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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in Nigeria

Nigeria is a sub-Saharan country so we’re used to very hot climates. However, with the right ceiling fan, you can stay cool indoors even if the temperature is over 100 degrees outside. There are many ceiling fan brands and types available in Nigeria. As a result, you can find it difficult to buy the best ones. To help you, here are the top 10 best ceiling fans in Nigeria.

  1. OX

OX is the most popular ceiling fan manufacturer in Nigeria. Their products are renowned because they are strong and durable. They are also very affordable. You’ll appearate the beautiful designs on most OX fans. The fans are designed to not consume much power so they won’t add weight to your electricity bill. 

OX ceiling fans come in different colors and sizes. There’s black, white, and brown colors and three and four blade sizes. Another advantage of using OX is that it features a durable motor that makes very little noise. You can purchase OX ceiling fans at any electronic shop close to you or online.

  1. SMC

SMC is another popular ceiling fan brand and one of the top best ones in Nigeria. Talk about exceptional ceiling fan efficiency and durability, and you’ll definitely include SMC ceiling fans. SMC ceiling fans are among the oldest and most well-designed fans in the Nigerian market. 

When buying a ceiling fan, one should first examine the fan’s efficiency. The good news is that SMC fans are very efficient. Only a few other brands can match their product’s efficiency. You can purchase SMC ceiling fans of different blade length and sizes. Regardless of the blades’ length, or power rating, SMC fans are high-quality in every way.

  1. Binatone 

Binatone is popular not only for fans but also other appliances. Also, their standing fans are more popular but they still have good ceiling fans you can buy. Binatone fans deliver significant airflow to all corners of the room. They are sturdily built with a long life motor and efficient power at no more than 100W.

In addition, Binatone fans move at some of the highest speeds. Their elegant design makes them a beautiful addition to the ceiling of any house. If you want a Binatone fan, you can easily order from the manufacturer’s website.

  1. National 

If you need very long fans, up to 56 inches, then, National is one of the top brands you can opt for. National ceiling fans move very fast, at about 315 rpm and they come with a 100% copper coil which is very durable. Thanks to the aerodynamic design, they’ll easily fit any room. 

At just 65W, National ceiling fans don’t consume too much power. The fans are certified by BSTI as remarkable energy efficient and quality assured products. National fans are quite popular so you can get them at any alliance shop. Alternatively, you can buy it online.

  1. Qasa

QASA fans are perfect for any household. The ceiling fans feature an efficiency motor that ensures continuous variable speed at different levels. Also, the fan blades and other parts are made with durable materials to ensure they last. 

Qasa is another ideal brand to consider if you need very long blades. You can get a ceiling fan with blades up to 62 inches in length. Furthermore, it features stylish designs with golden decors that makes it a perfect fit for any room and the fans are power efficient.. 

  1. Century 

You can purchase Century ceiling fans in Nigeria at any electric shop close to you as it’s a popular brand. The fans are available in different sizes including 56 inches, 60 inches, and more blade lengths. They are also available in different colors like white, brown, and black. 

Century fans usually feature 3 step speed control. Also, they come with a powerful and durable motor that’ll last for use. The blades are well-balanced so air circulation is efficient. In addition, Century fans operate quietly without producing much noise. You’ll also appreciate the sturdy construction and fashion decoration. 

  1. A & B

A&B is a popular ceiling fan brand when it comes to short 4-blade fans. However, the brand still has giant ceiling fans with longer blades. A&B fans are among the strongest in Nigeria. They are crafted from diecast aluminum and sturdy steel. Most of them come with lights. 

Another reason why this brand is one of the best in Nigeria is for the price. A&B has some of the most affordable ceiling fans in Nigeria. You can get a good quality A&B fan for as little as N10,000. Furthermore, as a popular brand, you’ll have no trouble finding it.

  1. DuraVolt

At number 8, we have DuraVolt. This is a ceiling fan brand you can count on to cool and calm you down whenever you need to. The fans are made with quality materials so there’s guarantee that it’ll last. When you pay, you get value for your money. 

An interesting feature of DuraVolt fans is that they feature self-lubricating motors. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about the motor wearing out. Furthermore, DuraVolt fans operate very quietly which means you’ll be comfortable all through. 

  1. ORL

Last but not least is ORL, a ceiling fan brand you should already be familiar with. Most ORL fans are 3 blade fans and they come in different colors and designs. ORL has a wide range of ceiling fans which is why their products are very common. 

The fans feature a high speed motor that delivers optimal performance with strong air delivery. The contemporary pattern of the fans makes them even more appealling.