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List of Nigerian Foreign Ambassadors 2021

Do you want to know who the current Nigerian foreign ambassadors are? If yes, you’re on the right page as we’ll be revealing all, including career and non-career ambassadors, in this article. First of all, let’s learn who foreign ambassador are and what their duties are; 

Who is a foreign ambassador? 

Ambassadors promote their home countries’ policies and interests across the world. This is the highest diplomatic post, and the ambassador is responsible for attending and hosting engagements with foreign leaders and representatives while also advocating their home country’s policies overseas. An ambassador is a person who lives in a foreign nation for a lengthy period of time and performs a variety of tasks on a daily basis.

Ambassadors supervise the work of Foreign Service Officers and other diplomatic staff, negotiate treaties and agreements with foreign countries, and guarantee that their country’s interests are well-represented and protected overseas. This is usually an appointed job that necessitates significant Foreign Service experience, diplomacy, and understanding of the nation in which the ambassador is stationed.

What are the duties of a foreign ambassador? 

The day-to-day responsibilities of an ambassador are determined by their specific mission. The responsibilities of the Nigerian ambassador to the United States, for example, will be vastly different from those of the Nigerian ambassador to the United Kingdom. All ambassadors, however, have a set of basic responsibilities, which include the following:

Meetings with International Leaders 

Meeting directly with foreign leaders and representatives is one of an ambassador’s major responsibilities. This might include regular meetings to discuss the two nations’ ties or meetings to discuss a special development or catastrophe. In these discussions, the ambassador’s job is to promote their country’s policies and objectives to encourage progress overseas while preserving friendly ties between the two countries .

Negotiate Treaties and Agreements 

Ambassadors also represent their countries by negotiating commercial agreements and treaties on behalf of the leaders of their respective countries. Nigerian ambassadors may get direct instructions from the president or secretary of state prior to these discussions. They collaborate extensively with foreign officials to reach a mutually beneficial conclusion. An ambassador may serve as a conduit between their country and foreign officials, proposing suggestions and making compromises.

Keep an eye on international events

Another crucial aspect of this job is keeping track of current world events and resolving diplomatic issues that may arise between the ambassador’s own country and the host country. This element of the position demands a thorough grasp of current events and the nation’s political context, since ambassadors need to seek a settlement that does not worsen the issue or generate long-term diplomatic consequences.

Control Foreign Service Staff

Ambassadors also supervise the daily operations of Foreign Service Officers and other employees. An embassy employs a large number of people who work on economic development, political analysis, and day-to-day operations, and the ambassador oversees and directs these people to ensure that they are effectively representing their country and promoting her interests via their long-term projects and daily activities.

Overseeing International Aid Projects 

Ambassadors play a crucial role in the coordination of foreign and humanitarian aid initiatives in their host countries. They collaborate closely with foreign leaders and humanitarian groups to identify locations where their country can give financial and material assistance to alleviate citizen suffering while also improving international ties. An ambassador might propose international or humanitarian aid initiatives to their country’s authorities and work out the details with foreign officials.

Encourage international travel

When representatives from their home nations travel abroad, ambassadors frequently assist and support them. They may plan timetables, make security arrangements, and offer information to their country’s leader in order to ensure a successful and fruitful visit. However, an ambassador’s function is not restricted to high-ranking guests: he or she can also make preparations and act to help ordinary visitors.

With that, here’s a list of current Nigerian ambassadors in 2021. 

Career Ambassadors 

  1. C.O. Nwachukwu 

Country: Mali

  1. A. Kefas 

Country: Portugal

  1. R.U Brown 

Country: Gabon

  1. G.A Odudigbo 

Country: Liberia

  1. O.C Onowu 

Country: Brussels

  1. Y.S. Suleiman 

Country: Iran

  1. E.S. Agbana

Country: Equatorial Guinea

  1. B.B.M. Okoyen

Country: Cuba

  1. G.M. Okoko 

Country/Position: Deputy Head of Mission to Switzerland

  1. M.I. Bashir 

Country/Position: U.S. deputy ambassador

  1. M.O. Abam 

Country: Italy

  1. A.E. Allotey 

Country/Position: Deputy France

  1. G. E. Edokpa 

Country/Position: Deputy Permanent Representative to The UN

  1. A. N. Madubuike 

Country: Australia

  1. Adamu Lamuwa 

Country: Senegal

  1. Mr. Innocent A. Iwejuo 

Country/Position: Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia

  1. M. S. Abubakar 

Country: Guinea

  1. S. D. Umar 

Country: Austria

  1. A. Sule 

Country: India

  1. G. Y. Hamza 

Country: Ghana

  1. N. Rimi 

Country: Egypt

  1. L. S. Ahmed-Remawa 

Country/Position: Deputy Cameroun

  1. M. Manu 

Country: Gambia

  1. R. Ocheni 

Country/Position: Deputy Ambassador to Germany

  1. A. Yusuf 

Country: Turkey

  1. M. Abdulraheem 

Country: Burkina Faso

  1. W. A. Adedeji 

Country: Gabon

  1. A. U. Ogah 

Country: Indonesia

  1. A. A. Musa 

Country: Rwanda

  1. N. A. Kolo 

Country: Israel

  1. S.O. Olaniyan 

Country: Sudan

  1. A. R. Adejola 

Country: Switzerland Permanent Mission

  1. O. E. Awe 

Country: Deputy envoy to China

  1. O. O. Aluko 

Country: Benin Republic

  1. I. A. Alatishe 

Country: Deputy Ambassador to Russia

  1. V. A. Adeleke 

Country: Ethiopia

  1. M. S. Adamu 

Country: Côte d’Ivoire

  1. N. Charles 

Country: Southern Sudan

  1. Z M. lfu 

Country: Zimbabwe

  1. B. B. Hamman 

Country: Sweden

Non-Career Ambassadors

  1. Dr Uzoma Emenike 

Country: United States

  1. Ambassador Tijani Muhammmad-Bande

Country: United Nations 

  1. Adeyinka Asekun

Country: Canada

  1. Yahaya Lawal 

Country: Saudi Arabia

  1. Ibrahim Kayode Laaro 

Country: France

  1. Modupe Irele 

Country: Hungary

  1. Eniola Ajayi 

Country: The Hague, Netherlands

  1. Julius Adebowale Adeshina

Country: Togo

  1. Oma Djebah

Country: Thailand

  1. Ademola Seriki 

Country: Spain

  1. Umar Suleiman 

Country: DRC

  1. Kevin Peter 

Country: Czech Republic

  1. John Usanga 

Country: Guinea Bissau

  1. Elejah Onyeagba 

Country: Burundi

  1. Philip Ikurusi 

Country: Argentina

  1. Tarzoor Terhemen 

Country: Namibia

  1. Paul Adikwu 

Country: The Vatican, Italy

  1. Al-Bishir Al-Hussain 

Country: Morocco

  1. Monique Ekpong 

Country: Angola

  1. Ominyi Eze 

Country: Zambia

  1. Yamah Musa 

Country: Mozambique

  1. C. O Ugwu 

Country: Poland

  1. Hajara Salim 

Country: Malaysia

  1. Obiezu Chinyerem 

Country: Ireland

  1. Ali Magashi 

Country: South Korea

  1. M. A Markarfi 

Country: Brazil

  1. Hamisu Takalmawa 

Country: Tanzania

  1. Jazuli Gadalanci 

Country: Kuwait

  1. Sadiya Nuhu 

Country: Romania

  1. Olorundare Sunday Awoniyi 

Country: Venezuela

  1. Abioye Bello 

Country: Pakistan

  1. Zara Umar 

Country: Malawi

  1. Henry Omaku 

Country: Sierra Leone

  1. Sarafa Isola 

Country: United Kingdom

  1. Opunimi Akinkube 

Country: Greece

  1. Adejaba Bello 

Country: Mexico

  1. Adeshina Alege 

Country: Ukraine

  1. Folakemi Akinyele 

Country: Philippines

  1. Abdullahi Yibaikwal Shehu 

Country: Russia

  1. Maureen Tamuno 

Country: Jamaica

  1. Faruk Yabo 

Country: Jordan

  1. Adamu Hassan 

Country: Vietnam

  1. Abubakar Moriki 

Country: Japan

  1. Mohammed Rimi 

Country: United Arab Emirates

  1. Jidda Baba 

Country: China

  1. Gani Modu Bura 

Country: Lebanon

  1. Yusuf Tuggar

Country: Germany

  1. Baba Madugu

Country: Switzerland

  1. Deborah Illiya 

Country: Congo

  1. Abubakar Danlami Ibrahim 

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

  1. Haruna Manta 

Country: South Africa

  1. Yusuf Yunusa 

Country: Kenya