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Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Websites In Nigeria (2021)

With your mobile phone, you can send SMS to anyone with a Nigerian number. What happens when you want to send an SMS to many people at a time? Perhaps, you want to inform people about a group meeting or send an event invite, etc. Sending an SMS to, let’s say, 50 phone numbers on your phone could be impossible and not to mention, stressful.

If it manages to go through, the cost might also be too much. You can save your time, stress, and money by making use of a bulk SMS service. As the description states, this type of service lets you send SMS to bulk phone numbers more easily and at a cheaper rate. Here are the best bulk SMS websites in Nigeria;


The first best bulk SMS website in Nigeria is This is a very easy-to-use bulk SMS service and you can get started immediately. You just need to create and verify an account then fund it using your card. You can then send bulk SMS using the funds you deposited. This website charges based on the number of phone numbers you’re messaging and their pricing is very transparent. Pricing starts at N3 per unit for 0 to 999 unit ranges.


Nigeria Bulk SMS is one of the most used bulk SMS websites in Nigeria. The website has been available for a long time as it has been operating since 2008. With this bulk SMS website, you get free credit units as a new user. You can use this free credit to test how reliable their service is before purchasing new units. Nigeria Bulk SMS pricing is affordable and the higher the quantity you’re purchasing, the lower the price.


PadiSoft gives you 2 options. You can either use the website to send bulk SMS or use it to create your own bulk SMS service. Already, more than 5,000 Nigerians make use of the platform and more than 200,000 SMS are sent daily using the service. With PadiSoft, you can send bulk SMS to not only Nigerian phone numbers. The website also supports phone numbers in more than 250 countries. In total, the website supports 750 mobile networks.


Multitexter was launched to help people send bulk SMS whilst saving time and money. The website has a simple interface so anyone will find it easy to use. In addition, it is fast and secure as the messages get sent through tier 1 routes. You mustn’t send your bulk SMS at once. Multitexter lets you schedule bulk SMS for sending at a later time. You can send a particular message to an unlimited number of users and you can upload your phone numbers as a CSV file.


SMSlive247 is one of the best bulk SMS websites in Nigeria thanks to its awesome pricing model. Although the website is Nigerian-based, it is used by people from different parts of the world. SMSlive247 records more than 150,000 users. The website allows you to type in your phone numbers or upload them as a CSV or as a TXT file. You can test deliverability with a free SMS. If you’ll use SMSlive247, note that the platform requires that you register your sender ID.

6. 50kobo

50kobo is a rapid bulk SMS website. So long as you have internet access, you can send messages to anyone in almost anywhere, not just Nigeria. The service covers over 600 mobile networks in more than 200 countries. You can purchase a minimum of 50 units at a time with 50kobo and the pricing is relatively affordable. If you’re a business, you can become a bulk SMS reseller using 50kobo.


X-wireless offers enterprise-grade bulk SMS service. As a result, it’s a recommended bulk SMS website in Nigeria for businesses. Notably, the website supports two-way SMS that improves engagement. There are various options for sending bulk SMS with You can send via the web through a browser, via the mobile app, or from an SMPP or HTTP server using the API. The website can also be used for web hosting, SIM hosting, and bulk SMS reselling.


At number 8, we have SMS Grace – a fast, reliable, and accurate bulk SMS service. The website sends SMS to phone numbers in about 202 different countries. You can either send these messages from your browser or download the SMSGrace mobile app which is available on Android and Blackberry mobile devices. SMSGrace keeps your bulk SMS account very safe as you need not only a password to log in but also a secret key. The service supports 2 way SMS.


With 80kobosms, you can send bulk SMS to all major network providers in Nigeria and major networks in foreign countries. The website extracts phone numbers from TXT files when you upload them. 80kobosms is reliable if you’ll be sending very long SMS as the website supports up to 6 pages in one message. For every SMS you send, you get a detailed delivery report. Furthermore, you can manage an online phone book with 80kobosms and you can schedule SMS to send at specific dates.


The final website on this list of best bulk SMS websites in Nigeria is GoldSMS247. GoldSMS247 offers one of the cheapest bulk SMS services in Nigeria at just 76 kobo per SMS. The website is operated by Adeb Global Solutions. To use GoldSMS247, you need to first register an account and then fund it. You can fund via bank deposit, transfer, or payment using your bank debit card.

Bottom Line

Not all bulk SMS services are reliable. Some may not deliver your messages and some have very high costs. This is why you must go for the best bulk SMS websites in Nigeria to ensure that your message gets to every receiver. You can make use of any of the websites listed in this article.