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Life In Turkey: As A Nigerian, What You Should Know

It would be incorrect to generalize life in Turkey for Nigerians because everyone has different everyday experiences. For example, a Nigerian pursuing a profession in Istanbul will have different daily habits than a retired ex-pat relaxing in the Mediterranean city of Antalya.

Nigerians visit Turkey for different reasons. Therefore it stands to reason that the variety of locales also adds another layer to the topic. Nevertheless, if you have plans to move to Turkey as a Nigerian, it’s essential to learn how things work over there.

This post looks at familiar topics, including finding work, managing funds, overcoming language obstacles, and becoming fully immersed in Turkish society. You’ll find all the information you need about living in Turkey as a Nigerian.

About Turkey: An Overview

Turkey straddles two continents, occupying a peninsula in the Black Sea’s southeastern corner and a portion of southeast Europe. Some of the nations it borders are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. A president serves as head of state, and a prime minister serves as head of government as the country practices a republican parliamentary democracy.

Turkey’s topography comprises narrow coastal lowlands in the west and more rocky terrain to the east. The Turkish economy is a hybrid model, combining elements of free market capitalism with state control and central planning. However, the country boasts the 19th biggest economy in the world, with a GDP of over US$720 billion.

Over 99% of Turkish citizens are Muslims. However, the country maintains a secular constitution, which makes it a welcoming place for people of different religions.

Learning the Turkish Language

In Turkey, they don’t speak the English language as we do in Nigeria. They speak Turkish instead. As a result, Turkish proficiency is necessary for employment. To not only guarantee your success but also to take pleasure in the day. 

Who wants to work in an environment where they cannot communicate with their coworkers? However, hundreds of Nigerians who live in Turkey all year round and don’t speak the language well still lead fulfilling lives.

The majority of them choose to reside in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, where tourism is the primary industry and many people there speak other languages. In these areas, you can meet people who speak English and, if you’re lucky, Nigerian languages.

The Antalya region is popular with Russians and Germans. Thus locals also speak those languages in addition to English. Locals in the major tourist destinations of Fethiye and the Aegean speak English fluently, sometimes even with an accent! You can thus live here without speaking the language, but you should strive to acquire just a few words of Turkish each day to enhance the quality of your life. 

Cost of Living

How much you’ll need to live in Turkey as a Nigerian will vary depending on where you reside, whether you own property, and how you live.

The most expensive city to live in is Istanbul, particularly for rent. A diverse social life and the costs of beers and dining out quickly add up. On the other hand, the Aegean and Mediterranean offer significantly lower prices and better value. 

Generally, it costs around 7,000 lira to live in Istanbul and 4,000 lira in other places to earn a respectable living. In Naira, that’s approximately N165,000 and N95,000, respectively.

It is important to note that if you work for a long time, you can make sizable deposits into the high-interest savings accounts provided by Turkish banks. It can help you save money as you won’t need to touch your net worth as the banks extract the interest monthly after paying taxes. 

Is It Advisable To Relocate From Nigeria To Turkey 

You can go ahead and relocate from Nigeria to Turkey if you have a job to go to or a monthly income plan. Because of the excellent weather and a healthy lifestyle, there are many blooming Nigerian ex-pat communities all around the nation. Hence, it won’t take much to blend.

The reasons people move can range from the inexpensive housing costs to the outdoor lifestyles. Turkish hospitality is quite prevalent since locals are hospitable and making friends with neighbors is simple.

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Can Nigerians Work In Turkey?

The presence of a Turkish worker does not prevent a Turkish firm from hiring an ex-pat. Therefore, the answer to the above question is yes – Nigerians can work in Turkey. However, many things are involved.

The number of employees needed varies by profession. An employer who hires a foreign national must apply for a work permit after at least six months of residency. If you’re going to work in Turkey, you can apply for tourism positions with large corporations that need hotel and airport representatives or teaching positions with international private schools.

However, certain occupations, including dentists, security guards, and notary publics, are not open to foreigners. 

Can Nigerians Buy Property In Turkey

Yes, Nigerians can usually invest and buy property in Turkey. About 45,000 foreigners bought homes across the nation in 2019, indicating how booming the foreign property industry is.

If finances are in order, the streamlined purchasing procedure can be concluded in as little as three to six weeks and result in the receipt of the freehold title deeds. Furthermore, Turkey is one of the top locations in the world for real estate investment due to its low prices per square meter.