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Must Have Fashion Accessories For Nigerian Women

As a Nigeria lady, you’ll be slacking behind if your fashion game isn’t strong. You don’t have to be rich or a celebrity before you can slay. The most important thing is knowing what to wear and when. You might have a full wardrobe and still get arrested by the fashion police. 

If you want to nail your fashion outfits, what you might just need are the right fashion accessories. Accessories are often seen as extras but they add a lot of boost to your style. Already, you own and use most of these accessories. Anyways, here are the must have fashion accessories for Nigerian Women. 

1. Handbags 

Imagine stepping out to an event without a nice fashionable handbag to complement your outfit? Nobody does that. A handbag is essential and lots of women will agree as they carry them all the time. You can match a handbag with any outfit and for any occasion. 

Nigerian ladies carry handbags to school, office, church, mosque, parties, and everywhere. Like all women’s fashion stuff, there are several varieties of handbags available and they come in different colors. Some women have up to 30 different handbags and even more. 

2. Sunglasses 

The sun in Nigeria is not always nice so sunglasses always put you at a health advantage. These accessories are also important if you want to make a fashion statement. Unlike men’s sunglasses, women’s sunglasses come with different fashionable designs. 

You have a lot of options to choose from if you want to purchase sunglasses and they are not expensive. Sunglasses will spike your interest more if you’re a shy person. They cover your eyes which somewhat keep you away from the world. In such a scenario, black sunglasses are best.

3. Watch 

As a Nigerian lady, you shouldn’t just get any type of watch. Instead, go for a bit oversized chain watch – it could be gold or silver. Wearing an oversized watch is a female fashion hack. The watch shouldn’t be too oversized that it falls off, it should just not be tight on your wrist. 

As you move your arms, your watch moves along your wrist which will capture the attention of anyone nearby. Aside from these, the function of a watch is to show you time which is something you need. 

4. Scarf 

Even if you have your hair plaited or done in some other way, a pretty scarf will come in handy in a lot of ways. The beauty here is that you can wear a scarf in different ways. You can tie it as a head wrap, bandana, or even as a tie around your neck. 

Female scarfs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. They could be the most affordable among all the must have fashion accessories for Nigerian women discussed in this article. As a result, you can purchase as many as you can. 

5. Necklace 

What’s the best way to show off your neck and your shoulders? It’s by wearing a beautiful sparkling necklace. Anyone looking at you will acknowledge it instantly and if it’s a bling, then you can even draw the attention of those far away. 

If you have the money, you can go for original gold, diamond, or silver necklaces. It’s always better to spend money and purchase the real stuff that’ll last for you. Also, go for one with a really nice pendant. Necklaces are beautiful and will work with any outfit. 

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6. Belt 

A lot of women tuck in their tops. Unlike men, women can tuck in almost any type of top. It could be sleeves, sleeveless, polo, t-shirt, or any other type. If you like tuck-in swag, then you need a quality and fashionable belt. 

Furthermore, not all women’s tops reach their waist. Some tops stop just right before the navel or just after the breasts and they’re designed that way. Such wears will also require a nice belt. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting on a skirt or trousers.

7. Earrings 

Without even mentioning them on this list, I’m sure you know that earrings are a must have accessories as a Nigerian lady. However, there’s still a need for emphasis here as not all earrings are the same fashion-wise. We have big and small earrings, hooks, dot earrings, and so on. 

Also, earrings come in different colors and designs. As a Nigerian lady, you should have a diverse earring collection from which you can pick at least one pair for any outfit. With earrings, simple is usually best.

8. Tights 

Tights are of different types. They have underwear and regular wear. The regular wear is what I’m implying here. A pair of quality tights can really improve the appearance of your legs. There’s emphasis on “quality” because not all tights are ideal.

It’s ideal to go for tights that complement your skin tone in order not to create an eye sore. Also, when you rock tights, put on closed shoes to avoid revealing the seam. 

9. Hat 

A lot of women believe hats aren’t very important as a fashion accessory, which is wrong. Although you don’t wear them all the time, there are some outfits that’ll be incomplete without the right hat to go with. 

When you step out and it’s sunny, a hat is one of the best options to keep your skin protected. It could be a round hat or SnapBack; you should go with any that suits your style. 

10. Shoes 

Shoes are last so they draw your attention. As a lady, you need all types of shoes including flat shoes and heels. Take Linda Ikeji for example, the blogger purchased 85 pairs of shoes just for her birthday. 

You might not be aware but your shoes are one of the first things people notice when you walk into the room. If you’re not very tall, you need a good pair of heels to touch up your appearance. You should also have a good pair of sneakers.