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Poyoyo Investment Review: What You Should Know

Everyone in Nigeria wants to make money hence they jump into any investment opportunity they find. Unfortunately, some of these so-called investment opportunities turn out to be scams resulting in huge financial losses for Nigerians.

Recently, the Nigerian Security Exchange Commision (SEC) warned Nigerians against investing in an investment scheme known as Poyoyo investment, tagging it a Ponzi Scheme. So, what is Poyoyo Investment all about? Should you invest or not? Find out in this article. 

About Poyoyo Investment 

Poyoyo Investment is a private sector initiative aimed at alleviating poverty in Nigeria. It is a cleverly designed investment scheme that aims to promote financial inclusion, expand access to financial services, and provide financial security with the overall goal of lifting millions of Nigerians out of poverty and ensuring a higher standard of living, which, in turn, leads to comfort, peace of mind, and happiness. 

This expertly developed strategy also aims to close the gap between affluent and poor people and open the door to a better life by providing exceptional investment options that guarantee quick and higher returns on investment while minimizing risk. 

Poyoyo Investment have their headquarters at No 40 Oba Adesida Road, beside First Baptist Church Akure. You can also contact them for inquiries via their email address,

Poyoyo Investment Claims 

According to the firm, those who had the foresight to invest in this plan have had their lives changed for the better in the previous year. In fact, most of them have been able to obtain basic requirements of life for themselves and their families, such as houses, automobiles, food, medical facilities, and education. 

Poyoyo guarantees a minimum of 20% return on investment within 30 days, plus the principal money, depending on the plan you choose. Recognizing that many people have wonderful ideas but lack the financial means to see them through, they occasionally take on such ideas and devote finances to them in order to ensure that they see the light of day and, in most cases, blossom to the benefit of the initiator, ourselves, and humanity. 

Through their subsidiary, Manorpok Nigeria Limited, the firm also invests heavily in real estate. They develop, sell, lease, and rent property in this sector, which includes both commercial and residential assets. All you have to do to get any home you want for outright purchase, lease, or rent is type in the money you have, and all the properties that are within that range will appear for you to choose from. 

Poyoyo Investment Plans 

Poyoyo Investment offers investment plans for stocks, bonds, derivatives, and venture capitalism. There investment plans include: 


  • Only eligible for 30days
  • Minimum Capital of ₦200,000
  • Note: Total ROI + Capital will be paid at the end of 30days.


  • Only eligible for 60days
  • Minimum Capital of ₦300,000
  • Note: Total ROI + Capital will be paid at the end of 60days.


  • Only eligible for 90days
  • Minimum Capital of ₦500,000
  • Note: Total ROI + Capital will be paid at the end of the 90days.


  • Only eligible for 180days
  • Minimum Capital of ₦1,000,000
  • Note: Total ROI + Capital will be paid at the end of 180days.


  • Only eligible for 360days
  • Minimum Capital of ₦2,000,000
  • Note: Total ROI + Capital will be paid at the end of 360days.

To start investing with Poyoyo Investment isn’t difficult. You just have to create an account and you can do that quickly in simple steps: 

  • Visit the investment website and select register
  • Fill the form with all required details, choose an account type and submit your application
  • Confirm your account 
  • Put money in your account using any of the different deposit options on the platform 
  • Select a package that suits you to invest in. The packages are already listed above 

Aside from the website, Poyoyo Investment supposedly has a mobile app for Android and iOS mobile applications. 

Is Poyoyo Investment Registered 

According to the official website, Poyoyo Investment is registered and the CAC registration number is 1758808. They are a fully registered corporate company. The company is dedicated to helping our countrymen and women out of poverty by providing solid investment opportunities that are low-risk or risk-free. Also, Poyoyo is led by a group of young Nigerians who are firm believers in the establishment of a better life for themselves and society as a whole.

Is Investing in Poyoyo Safe? 

The SEC warns that Poyoyo Investment, also known as Pilvest, is a ponzi scheme and the public should avoid it. In view of that, investing in Poyoyo isn’t safe. Here’s an abstract from their official publication: 

The SEC also stated that it had been alerted to electronic and WhatsApp messages sent out on behalf of Poyoyo Investment (Pilvest) Nigeria Ltd to investors. 

“The commission hereby notifies the general public that Poyoyo Investment (PILVEST) Nigeria Limited has no tangible business model, thus it is a Ponzi scheme,”. 

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, while Poyoyo Investment claims to be real and creating worthwhile returns for their investors, the Security and Exchange Commission warns that it’s a Ponzi Scheme. With the information from the federal regulatory body, we strongly advise against investing in Poyoyo Investment. 

In fact, with all the recent investments scams, most especially MBA Forex, it’ll be unwise to jump into any bubbling investment that promises huge and fast returns. Investing in Poyoyo investment at the moment is at your own risk.