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Must Have Fashion Accessories For Nigerian Men

Fashion, or swag, isn’t all complete if you’re missing the necessary accessories. You can wear the best clothes, have the best hair cut, but an accessory could be all you need to nail your appearance.

According to, Style On The Side, accessories show off your personality. If you’re a guy, there are lots of fashion accessories you can go for. However, how do you know which ones are the most important ones to have? Well, here are the must have fashion accessories for Nigerian men that you can go for. 

1. Wristwatch 

The first must have accessory on this list is a wristwatch. I don’t think I need to explain the importance of a wristwatch. You must have one. If not for anything, at least to keep track with time. 

Nowadays we have smartphones that you can check the time with just one peek. However, wristwatches never go out of style. As a man, a wristwatch will make you appear classy and as someone who is attentive. The most interesting part is that you can rock any outfit with a wristwatch.

Wristwatches are of two main types. We have the skeleton wristwatch and the plain wristwatch. Any will work for you but, the plain wristwatches are less fashionable than the skeleton types. Well, who says you can get just one wristwatch? Note that you’ll spend more on purchasing a skeleton wristwatch. 

2. Sunglasses 

Pick up your phone and Google any of your favorite male celebrity in Nigeria. You’re likely to find a picture or two of them putting on sunglasses – eyeglasses. Already, sunglasses are popular and relatively regular in Nigeria but not all guys rock it. 

Well, if you want to appear as a fashionable male, you should go get yourself some killer glasses. It’ll be beneficial to your health as these glasses will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. 

Sunglasses are of different types. They are different in terms of size, design, frame color, and glass color. For this reason, you should pay attention when purchasing sunglasses so you can get something to fit your style. I’ll tell you one secret – you can never go wrong with a pair of all black sunglasses; they are the most preferred .

3. Shoes 

When I say shoes, I mean SHOES!! As a Nigerian male who wants to up their fashion game, you should have pairs of fashionable shoes. These mustn’t necessarily be the latest shoes of even shoes from top brands; they just need to be “stylish”. 

As you know already, there are different types of shoes. There’s plain shoes, sneakers, sliders, flip-flops, trainers, sandals, and many more. Your dressing will determine the best show to wear. For example, if you’re rocking a suit, you would want to go with a nice pair of plain shoes.

On the other hand, if you’re rocking a sweatshirt or winter jacket, you might need to rock a fine pair of white sneakers; or whichever color that fits. There are shoe vendors all over Nigeria and most of the time, you don’t need to break the bank to get a few shoe pairs.

4. Necklace 

A necklace on your neck can immediately draw someone’s attention to you, especially when it features an interesting pendant. This is why a necklace is one of the must have fashion accessories for Nigerian men. The style which these pieces bring cannot be underestimated. 

If you want to buy a necklace, the major options you’ll have are silver and gold necklace. You can purchase any but Gold always is the best. It’s important to ensure you’re purchasing the original stuff. There are many “fake” gold and silver chains in Nigeria.

A quality gold or silver chain will be relatively expensive but what’s the need of fashion if you look cheap? It’s better to avoid wearing a necklace entirely than purchasing a fake necklace instead of the real stuff. Alternatively, you can go for the large neck chains if you have the money. 

5. Rings 

Rings here don’t imply wedding rings unless, of course, if you’re married or engaged. Most guys think rocking rings make you look feminine because traditionally, rings are women’s accessories. However, that’s untrue. Guys can rock rings just as much as girls can.

Currently, rings are one of the must-have accessories for men. You’ll be suprised by the kind of attention you can pull with some shiny gold rings on your finger. Gold rings are not the only variant available. There are also silver rings and the best of them all, diamond rings – ices. 

Nevertheless, any color that fits your dressing can go. Just like with the necklace, you should be careful so you purchase only the original ones. Fortunately, these rings are relatively commonly sold in Nigeria. You can either go for a sleek ring or the overly fat ones that most musicians and other celebrities rock. 

6. Bracelets 

Last but not in any way the least here are bracelets. Bracelets are an all-rounder. You can rock bracelets with any outfit, they’re available in different colors, and you can wear as many as you want on each hand. 

In Nigerian, you’ll find a lot of different types of bracelets. Some are made from beads, others are made from metal; not to mention the traditional bracelets. You can still get gold, silver, or diamond bracelets. 

Bracelets give you the diverse advantage as they come in different sizes and designs. Furthermore, bracelets are not very expensive unlike most other accessories on this list. Hence, you can get as many bracelets as you need to suit your style.

Bottom Line

As a Nigerian man you must have the 6 accessories listed in this article. Why should you? Well, I’ve explained all the importance they bring to you as a person.