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The Best Polytechnics in Nigeria 2022

The Nigerian tertiary educational system boasts many universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. In this post, our interest in polytechnics. You’ll find the best polytechnics in Nigeria. 

In Nigeria, students would prefer attending a university to a polytechnic. However, when registering for JAMB, they’re usually enjoined to add a polytechnic among their school choices. 

If you’re going to attend a polytechnic, then you should attend the best. You may find it difficult to decide which is the best from the many options available, which is why you’re reading this post. 

To help you, below is a list of the best polytechnics in Nigeria 2022: 

1. Yaba College of Technology

Yaba College of Technology, popularly known as YABATECH, is a federal polytechnic in Lagos State that is funded and controlled by the federal government. 

The college of technology has trained students in different disciplines since the 1940s, as evidenced by its large alumni base. Yabatech admits students regardless of religion or culture. 

The polytechnic boasts low tuition (less than N100,000) and superior amenities, including housing, a strong road network, power, and a well-stocked library. 

Yabatech courses include HND/ND/Post-HND programmes in science, technology, and commerce.

2. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro

Federal Polytechnic Ilaro is in Ogun State, south-west Nigeria. The Polytechnic is a mission-driven college that aims to provide technically skilled students and workers in Nigeria. 

Federal Polytechnic Ilaro provides technical education as well as a conducive learning and working environment. The polytechnic allows students regardless of religion or culture. The institution has strict yet reasonable rules. 

It features a diversified student body and good amenities like a library, dormitories, and a medical facility. 

The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro curricula cover agriculture, engineering, science & technology, medicine, arts, and social science/management.

3. Lagos State Polytechnic

As you’d expect, Lagos State Polytechnic is in Lagos, Nigeria. With the three listed polytechnics all in Lagos, it seems Lagos has the best polytechnics in Nigeria.

Lagos State owns and manages the polytechnic. The school accepts pupils of all faiths and cultures. Lagos State Polytechnic school costs are below 100,000 naira and include housing, a strong road network, and power. 

Courses are available in Agricultural Science, Medicine, Engineering, Arts, Management, and other social sciences at Lagos State Polytechnic.

4. Auchi Polytechnic

Auchi Polytechnic is among Nigeria’s first four polytechnics. It began as a technical college in 1963 and became a polytechnic in 1973. 

The school is tasked with producing well-trained middle-level workers in Engineering Technology, Science, Environmental Studies, Management Studies, and Art & Design for the national economy. 

Auchi Polytechnic is in one of Nigeria’s most lively and cosmopolitan towns. It is committed to teaching, learning, research, and generating global leaders.

5. Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti

The Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, aka Ekitipoly, is located in Ekiti State, south-west Nigeria. The college was founded to improve Nigeria’s technology workforce. The school produces outstanding educational materials so students can learn theory and practise in all subjects. 

Polytechnic has a large, diverse student body. The polytechnic has no religious affiliation and accepts Nigerians of all cultures. Ado-Ekiti provides low-cost tuition and housing. Ekiti poly courses span across science, technology, the arts, and social sciences.

6. Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri

You’ll find the Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Owerri, Imo State’s capital. The school understands how important science and technology are to the growth of a country and teaches its students to be innovative and helpful to industry.

Federal University Nekede accepts diverse students with full-time and part-time courses ranging from sciences, social science, engineering, arts, and management. 

Generally, the Nekede Federal Polytechnic offers a great academic environment for students. 

7. Federal Polytechnic Ede

Federal Polytechnic Ede is a federal university in Osun state, south-west Nigeria. Nigeria funds, manages, and runs the university. The 1992-founded polytechnic is religiously and culturally neutral; hence, Federal Polytechnic Ede accepts all students. 

This college offers ND and HND courses in engineering, medicine, arts, science, and technology. Pre-ND science programmes are also available. 

The polytechnic has good roads, a well-equipped medical centre, strong student security, a sports centre, and entrepreneurial training.

8. Federal Polytechnic Bauchi

Gwallameji, Bauchi State, North Central Nigeria, is home to Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. The federal government of Nigeria funds and manages the institution, which trains students in technology and commerce for sustainable national development. 

The polytechnic has no religious or cultural affiliations and accepts all students. This creates a diversified student body. Federal Polytechnic Bauchi tuition is affordable, making quality education accessible to everybody. 

Federal Polytechnic Bauchi provides students with the required amenities to establish a comfortable study environment, including a well-furnished library and residential facilities.

9. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta

Mapoly is a state-owned polytechnic in Abeokuta, Ogun State. 

The Polytechnic aspires to enhance technology and entrepreneurial education in Nigeria. Stakeholders believe that training students with these skills will help national development. 

The institution boasts a varied student body and doesn’t consider religious or ethnic background during admissions, so people from across the country can apply. 

10. Petroleum Training Institute Effurun

The polytechnic is located in Delta State, and the Nigerian federal government funds and manages it. Since its founding, the Polytechnic has worked to become Africa’s foremost oil and gas institute. 

The institution trains a good number of Nigerian oil workers. Despite that, it’s still an affordable school to attend. 

The Petroleum Training Institute has a well-furnished library, a good road network, a power supply, and well-equipped laboratories.