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The 12 best colors of dresses for brunette women

The way you dress, is how you're addressed.

Our clothing is our letter of introduction. That is why it is important to know how to choose clothes that highlight our attributes, including skin color. If you are a brunette, your clothes can give you a spectacular look. You just have to know the colors of dresses for brunettes that suit you best.

The best colors of dresses for brunettes

How to choose the best dress shades? You just have to be clear about the visual effect of each color on your skin. The best colors will be those that make it look bright and contrast with your color.


1. Pink


It is a color that provides a youthful look and works on any occasion. Light or pastel shades are ideal for daytime events, while dark shades work great to stand out at night-time events.
If your skin tone is warm with olive undertones, choose a not too bright pink so you can take advantage of your skin’s natural glow.


2. Red


It is a color that works very well for brunettes. It is vibrant, sensual, sexy, cheerful and eye-catching, while still being elegant. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, you’ll be the center of attention with a dress in this color.

For daytime events try to wear dull dresses. For the night you can be more creative and wear dresses with glitter, embroidery, sequins….

3. Yellow


This color looks great on brown skin: it is cheerful, fun and makes you look fresh and youthful.
On any occasion we suggest using it with a few accessories, since the color alone and the accessories you add are enough to make you stand out.


4. Green


Although this is not a color that brunettes use a lot, it is an option that highlights this skin color if you choose well the shade of green that combines with you. In principle, you should know that the darker your skin, the better the light and bright greens will be.

In addition, you must discover what the background of your skin is: look at the inside of your wrists and the color in which your veins are seen. If they look green, you are warm skinned. If you see them blue, your skin is cold.

If your fur undertone is warm, with skin approaching olive or yellow, then wear dresses in the light green range. If your skin undertone is cold, with blue or purple veins, then go for dark greens.


5. Beige


It is a neutral color that will make you look elegant and chic at the same time. It is very versatile and, depending on the model and cut you choose, it works for both day and night events.

For example, if you wear a short beige dress you can combine it for different occasions:
With a jacket of a contrasting color (brown, red, green, blue) an evening meeting will be a perfect outfit.

When night falls, you take off your jacket, add sparkling earrings and bracelets, you will have an elegant and striking look.


6. Lilac


Although it is a cold tone, lilac is a color that attracts luminosity to the skin. It works great for both light and dark brunettes, regardless of the undertone of your skin color.
We suggest you use this color for daytime events, as it doesn’t stand out at night.


7. Salmon


It is not orange, it is not coral, it is not pink. Salmon is a soft color that brings out brown skin tones because it brings radiance to the skin while giving you a youthful, innocent and pretty appearance. This color is best for daytime events as it stands out best in natural sunlight.

8. Cobalt blue


Although all intense blues look good and elegant in dresses, cobalt is a hue that brings out the natural glow in brown skin. It is a very versatile color with which you will feel like a true goddess.

If you are looking for a day dress in this color, make sure the fabric does not have shine. For evening events, you can choose plain dresses and add accessories that complement the piece to look more elegant.


9. Black


Black is a classic that every girl, regardless of her skin color, should have in her wardrobe. Black is sober, elegant and stylizes your figure. Although it can be adapted for any occasion, it is an ideal option for evening events that require a lot of elegance.

The first example is perfect for a night party, you can combine it with high shoes of almost any color (red, fuchsia, yellow, silver), an envelope bag and long earrings.

A slightly more understated option, but just as elegant and chic: wear a thick belt, multi-colored bracelets, and matching earrings, and you’ll have a look that works day and night.


10. White


Like black, white is a classic that is always a good option in any type of event. It is versatile, elegant, chic, modern and will give you a neat look. In addition, white generates a great contrast on brown skin, so it highlights your face and beauty.

Use this color in dresses with few accessories and sneakers if you are looking for a casual look.

For a formal event, pair it with nude heels for the day or vibrantly colored heels for evening occasions.


11. Coral


It is a color full of life that will give you a cheerful appearance, but that we recommend for night events, because it does not usually stand out at night.

For daytime events, you can combine this color with accessories, clutches and white, beige, nude and even black, gold or silver shoes.


12. Earth colors


This palette of colors is very wide, it has shades that work very well with brown skin, because they blend with your natural hair and skin tone. They give an elegant and chic look , they are versatile and easy to combine colors.

If your fur undertone is warm, avoid dresses with pink pigment and go for those with a yellow base. If your skin is cold, look for earthy bases: brown, chocolate, beige.