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Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code

We all make use of airtime on a daily basis as we constantly send and receive calls everyday from friends and families. Airtime is not free, you have to pay money for it no matter the mobile network you make use of. The amount you pay equates to the amount of airtime you get, i.e you get N100 worth of airtime by paying N100.

Traditionally, you will walk into a retailer’s shop or store, request for the amount of airtime you want, pay and get the recharge card. The improvements in the technology of the banking system has made things a lot easier.

Why walk to a store to buy airtime while you can just stay where you are and recharge your line from your bank account by dialing a code on your phone. Maybe because you do not know how, no worries as I will be showing you how.

Commercial banks in Nigeria introduced what is known as mobile USSD codes which are used to carry out banking transactions and recharging your phone is one of them. In this article, the focus will be on Polaris Bank so this is only for Polaris Bank account customers. Nevertheless, you can find that of other banks too in this blog.

About Polaris Bank

Polaris Bank as a name sounds new to most Nigerians; though the name might be new, but the bank is not. It was formerly known as Skye Bank until September 2018 when the apex bank sold its assets which resulted in the rebranding.

There are many Polaris Bank branches across Nigeria and the bank has a large number of customers. The Polaris Bank mobile USSD code was introduced by the bank to enable their numerous customers perform banking operations more conveniently.

As a customer of Polaris Bank, you can recharge your line using the Polaris Bank airtime recharge code. What is this code? Find out below;

What is the Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code?

The Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code is a 3 digit USSD code and it is *833#. As a USSD code it is, you can dial it from any GSM phone without the need for internet or web connection.

How to use the Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code

Need to know how you can recharge your line using the Polaris Bank *833# code? It’s very easy and the below steps will show you how;

Note; Every code you are dialing should be via the phone number registered with your Polaris Bank account. Any other phone number other than that one will not work.

Before you can make use of the Polaris Bank airtime recharge code to purchase airtime, you have to first register on the platform and create your PIN. To do this;

Note; You should skip this part if you are already registered on PolarisMobile and you have your mobile PIN.

• Dial *833# and try to carry out any transaction. You will be asked to register.

• Enter your Polaris Bank account number

• Create a 4 digits pin

• Finish

With the above done, you have successfully registered on the platform. What should be very important to you should be your 4 digits PIN; you will be needing it a lot so you must not forget it. Now, this is how you can use the code to recharge;

Purchasing airtime for yourself

If you want to recharge your own line, you can do that by dialing *833*Airtime Amount#. The phone number in question should be the one connected to your bank account. If you are trying to recharge another of your phone numbers not connected with your bank account, you should do that using the third party recharge method.

Purchasing Airtime for Third Party

If you want to recharge for a third party (Friends, Family or any number not connected with your bank account), you can do that by dialing *833*Airtime Amount*Phone Number#

Once your transaction is successful, your bank account will be debited while your airtime balance will be created in just seconds.

Another method (though a bit longer) you can use this code to recharge is to;

• Dial *833#

• Select “8” for airtime top up

• Select if For Self or For Third Party and continue

• Follow the onscreen instructions and finish

It will still give you the same results as the others would.

You have N5,000 as the maximum amount of airtime you can purchase in a day with the Polaris Bank airtime recharge code. The amount is quite ok as not so many people recharge up to that on a daily basis.

It is not uncommon for you to be charged a small amount as service charges when you make use of the bank’s code. With the Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code, you are being charged with N1 (One Naira Only) for every 20 seconds you spend on the platform. The code is a fast one so recharging with it shouldn’t even take you up to 20 seconds. At most, you’ll be charged just N2 (Two Naira Only) with this code.

Advantages of the Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code

There are some advantages of making use of the *833# code to recharge your line and some of it include;

1. It is fast and saves time; It takes just seconds to use this code to recharge your line; less time is consumed than it would have been if you do it traditionally.

2. It is simple; it is very simple to use this code, you won’t have to dial the very long digits that are contained in recharge cards.

3. It is convenient; The code is not to be used in any particular place or at any particular time. You can use it anywhere, anytime unless you are in a no-network zone.


You will agree that the Polaris Bank airtime recharge code *833# is a better and faster means through which you can recharge your line. Therefore, as a Polaris Bank customer, you should be making use of it.