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NPower 2022 Registration

One of the means the Federal Government of Nigeria and the President Buhari administration use in tackling unemployment is the NPower program. This program started in 2016 and has been ongoing with registrations every year. Do you plan to register for the NPower empowerment program in 2022? If yes, then this article is for you. I’ll be providing all the important information you need to know about NPower 2022. 

About NPower

NPower is a government program to help tackle unemployment in Nigeria. This program also aims to increase social development. You can register for NPower if you’re a Nigerian between 18 to 35 years. NPower has employed over 500,000 trained graduates.

Aside from empowering youths, NPower also aims to solve some of Nigeria’s socio-economic problems. Participants can be posted to work in education, health care, and civil sectors in Nigeria and this helps improve the state of public services in the country. Notably, NPower has both Graduate and Non-Graduate programs. In other words, you can join NPower whether you’ve been through the walls of a University or not.

Currently, NPower is targeting more hardware professionals, software developers, and other tech-related skills as the government looks to foster IT and digital development among Nigerian youths.

NPower 2022 Registration 

At the moment, there’s no official date from the Federal Government on when NPower registration for 2022 will commence. However, NPower registration usually starts mid-year. Hence, you should expect registration to commence by May, June, or July. Sometimes, it can start earlier. You’ll get an update from this blog once the registration date for NPower 2022 is confirmed. 

NPower Programs

If you’re going to register for NPower 2022, you should know the programs available. This will help you prepare ahead and be sure that you’re registering for the right program. As mentioned earlier, NPower consists of Graduate and Non-Graduate programs. Let’s look at them. 

  • NPower Graduate Programs 

NPower has 3 graduate programs which include N-Agro, Education, and Health. 

N-Agro is an agricultural program. It’s available for farmers and aims to help improve farming techniques, practices, and productivity in Nigeria. Also, NAgro aims to improve the relationship between urban and rural areas by providing the rural farmers with the technological tools they need to thrive. 

NPower Education, the second graduate program, is the most popular. It’s very similar to NYSC. You get posted to a school to teach and all. You’ll be sent to a government primary or secondary school, especially government schools in less developed communities. Notably, the Education program also fosters the application of STEM programs, which includes computer science, engineering, applied mathematics, and other tech-related courses. Again, this establishes the government’s interest in improving tech development in Nigeria. 

N-Power Health has to do with healthcare – hospitals, clinics, etc. It introduces more hands to government health facilities to help improve the state of services they offer. Similar to the education program, the main target is healthcare development in less developed communities. 

Those are the three NPower Graduate programs. You can apply for them if you’re done with University; hence, you at least own a bachelor’s degree, it can be on any course. 

  • NPower Non-Graduate Programs 

If you didn’t attend the University, you can volunteer for NPower non-graduate programs. You have an advantage if you have a diploma from the polytechnic or at least an SSCE certification (WAEC or NECO). You can also apply with an FSLC. There are two non-graduate programs although they have subcategories. The two programs include NPower Knowledge and NPower Build. 

N-Power Knowledge is a training program; you learn an employable skill that will fetch you income. Also, it helps you build connections with a network of creatives and entrepreneurs. The subcategories of the N-Power Knowledge include N-Creative, N-Tech Hardware, N-Tech Software. Hence, it’s clear that most of the employable skills you’ll be learning are tech-related skills. 

N-Build is also a trading program; however, this time you’ll be training in construction-related jobs. You’ll receive the necessary training to become a technician, artisan, or service professional. N-Build has many sub-categories and focus industries. They include Building Services, Utilities, Construction, Automotive, Built Environment Services, and Aluminium and Gas. 

How To Apply For NPower 2022

NPower registration is online. You visit the official NPower website ( and follow the instructions. Normally, you’ll fill and submit an online form; then you wait for shortlisting. If your name is on the shortlist, you can then take the test which is also online. 

The NPower test is usually simple. You’re to answer a few objective questions, about 20 questions in 10 minutes. Note that you can only take the test once. It’s finished once you submit it. Likewise, you cannot skip any question and the test will automatically submit if your time is off. 

If you pass the test, you’ll be assigned to a batch. You’ll get an email on what to do next. You’ll also receive working tools from the government depending on what program you applied for. For example, farmers will receive farming tools and technologies while teachers will get computers and tablets. 

If you applied to the education program, you’ll have to visit the school you’re assigned to, meet with who’s in charge and discuss which subjects and classes you’ll be taking. That’s all! If you do your job, you get paid every month. You can be withdrawn from the program at any time if you’re absent from the job.