to the download page; then simply click the download button to start downloading. From the download page, you can also share the movie URL with others so they too can download. 

  1. FzMoviesz

You can’t mention Hollywood movies and series download in Nigeria without mentioning FzMovies. However, the problem is that there are so many different FZMovies websites that it’s difficult to know which to download from. Well, you can download from FzMoviesz – the one with a “z” and the end. 

The website is different from the FZMovies franchise as it’s owned by a Nigerian. You can tell as the interface is different from other FZMovies websites out there. Nevertheless, you still get the latest movies and series on FzMoviesz. Simply search for any movie you want, open the page and click the download button. 

  1. Nikiri

Nikiri movies is a top site for downloading movies in Nigeria. The section is exclusively for Hollywood movies although there are sections for Nollywood and Ghallywood. You can either scroll the list of movies to find one to download or simply use the search button. 

On the movie download page, simply click on the green download button and you’ll be redirected to a download server. You can easily download the movie from the next page. If you have any issues, the site features download instructions. Aside from the website, you can join Nikiri’s Telegram channel and get updates when there’s a new movie out. 

  1. O2TVSeries 

This is another very popular Nigerian website for downloading hollywood movies, most especially series. You can download these movies for free and also in different quality formats including HD, MP4, 3gp, and others. New Episodes are constantly uploaded on O2TVSeries, hence, it can be difficult finding all episodes you want to download from the list. 

Well, you can simply use the search button to find them. Once you find the series, you’ll get the complete episode list per season. Next, select the video quality format you want to download and proceed. You just need to complete a CAPTCHA and you’re good to go. 

  1. StripeMovies 

At number 7, and last but not in anyways the least is StripeMovies. This is a straightforward movie download website. You can sort the list according to genre or simply use the search button to find a series. Furthermore, you can sort the movie list according to the year of production. 

An advantage of downloading with StripeMovies is that there are no ads. This is unlike most websites on this list where you have to battle ads before you can download your movie. In addition, StripeMovies features a trailer of every movie. With StripeMovies, you either download the movie to your device or stream it online. 


Every now and then, new Hollywood blockbusters are put out for your entertainment. You don’t have to worry about subscribing to Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime before you can enjoy these movies. Simply visit any of the top websites to download Hollywood movies in Nigeria listed in this article.