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MTN True Talk Code

MTN, Everywhere you go – is there any Nigerian who has not heard such on radio, TV or read in newspapers and magazines, certainly not. MTN Nigeria is a well known telecommunication company in Nigeria, they have been operating in the country for so many years – started around the year 2001 – and their popularity has increased over the years. MTNrecords over 55 million subscribers in the country which is about 30% of Nigeria’s total population which stands at about 190.9 million as recorded in 2017.

With such a massive number of subscribers, it is important for the telecommunications giant to deliver the best of the best of services to all their customers. If they fail to do so, one thing is for sure – they will lose customers and there are other mobile networks in Nigeria ready to receive them. So far, MTN Nigeria has stayed strong in the competition and come out top of their game, one way they did this is by introducing impressive tariff and prepaid plans for their customers to subscribe to. 

Some of these plans include the very popular MTN pulse plan, MTN Beta Talk plan, MTN XtraValue plan and so on. In this article, we will be looking at one of their awesome plans – the MTN True Talk. At the end of this article, you will not only know the MTN True Talk code and how to subscribe to it, but also every other thing you need to know about this plan and still more.

What is MTN True Talk?

MTN True Talk (MTN TruTalk – as styled by MTN) is a tariff plan from the very popular MTN mobile network. It is a cheap tariff plan in the sense that your calls are charged at very cheap rates and there are also special airtime offers. On a personal note, I would say the MTN TruTalk plan was introduced for those who talk a lot on the phone – No offence – so that they get to spend less but still talk as much as they want. There are a lot of MTN subscribers on the MTN TruTalk plan and these subscribers are currently enjoying all the awesome benefits there is to enjoy. What are these benefits?

Benefits of the MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

MTN subscribers on the MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan currently enjoys the following benefits;

* Happy Hour calls to any MTN number from 12:30 am (midnight) to 04:30 am (morning). This is also known as Midnight Call and it is free of charge i.e. talk as much as you like, every day of the week, both weekdays and weekends and you will not be charged any kobo. You just need to have a minimum airtime balance of N100.00 (One Hundred Naira Only) to qualify for this midnight call.

* Free 10 Megabytes worth of data when you recharge up to N100.00 (One Hundred Naira Only) every week.

* MTN to MTN calls are charged at a rate of 20 kobo per second – 1 Naira every 5 seconds and 12 Naira per minute.

* MTN to other networks calls are charged at a rate of 26 kobo per second – 1.3 Naira every 5 seconds and 15.6 Naira per minute.

* For every 200 Naira airtime recharge, you get 150% – N300 – airtime as bonus to call your You and Me numbers. You can choose a total of 11 numbers as your You and Me numbers and you register them by dialing *560*1*Phone Number# and you can view all 11 numbers by dialing *560#, registering the 11 numbers for You and Me is free of charge. 

However, if you want to change any of the numbers and input another,  you will be charged 50 from your airtime balance. To remove a number from You and Me, dial *560*2*Phone Number#. Calls to You and Me numbers are charged at 11 kobo per second from the 300 Naira bonus airtime. 

Once the bonus is finished, then the calls will be charged from your main airtime balance at the normal MTN True Talk call rates.

Now that you know what you stand to benefit from the MTN TruTalk Tariff plan, wouldn’t you like to know the MTN TruTalk code and migrate to it? Of course you would as that is the main reason why you are reading this, let’s find out how.

MTN True Talk Code – How to migrate to MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

MTN made sure that migrating or subscribing to any of their tariff plan is easy and simple, the MTN True Talk is no different as all you need is a simple 3 digit USSD code – *400#. To migrate to MTN TruTalk using the MTN True Talk code (*400#), all you have to do is to just dial *400# from your registered MTN line or text the 3 digits “400” to 131 and that is all.

Note that migrating to MTN TruTalk Tariff plan is free of charge, you will only be charged a fee of N100 when you opt out and opt in again within 30 days.

What is MTN TruTalk Plus (+)?

People often mistake MTN TruTalk for MTN TruTalk + and vice versa thinking that they are the same. They are not, though similar, MTN TruTalk and MTN TruTalk + are 2 different Tariff plans from MTN Nigeria. The MTN TruTalk plus was launched as an improved version of the MTN TruTalk and you need to pay a N5 fee daily to access it. 

The major difference between MTN TruTalk and MTN TruTalk + is that on MTN TruTalk, you get to call just 11 You and Me numbers for 11 kobo per second but on the TruTalk + all national calls are charged at 11 kobo per second after you have paid the daily N5 fee.


MTN TruTalk is a rewarding tariff plan you can migrate to if you are on the MTN network. If you spend much time on the phone talking to family, friends, or business partners, the MTN True Talk plan will help you save money as you pay less for your calls.