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Most Followed YouTube Channels In Nigeria: Top 9 List

If you want to watch a video on the internet, there’s a high chance you’ll use YouTube. YouTube has become the go-to platform for videos all over the world. Music artists, comedians, tutors, etc upload their videos on YouTube for their audience to view. Getting high views on the platform is a bragging right.

Getting high views is somewhat parallel to having a high number of followers. If your video is getting a lot of views, you’re likely to have lots of followers and vice versa. Do you want to know which Nigerian YouTube channel has the highest number of subscribers? If yes, check them out below: 

  1. MarkAngelComedy8.21 million subscribers

Currently, and for a long time now, MarkAngelComedy has the highest number of followers among Nigerian YouTube channels. You probably know MarkAngelComedy for one of their actors, Emmanuella. Having 8.21 million subscribers may come as a surprise since there are other more popular comedy skit makers in Nigeria. Well, most of MarkAngelComedy subscribers are foreigners, especially from other African countries and Asia. MarkAngelComedy has over 500 videos and a total of over 1.9 billion views.  

  1. Family The Honest Comedy – 3.16 million subscribers 

You may not have heard about this comedy crew. However, believe it or not, Family The Honest Comedy boasts of 3.16 million subscribers on YouTube, making it one of most followed YouTube channels in Nigeria. Family The Honest Comedy features actors like Princess Uchechukwu Okeke and Marvellous Chisom Okeke. Note that they do more than comedy – music, dance, magic, pranks, and others. The channel has close to 2,000 videos with more than 2.8 billion all time views. 

  1. Ckay3 million subscribers

Ckay probably has the most popular Afrobeats song of all time with Love Nwantiti. The song took over social media platforms and make Ckay a global artist. Today, Ckay boasts of 3 million subscribers on YouTube; more than any other Nigerian musician. Ckay has just 66 videos in your YouTube channel but has garnered over 700 million views thanks to Love Nwantiti. The remix of the song has over 243 million views while the acoustic version has over 177 million views. 

  1. Davido – 2.92 million subscribers 

You already know Davido. The singer needs no introduction and as he is known throughout Nigeria, Africa, and other parts of the world. He is the fourth most followed Nigerian on YouTube with 2.92 million subscribers. Davido has hundreds of music videos on YouTube all with millions and millions of views. In total, the singer has gotten over 1 billion views. His most watched video on the platform remains Fall, the smash hit that took over American radio stations. 

  1. Official Flavour2.54 million subscribers 

Flavour N’abania has been at the top of his game since he came into the limelight. The singer from Enugu has 2.5 million subscribers. Not many Nigerian singers have as many followers as him. In fact, as you can see from this list only Davido and Ckay have more. You can call flavour songs traditional but they pervade not just a Nigerian music scene but that of Africa and other parts of the world you do not even know. Some of flavours most popular videos on the platforms are Nwa baby and Levels.

  1. Burna Boy2.42 million subscribers 

Next is Burna Boy. You already know who Burna Boy is, an exceptional singer with hit songs and hit songs over the past few years. He has won a Grammy out of various nominations. On YouTube he has 2.42 million subscribers making him the fourth most followed Nigerian artists on the platform after Ckay, Davido, and Flavour. Burna Boy has a total of over 1.1 billion views on YouTube with videos for On The Low, Location, and Ye as some of his most watched. 

  1. SamSpeedy – 2.42 million subscribers 

Here’s another comedy YouTube channel. You may not have heard about Sam speedy but the channel has 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube making it the seventh most followed YouTube channel in Nigeria. On the channel you would find skits, typical of other Nigerian comedy channels. There are over 250 videos on the channel. 

  1. StarBoy TV / Wizkid – 2.36 million subscribers 

This YouTube channel serves as Wizkid’s YouTube channel and also Starboy TV YouTube channel. As a result, you’ll find videos of Wizkid’s songs and also that of all the Starboy artists. The channel has over 2.36 million subscribers. Wizkid is very popular and you would expect him to have a lot more subscribers than this. However, the little confusion with Starboy and Wizkid is one of the reasons why fans find it difficult to identify his real YouTube channel. 

  1. 24 Hours Movies  – 2.34 million subscribers 

This list won’t be complete if there is no Nollywood YouTube channel. Nigerians love movies a lot, especially nollywood movies which is why you find a lot of Nollywood videos on YouTube with millions and millions of views. This channel has 2.34 million subscribers and is the most followed Nollywood movie channel on YouTube. Surprisingly, The channel has just 93 videos, however, we all know that Nollywood movies are long videos that take up to one or two hours. Hence, you won’t expect lots of such long videos on a channel. 

Bottom Line 

The above are the 9 most followed YouTube accounts in Nigeria.