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Top 10 Best Estates in Lekki, Lagos (2022)

As the commercial hub of Nigeria, Lagos is a very crowded place. If you want to live in Lagos, you should live in the most comfortable of places if you can afford them. One of the best places you can live in is Lekki. It’s even better if you live in an estate. 

Living in an estate has many advantages with the most important advantage being security. Also, you have freedom as you’ll have enough space around. There are so many estates in Lekki Lagos. In this article, I’ll be listing out the top 10 best estates in Lekki Lagos. Check them out below:

  1. Northern Foreshore Estate
Northern Foreshore Estate - YouTube

Northern Foreshore Development is a high-end gated serviced estate near North Pointe Estate Lekki; Aircom Nigeria Limited built the estate. In 2006, Aircom supplied 206 entirely detached residences to Northern Foreshore Estate subscribers, and in 2008, another 360 units of various housing types, including bungalows and duplexes, were delivered. The estate has duplexes and bungalows and also well-paved roads, decent drainage, street lights, and recreational/playground spaces. It also has 24-hour electricity and water supply, which is metered. Non-residents must be cleared by their host to enter the estate. 

  1. Atlantic View Estate
For Sale: Luxury Built 3 Bedroom Terrace House, Alpha Beach Road, Atlantic  View Estate, Igbo Efon, Lekki, Lagos | 3 Beds, 3 Baths (Ref: 661621)

The Atlantic View estate can be found on the Lekki-Epe expressway immediately before Chevron, along Alpha Beach road. In total, it covers an area of roughly 15 hectares, and about 70 percent of the land has been developed

Unlike a serviced estate, Atlantic View is a gated neighborhood where the inhabitants pooled their resources to build an entrance gate, security, and waste disposal facilities. They also contributed to the upkeep of the neighborhood. Roads and drainage systems are well-maintained; street lights and electricity are also present. 

  1. Friend’s Colony Estate
Friends Colony Estate Internet | Unlimited Wifi Internet for  Nigeria

Friends Colony is an estate in Lekki’s Agungi/Osapa neighborhood. It was built by Aircom Nigeria, the same company that built Northern Foreshore, Milverton, Bourdillon, Napier Gardens, and Cromwell Court.With great infrastructure (roads & drainage), guaranteed 24 hour electricity, gorgeous landscaping, and other amenities, Aircom Nigeria is noted for its residential developments. This includes waste disposal, 24-hour security patrol, fumigation, and general estate care. In addition, the estate contains water treatment plants and efficient drainage. The estate offers an iFitness gym and a pool, although membership is required. 

  1. Femi Okunnu Estate
1 bedroom mini flat Self Contain Flat / Apartment for rent FEMI OKUNNU  ESTATE Osapa london Lekki Lagos (PID: 7CBTD) |

On the Lekki – Epe expressway lies Femi Okunnu Estate. The government delivered the estate in 2004 as an exclusively residential development. The estate is around 20 minutes from Victoria Island. The estate is strategically located along the Lekki axis and is surrounded by notable businesses. It’s a well-kept estate with asphalt roads and proper drainage canals on both sides. The green grounds in front of the houses add to the overall appeal of the estate. The estate is constantly guarded. Non-residents must call their hosts and sign a visitor’s register before entering.

  1. Goshen Beach Estate
Olajide Awosedo Avenue, Goshen Beach Estate, Lekki. Lagos |

Goshen Beach Estate is a gated private estate in the Lekki neighborhood of Elegushi. It is located in one of the most secure areas in the area. Victoria Island is about a 15-minute drive from the estate. The environment on the estate is generally well-kept and on both sides, the estate roads are well interconnected and have adequately constructed drainage ditches. The majority of the homes on the estate are 4-5 bedroom family duplexes with huge backyards. Those who own properties within the estate are individuals who subscribed at the estate’s start.

  1. Carlton Gate Estate
Carlton Gate Chevron | Megamound Investment Limited

One can find the Carlton Gate Estate in the Chevron Drive neighborhood. A total of 231 serviced plots are spread across 40 hectares, with 11 plots of 1200 square meters, 92 plots of 100 square meters, and 128 plots of 800 square meters. The estate’s roads and drainage system are well-maintained. Everywhere you look on the property there are plants, trees, and open spaces. In addition, a centralized authority oversees the estate and ensures that rules like as setbacks and reserved green areas are followed. 

  1. South Pointe Estate 

This estate is a modern residential neighbourhood appropriate for middle-income people in Lekki. It was built in 2014 on 3 hectares of land by the Gran Imperio group as part of their Essential Homes Housing Scheme. It has roughly 150 bungalows and terraced duplexes with 1 to 4 bedrooms. The estate also has interlocked roads and walkways, efficient drainage, CCTV, streetlights, central trash management, treated water, and generators that guarantee 24 hour electricity. Residents can also enjoy the free Astroturf field, pool, and gym.

  1. Pinnock Beach Estate
For Sale: Exquisite 5 Bedroom House , Pinnock Beach Estate, Jakande, Lekki,  Lagos | 5 Beds, 6 Baths (Ref: 403678)

Pinnock Beach Estate is a private estate off Femi Okunnu road. All roads are tarred and there are drainage systems and street lights. There are also protected green areas in front of all houses. The estate has modern and upmarket buildings, as well as plots of land for sale for people who wish to build their own homes. Non-residents are not allowed entry until they have been cleared by their hosts. Security officers are also stationed across the estate.

  1. VGC Estate

Victoria Garden City (VGC) was one of the first gated estates built in Lekki in the 1990s. It is a posh residential area along the Lekki-Epe highway. Its 213 hectares of land border the Lagos lagoon. HFP Engineering created and manages it. The estate comprises separate commercial and residential zones and the residential area has calm boulevards. Visitors can only enter after obtaining a visitor’s tag from the estate’s welcome centre and receiving confirmation from the resident that they are going to visit. 

  1. Crown Estate

Crown Estate was built in 1993 on 42 hectares of land and now has around 900 homes. There are sports and business sectors but the estate’s main disadvantage is that it is located in Sangotedo, which is little farther from Victoria Island.