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Most Popular Decoders In Nigeria: Top 4 List

Free to air and local stations in Nigeria don’t offer much entertainment. You need a decoder and subscription to enjoy Nollywood movies on African Magic, trending songs on MTV Base, and the best football matches on SuperSport, to name a few. 

Whenever there are multiple options, it may be hard to make a choice. There are multiple decoder services in Nigeria, which should you go for? Well, here are the most popular ones among which you can make a choice:

  1. DSTV

DSTV is the most renowned decoder in Nigeria. It’s famous for its long list of channels and also its expensive price. The full DSTV kit – remote, decoder, and satellite dish – costs over N20,0000. 

DSTV features 175+ TV channels. However, you can only access all 175+ channels with DSTV premium – the highest plan. There are 6 DSTV plans in total and they include:

  • DSTV Padi: 45+ Channels – N2,150 per month 
  • DSTV Yanga: 85+ Channels – N2,950 per month 
  • DSTV Confam: 105+ Channels – N5,300 per month 
  • DSTV Compact: 130+ Channels – N9,000 per month 
  • DSTV Compact Plus: 145+ Channels – N14,250 per month 
  • DSTV Premium: 175 + Channels – N21,000 per month 

Hence, DSTV’s regular prices range from N2,150 to N21,000 per month. You can also choose to pay annually. For example, the DSTV plan is available for N231,000 per year.

In addition to the 175+ TV channels, DSTV also features 53 audio channels. Furthermore, with a DSTV Premium subscription, you get access to ShowMax – a video-on-demand service, similar to Netflix.  

DSTV is your go-to decoder if you want to enjoy football games – English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, etc. No decoder is as consistent as DSTV in entertainment. 

  1. GOTV

GOTV is a sister-decoder to DSTV as MultiChoice owns both. However, unlike DSTV, GOTV is a far more affordable decoder. It’s the most used decoder in Nigeria. You can purchase the full GOTV Kit for N8,000 to N10,000, depending on your location.

The highest GOTV subscription package features 80+ TV channels. There are 5 packages in total and they include:

  • GOTV Smallie: 35+ Channels – N900 per month 
  • GOTV Jinja: 45+ Channels – N1,900 per month 
  • GOTV Jolli: 65+ Channels – N2,800 per month 
  • GOTV Max: 75+ Channels – N4,150 per month 
  • GOTV Supa: 80+ Channels – N5,500 per month 

Hence, GOTV’s prices range from as low as N900 to N5,500 per month. It’s the most affordable decoder in Nigeria that still offers quality entertainment. GOTV is your go-to channel if you want to enjoy Nollywood music and Nigerian songs. 

The decoder features African Magic Epic, African Magic Urban, African Magic Yoruba, African Magic Hausa, and African Magic Igbo, among others. What GOTV lacks, compared to DSTV, are Sports Channels. 

GOTV became increasingly popular due to the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija (BBN). BBN usually has a dedicated channel on GOTV and DSTV and people opt for GOTV since it’s the cheaper option. Nigerian Idol is another popular TV show that attracts customers to GOTV.

  1. StarTimes

StarTimes is another popular decoder in Nigeria although marginalized by GOTV. The decoder features different channels for Antenna (the most common in Nigeria) and Dish customers. They include:

Antenna Packages

  • StarTimes Nova: N900 per month 
  • StarTimes Basic: N1,700 per month 
  • StarTimes Classic: N2,500 per month 

Dish Packages 

  • StarTimes Nova: N900 per month 
  • StarTimes Sports Plus: N1,200 per month 
  • StarTimes Smart: N2,200 per month 
  • StarTimes Super: N4,200 per month 
  • StarTimes Chinese: N6,600 per month 

As you can see, StarTimes is another affordable decoder although it doesn’t compare with GOTV in terms of channel quality. Nevertheless, if you love Asian movies, StarTimes is the decoder for you. It features Asian channels like ZeeOne, ST Bollywood, Star Gold, Novela E, and ST Kungu among others. Note that StarTimes is a Chinese company. 

You can also enjoy Nollywood movies on StarTimes. Although the decoder doesn’t feature African Magic channels, it features some exclusive Nollywood movie channels like AMC Movies and AMC Series. 

For Sports, you have ST SPorts Life, World Football HD, and Sports Premium. You can’t view the EPL or UEFA Champions League but you can enjoy some La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A fixtures. 

  1. TSTV

TSTV Africa is an emerging decoder service. The decoder features over 100 channels with a presence in 232 cities across Africa. This includes news, movies, sports, kids, health & lifestyle, religious, documentary, and music channels. 

The decoder is affordable as it uses a pay-as-you-go payment model. You can pay daily, weekly, or monthly. Subscribing is like loading airtime on your phone. You buy a voucher and then load it on your decoder. Vouchers are available for N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000, and N2,000.

Some of the best channels on TSTV include Bloomberg Television, Mama Africa Movies, Grande Novella, Grande Sports, and WAP TV. 

Free To Air (FTA) Decoders

Aside from the paid decoders mentioned above, there are also FTA decoders you can use. With FTA decoders, you only pay for the decoder kit. Afterward, you won’t pay any recurring subscriptions. Some popular FTA decoders in Nigeria include:

  • Strong Multi-functional FTA Satellite Decoder
  • Unique SAT Ultra HD Free To Air Satellite Receiver
  • PowerSat 999sm Free To Air Satellite Receiver
  • Digicom 9000 HD Free To Air Decoder
  • Viewsat HD FTA Decoder

FTA decoders work by searching and saving available free channels. They come with high-capacity satellites to scan for channels within a wide range.