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Top 10 Biggest Mosques In Nigeria 2022

Nigeria is a country with a very large Muslim population and as you’re aware, Muslims worship in the mosque. Would you like to know the largest mosques in Nigeria? Check out the list of 10 biggest mosques in Nigeria below: 

1. Yobe Central Mosque

Yobe Central Mosque in the state capital is the biggest mosque in Nigeria. Thousands of worshipers can be accommodated in this mosque. According to the most recent data, it is also one of the biggest in Africa. Most of the five daily prayers and Juma’at prayers are performed on schedule. The front is well-painted with flowers and trees, making the location very lovely, cool, and natural. The interior is brilliantly furnished with islamic calligraphy, magnificent chandeliers, and marbles. There is plenty of running water for ablution in the mosque. It has a large parking lot and an accessible entrance.

2. Abuja National Mosque

The Abuja National Mosque (also known as the Nigerian National Mosque) is an important religious center. The mosque’s origins may be traced back to the 1980s, when Nigeria’s capital was relocated from Lagos to Abuja although the project was completed in 1984. While the huge central dome is only 60 meters high, the four minarets reach a combined height of nearly 120 meters. There is a library and a meeting room in the building. Additionally, the facility houses a conference hall with seating for 500 people, the Islamic Center’s administrative offices, and residences for imams and muezzins. 

3. Shitta Bey Mosque

The Shitta-Bey Mosque is Nigeria’s oldest mosque, built in 1892. The mosque was funded by businessman and philanthropist Mohammed Shitta Bey, son of Sierra Leonean parents of Yoruba descent. The mosque, which seats around 200 people, was designed by Brazilian architect Joao Baptisa da Costa and built by Nigerian Sanusi Aka at an estimated cost of £3,000. Concrete, granite, and marble were used in the mosque’s construction. The mosque was officially opened on July 4, 1984 by Sir Gilbert Carter, then Lagos Governor, and Oba Oyekan I, Oba of Lagos.

4. Ilorin Central Mosque

The Ilorin Central Mosque, Oja Oba Market, with a capacity of 20,000 worshippers, has been dubbed “The pride of Ilorin.” This mosque is clearly based on Medinah’s second grand mosque based on its architectural design and interior decoration. 

The 6 gates leading to the mosque have been named after notable leaders of the town who are widely renowned for their unparalleled achievements in Islamic studies, similar to the two holiest mosques in Makkah and Medinah.

5. Lagos Central Mosque

The Lagos Central Mosque located on Nnamdi Azikiwe Street is a major jum’at mosque and the residence of the Lagos Chief Imam. The new mosque, which replaced an earlier mosque erected between 1908 and 1913, was dedicated in May 1988. The head Imam is the custodian of the mosque and leads the jumat service. Officials from the mosque’s executive council have bestowed titles on individuals over the years. The Baba Adinni is a prestigious title and the first two people to hold this title had a considerable impact on the construction of the new, cutting-edge mosqus.

6. Syrian Mosque

The Syrian Mosque in Ikoyi is close to Sultans Pizza & Fast Food and the Syrian Club. It’s very well-kept and the air conditioning is fantastic. Outside, fans have been placed to keep the extension adequately ventilated. This is a fascinating Muslim place of worship. It has a typical worship space for both men and women, as well as a dining area within the parking lot. The eat-in area features largely Asian-style fast cuisine as well as a children’s play area. They also have amazing reciters as imams, and you can have Jumu’ah services in both Arabic and English.

7. Maiduguri Central Mosque

Located in the Borno State Capital, Maiduguri’s Central Mosque is near Shehu of Borno’s Palace and Shehu of Borno’s Palace Clinic. The mosque was built to be an Islamic resource center with 10 classrooms, two libraries, a media center, and other offices. One of the libraries is electronic. It also has 90 toilets, 18 conveniences, eight water reservoirs, a dedicated transformer, two stand-by power generators, and many others.

8. Lekki Central Mosque

The Lekki Mosque is remarkable for being Lagos’ first purpose-built mosque. This Mosque is a bastion of learning as well as a center for spiritual activities. It hosts a variety of scholastic and academic activities on a regular basis. As one of the city’s most well-known structures, it attracts a great number of visitors throughout the year, including those interested in learning more about Islam or praying. The Mosque is said to be frequented by Muslims 5,000 times every week.

9. Great Mosque of Kano

The Great Mosque of Kano was built in the 15th Century. It is notable as one of the oldest mosques in the country, having existed for close to 500 years. Built by Muhammad Rumfa in the 15th Century. This ancient edifice lies in the second most populous city in Nigeria. It is an architectural masterpiece that regularly draws thousands of tourists and Islamic scholars a year.

10. Bashir Uthman Tofa Mosque

The Bashir Uthman Tofa Mosque is one of Nigeria’s most magnificent mosques. The mosque is a work of art, built with the best materials. Artists and architects mostly visit. The Bashir Uthman Tofa Mosque is open five times daily. Wheelchair access is available through the major entrances and the complex, but not into the mosque.