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Top 10 Best Websites to download series in Nigeria

Are you looking for the best website to download series in Nigeria? If yes, it’s interesting to know that you have so many options. TV series are available for download free of charge on so many websites on the internet. In this article, I’ll be listing out the top 10 best ones. 

1. O2TVSeries

O2TVSeries is a popular website for downloading movie series in Nigeria. The site loads very fast and the process of downloading the files is straightforward. However, you’ll have to deal with ads. On the homepage, you get a list of all recently added TV series. You can browse for a particular series using the search box or by visiting the movie list. There are two movie lists featured. The first lists movies alphabetically according to their title while the other group movies by genre. Aside from series and movies, you can download wrestling from O2TVSeries as well. 

2. MobileTVShows 

This website is one of the websites under the FZ umbrella. It features quality movie series for free and you can download to your mobile, tablet, or desktop device; you can browse by series or episodes. The advantage of using MobileTVShows is that you get the latest. Immediately a new episode of any series is released, it is uploaded on the MobileTVShows website within an hour. The videos uploaded on the MobileTVShows website are in AVI and High MP4 quality. You can access and download the top 250 movies according to IMDB ratings.


NetNaija is a Nigerian owned website where you can download the latest movies and series. The site posts music, videos, news, and TV shows amongst others. It is ideal to download from NetNaija if you’re not only interested in foreign series but also Nigerian movie series. NetNaija uploads their movies in a unique file format which ensures high quality while keeping the file size at a minimum. Hence, you won’t be spending much data if you choose to download from NetNaija. To play this format, the best media player to use is the VLC. 

4. TVShows Today

TV Shows is a great site. You’ll find almost every series you want, both new and old, on it and everything is free. From the homepage, you can quickly find your series by entering the title and searching or visiting the today TV series page. You’ll find the latest and trending American, Indian, Korean, British TV shows, and more. The con with TVShows Today is that you have to wait for some minutes after downloading an episode to download another. To avoid the wait, you’ll have to subscribe to a premium plan.

5. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline features a series and shows category. Like most series download websites, this one features several ads but, the theme is one of the easiest to navigate. This download website is recommended if you’re interested in downloading old movie series. The site doesn’t get updated very frequently but, there are lots of old complete series available that were uploaded in the past. MoviesFoundOnline features movie series that date back to the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, and so on. It’s almost hard to believe but you can visit the website and see for yourself. 

6. FZTVSeries

Almost every Nigerian who downloads movies online has heard of FZMovies. This website FZTVSeries is the version of TV series. When you visit the website, that’s all you get; there’s no movies, just series. FZTVSERIES is the best website to download series in Nigeria if you’re concerned about quality. The movies uploaded come in some of the best quality and you’re given multiple servers to download from. Hence, downloading is very fast compared to other sites. Notably, FZTVSeries features Nollywood series and you get the latest via what others are searching. 

7. SeriezLoaded

SeriezLoaded is a Nigerian entertainment website where you can download the latest Nollywood series. Although the bulk of series on the site are from Nollywood, you can still find other Hollywood and Bollywood series on the website. The site is convenient as there are no display ads; only click ads. SeriezLoaded lets you download from multiple servers via multiple download links. Hence, you can pick which one is faster for your internet connection. The movies are usually uploaded in MKV file format so you’ll need a media player like VLC or MX player.

8. Waploaded

“The Loaded Entertainment Portal” – Waploaded provides complete entertainment and entertainment isn’t complete without the best series. From the series page on the website, you can find the latest episodes of the latest series. The process of downloading is seamless and straightforward. Also, the media files are very large in size. With Waploaded, you don’t always have to visit the website to download. You can request for series and download them on Whatsapp and Telegram. 


EZTV is a torrent website for downloading TV Shows. It has one of the most complete catalogue but, you can only make use of it if you understand how Torrents work. You can download either the torrent file or the magnet file and use it accordingly with the appropriate software. EZTV series are uploaded as torrents so they feature the highest possible quality for each episode. Hence, the file size will be relatively high.

10. Netflix

Netflix might not be what you have in mind as you need a free download website but it’s worth talking about. You can download so many Nigerian and Forign TV series from Netflix and watch conveniently from your mobile phone, laptop, or SmartTV. The platform is a premium one hence you’ll be asked to pay for subscription but, it’s worth it. Before now, Netflix wasn’t available in Nigeria so you would need a VPN to bypass. Now, it’s available in Nigeria and you can start watching with less than N1,000. 


From the list, there are several websites that you can download series from in Nigeria. Just 10 were listed above but there are several other sites to download from. Out of the 10, the best website to download TV series in Nigeria is O2TVSeries. This is because the site updates very fast so you’ll find all the latest episodes of the series you like. For the Nollywood series, the best site to download from is NetNaija.