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Sammie Okposo Deletes Instagram & Twitter Accounts after Adultery Crisis

Following a shocking revelation of engaging in adultery with an American lady during his last US tour, Sammie Okposo has deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Okposo confessed and apologized to his fans for being unfaithful to his wife, but the woman he cheated with spoke up to reveal that Okposo impregnated her and then turned his back on her.

The scandal rocked the gospel entertainment industry in Nigeria and abroad, with many people hailing or condemning the Niger-Delta musician for his deed. Of note is the opinion of several people that Okposo might not have acknowledged his offence if he had not impregnated the woman or be threatened by her.

Investigations revealed that the singer deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts barely 24 hours after his public apology, but his Facebook, which he created and last used in September 2013 remains active. Analysts said deleting his social media accounts might not be unconnected to the severe backlashes he is receiving from his fans.

“To my wife, Ozioma, I am sincerely sorry I put you through this shameful and embarrassing situation,” Okposo said in a statement. “I broke your trust and disappointed you. Your forgiveness of my moral failure and poor judgement is important to me. I pray I will eventually be able to build back the trust and confidence [you had in me] every single day for the rest of my life.”

The Welu-Welu crooner had gone on to reveal that he is recusing himself from ministry activities to seek the face of God.

“I am suspending myself from all ministry work until full restoration as this is what is proper and what I know I owe God and His people,” he said.

The woman Okposo impregnated, African Doll, is based in Dallas, Texas.