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Top 10 Best Hospitals In Lagos (2021)

No one wants to get sick and need to go to the hospital. However, in the situation where such happens, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get the best possible healthcare available. Health is wealth and you shouldn’t joke with your well being. Nigeria is known for having poor medical services especially the public sector of the industry. If you reside in Lagos, there are some very good and high-standard private hospitals around. I’ve listed out the best hospitals in Lagos below:

1. St Nicholas Hospital

St. Nicholas Hospital is a private hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, that is located on the island. Moses Majekodunmi founded the health company in 1968. On Campbell Street near Catholic Mission Street, in a building with the same name, lies the hospital. It is open 24 hours a day. It also has additional facilities in various locations around Nigeria. St. Nicholas Hospital in Maryland, St. Nicholas Clinics in the Lekki Free Trade Zone, and St. Nicholas Clinics at 7b Etim Inyang Street in Victoria Island are some of the other locations of the hospital.

2. Eko Hospital

The Eko Hospital is a private hospital. It is located in Ikeja, with an annex in Ikoyi, Central Lagos, Surulere. This hospital was established in 1982 to take over from Mercy Specialist Clinic, which had been in operation since the late 1970s and had been providing health care services to the whole population of Lagos State. A comprehensive range of health services are provided by Eko hospital, including secondary health services for the local population, regional health services, as well as national health services. 

3. Lagoon Hospital

The Lagoon Hospital, which was established in 1986 as part of the Hygeia Group, provides a range of primary and tertiary healthcare services in four locations: Lagoon Apapa, Lagoon Ikeja, Lagoon Victoria Island, and Lagoon Ikoyi. The Apapa Hospital serves as the hospital’s flagship facility. Adeniyi Jones Clinic in Ikeja and Lagoon Specialist Suites on Victoria Island have been added to the Group’s existing six facilities, bringing the total number of locations to six. 

With the successful completion of an open-heart surgery at Lagoon Hospitals, they became the first private hospital in the country to do so.

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4. Reddington Hospital

At number 4, we have Reddington Hospital. It was with the construction of the Cardiac Centre on Victoria Island in 2001 that Reddington began operating as a health care provider. They were associated with Cromwell Hospital in London. In 2006, the Lagos hospital was officially opened. It also has a facility in Ikeja. Reddington was the first hospital in Nigeria to install a Digital Cardiac Catherization and Angiography suite. The hospital is a speciality in the field of heart care.

5. Gold Cross Hospital

Located in the heart of the city of Lagos, Gold Cross Hospital is a private multidisciplinary tertiary care medical center that was established in 1989 with the goal of providing high-quality medical services to clients that are comparable to those available abroad. The hospital employs modern medical facilities and cutting-edge technology in a welcoming environment. After 25 years, Gold Cross Hospital has developed to become one of the most prestigious private medical facilities in Lagos State and the country as a whole. The hospital was most recently acquired by Hygeia Nigeria Limited.

6. Vantage Medical Centre (VMC)

Ayo Shonibare, MD, founded Vantage Medical Centre (VMC) in 1999 as a speciality clinic to provide complete urology and vascular access services to the community. The hospital’s commitment to provide high-quality, coordinated care to all of our patients is their cornerstone. VMC provides a wide range of services, ranging from preventive to diagnostic to therapeutic. The hospital specializes in medical services such as surgery and cystoscopy, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic services, including investigative and supportive services.

7. Blue Cross Hospital

Blue Cross Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Lagos State and many residents can attest to this. The Blue Cross Hospital was founded in the city of Lagos on January 26, 1977. As a professional medical facility, Blue Cross Hospital provides professional medical services with facilities such as a special baby care unit, a gynecological department, theaters, labor rooms, an intensive care unit, and other services. The hospital uses modern, new, high-tech diagnostic and treatment facilities services, as well as health services that are not readily available in the country.

8. Parklande Hospital

Parklande Specialist Hospital provides high-quality medical services and specialized medical care that is in accordance with worldwide standards of care and practice. It specializes in the health of mothers and children. The hospital is completely equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Laparoscopy, a diathermy machine, an anaesthetic machine, hysteroscopy, and colposcopy are among the equipment available at the hospital. Patient convenience and comfort are among the benefits of the Hospital. This also includes flexible price structure, as well as its qualified medical assistance, knowledgeable staff, and attentive service.

9. R-Jolad Hospital

R-Jolad Hospital is a multi-specialty care facility that provides economical and high-quality services to the Lagos community. The institution was able to create a positive reputation through the use of highly qualified doctors, a loyal approach to patients, and the effectiveness of the therapy. The Hospital’s benefits include a comprehensive approach to treating patients, individual attention to each visitor, the provision of comfortable surroundings, contemporary technology, and trained doctors and nurses.

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10. St Ives Specialist Hospital

St. Ives Hospital opened in 1996. The hospital specializes in women’s, children’s, and family health. It is run by consultants in OB/GYN, Paediatrics, Medicine, and Surgery. St.Ives strives to deliver the finest possible service. They have modern operating theatres for major surgeries, full laboratories, standard pharmacy, radio-diagnostic units, admitting facilities, and standby generating sets. The hospital offers a variety of treatments including pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, medicine, ENT and more. 

Bottom Line 

Don’t compromise your health for any reason. Visit any of the 10 best hospitals listed above to get the best treatment available in Lagos.