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Top 10 Mercy Chinwo Songs

Mercy Chinwo, a notable figure in the Nigerian gospel music industry, has consistently delivered songs that inspire and uplift. Hailing from Rivers State, her breakthrough came when she won a renowned Nigerian talent show. This victory marked the beginning of her gospel music journey, where she has since enchanted audiences with her powerful voice and soul-stirring lyrics. Over the years, Chinwo has blessed her fans with a plethora of hits, reaching listeners not just in Nigeria but across the globe. In this article, we’ll list the top 10 Mercy Chinwo songs that have resonated most with audiences.

1. Excess Love

Excess Love stands as a testament to Mercy Chinwo’s deep-rooted connection to gospel music. With its heartfelt lyrics, the song beautifully depicts the overwhelming, never-ending love of God. Lines such as Jesus, You love me too much o highlight the core theme, resonating with listeners who seek solace and affirmation in their faith. The simplicity of the melody, combined with Mercy’s powerful voice, creates an atmosphere of reflection and gratitude. For many fans in Nigeria and beyond, this track remains not just a song, but a deeply moving spiritual experience.

2. Chinedum

Chinedum is another gem from Mercy Chinwo’s collection that has been well-received by fans across Nigeria. Directly translating to God is leading me in English, the song showcases Mercy’s strong faith in God’s guidance in every phase of life. Lyrics like “Anywhere You lead me, I’ll go” emphasize her deep trust in divine direction. The upbeat tempo, coupled with her emotive voice, instills a sense of joy and celebration. It’s not just a song; it’s an affirmation of faith for many, a reminder that they’re never alone on their journey, as God is always leading the way.

3. Bor Ekom

Bor Ekom stands out as a testament to Mercy Chinwo’s versatility and deep-rooted cultural identity. Sung primarily in the Ibibio-Efik language, the title translates to “Receive Praise.” The song is a beautiful expression of gratitude, offering praise and worship to God for His many blessings. Lyrics like “Sosong do o, Abasi” which means “Thank you, Lord” resonate with listeners, encouraging them to show gratitude in their own lives. The traditional instruments used in the track, paired with Mercy’s passionate vocals, make it a memorable song that emphasizes the importance of giving thanks and celebrating God’s endless love.

4. Akamdinelu

Drawing from a heartfelt place of worship, Akamdinelu showcases Mercy Chinwo‘s undeniable vocal prowess. The title, which means “My Hands are Lifted” in Igbo, encapsulates the essence of the song. It’s a deep and emotional worship anthem where listeners are reminded of God’s unconditional love and mercy. The stirring lyrics express a profound gratitude and reliance on God’s grace. As the song progresses, Mercy’s voice conveys the weight of every word, making it not just a song, but an experience of spiritual connection. The combination of her vocal range and the song’s poignant lyrics makes “Akamdinelu” a favorite among many of her fans in Nigeria and beyond.

5. Obinasom

In “Obinasom,” Mercy Chinwo beautifully conveys the feeling of joy and peace that comes with experiencing God’s love. With lines like “Since I met You, everyday na Shalom,” she expresses the transformative power of divine love. The song encapsulates the serenity and completeness felt when one is in tune with God. Chinwo’s vocals, filled with warmth and devotion, tug at the listener’s heartstrings. It’s not just a musical treat; it’s a spiritual journey, reflecting her deep-rooted faith and gratitude. Many have found solace in its harmonious chorus, making it a favorite for moments of reflection and worship.

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6. Oh Jesus

Drawing from the deep well of faith, Oh Jesus is a heartfelt cry of devotion and surrender. Mercy Chinwo pours out her emotions, singing, “Oh Jesus, Your name is powerful, Oh Jesus, Your name is glory.” Through these words, she emphasizes the unmatched power and majesty of Jesus Christ. The song evokes a sense of intimacy with the divine, as the listener is drawn into a moment of worship and reflection. Chinwo’s soulful rendition resonates with many, capturing the essence of a personal relationship with Jesus. It serves as a testament to her undeniable talent and her unwavering commitment to spreading the message of love and salvation.

7. Incredible God  

Mercy Chinwo’s “Incredible God” is a soul-stirring track that dives deep into the awe-inspiring nature of God. It resonates with the sentiment, “You’re an incredible God, incomparable King,” reminding us of the vastness and splendor of God’s majesty. This song has a way of making listeners pause and reflect on the wonders of God’s deeds, affirming that He operates beyond human understanding. As with her other tracks, Chinwo’s distinctive vocals shine, creating a song that doesn’t just touch the ears but deeply impacts the heart.

8. Na You Dey Reign  

Delving into the sovereignty of God, Na You Dey Reign stands out as an anthem of God’s unwavering rule. The lyrics, “Everywhere I go, I see You right there,” beautifully express God’s omnipresence and His dominance over all things. With a catchy beat, the song is not only a reminder of God’s eternal reign but also an invitation to dance in jubilation. Chinwo brings an infectious energy to this track, making it a favorite in various worship settings across Nigeria.

9. On a Regular  

On a Regular is an upbeat song celebrating the boundless blessings that come from God. Through lines like “Your blessings are uncountable,” Mercy Chinwo emphasizes that God’s favor isn’t sporadic; it’s consistent and overflowing. This track showcases Chinwo’s versatility as an artist, blending vibrant beats with profound lyrical content. It’s a song that encourages gratitude and an acknowledgment of God’s daily miracles.

11. Udeme  

Udeme is a profound worship song, which means “My Share” in English. Through the lyrics, Mercy Chinwo delves into the topic of God’s divine allocation to her life, singing about God’s love and what He has set aside for her. The song is enveloped in a serene ambiance, accompanied by Chinwo’s rich vocals, which effortlessly guide the listener into a realm of contemplation and gratitude. It’s a reminder of God’s unique plan and purpose for each individual.


Mercy Chinwo’s musical journey is a testament to her deep-rooted faith and her exceptional talent. Through her songs, she conveys a range of emotions, from immense gratitude to deep contemplation, connecting with listeners from all walks of life. Each track not only showcases her vocal prowess but also her ability to craft lyrics that resonate with the soul. From Excess Love to Udeme, her songs have become anthems for many, echoing the message of God’s unfailing love and power.