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The best 5 amusement parks in the world

Have fun.... You live only once.

We all agree that amusement parks are special places , places we remember when we were children and enjoyed ourselves without caring about anything else. They are oases in the middle of the hustle and bustle of our lives that will make us pass it off as if the only important thing was that place.

All over the world there are countless amusement parks; different sizes, different themes and different audiences to which they are directed. In this article, we are going to show you the best amusement parks in the world , join us on this tour that we will take around the globe!


        1. Port Aventura (Spain)


We start our selection with the best park we have in Spain. Port Aventura is located in the province of Tarragona, a few kilometers from Salou, which makes it the most suitable for visiting due to its proximity. In it we can find five thematic environments that surely will not leave anyone indifferent, little to comment on the roller coaster known to all as the Dragon Khan.

But if that weren’t enough, they have added two more attractions in recent years: Furious Baco and Shambala , making Port Aventura a true benchmark both on a continental and global level. Do not forget to visit this amusement park if you spend a few days on the Costa Daurada.


          2. Disneyland Paris (France)


Another of the best amusement parks in the world is the place dreamed of by many children’s children, Disneyland Paris is that dreamlike place to which we all want to return from time to time to remember our childhood in a place like no other. This park inaugurated in 1992 proposes us to remember, through its thematic areas, the Disney classics that are already part of the collective imagination of all of us.

In the more than 22 square kilometers of pure fun and entertainment we can meet the Disney characters in flesh and blood, we will also have at our disposal the spectacular shows and performances that take place during the day in the park and we cannot forget the attractions that are sure they will make us increase our adrenaline.


     3. Europa-Park (Germany)


We continue our journey and our next destination is in Germany. The Europa-Park is located in Baden-Württemberg and the park is divided into only 18 thematic zones that, as the name suggests, recreate different countries of our continent. As it could not be otherwise, the hotels that are inside the complex also recreate cities or regions from all over Europe.


The park has 13 roller coasters and some 70 attractions spread over its entire surface that make it one of the most visited in Europe. It is a park that can satisfy both the little ones: theater functions adapted to them, shows, parades and adults with its impressive range of attractions.

           4. Magic Kingdom Park (United States of America)


This park is, surely, the most famous in the world and the most visited . Located on the East Coast of the United States of America, near the city of Orlando in the state of Florida. A few years ago it underwent a remodeling that lasted a few years and now the park has a facelift that makes it even more attractive if possible.

The park has 6 different areas, which could already be an amusement park, this area is special for the little ones since it is where the largest number of Disney characters in flesh and blood are concentrated , especially in the morning. They are here signing autographs and taking photos with the public.

       5. Luna Park, Coney Island (United States of America)


Finally in our selection of the best amusement parks in the world we bring you Luna Park located in Brooklyn (New York). This park opened its doors in 2010 in the same place where another Astroland park was established, it recreates its original appearance by making you immerse yourself in scenarios that you have seen in countless Hollywood movies.

The complex has about 20 attractions suitable for all audiences, from attractions for adults that will make you enjoy the adrenaline rush to family attractions so that all members can have a great time. It also has children’s attractions so that the little ones also have their own place within Luna Park.