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Keystone Bank Account Balance Code

We all deposit and transfer money into our bank accounts because that is what they were primarily made for – to hold money. For this, it is important for everyone to know their account balance so as to know how much is in their account and to enable them to be able to detect when money goes in or out.

This article is for customers of the popular Keystone bank in Nigeria who are looking to check how much they have in their account with the use of a USSD code. Read on to discover this code and how it is used.

The Keystone Bank Account Balance Code

To check your keystone bank account balance, the code you need is *7111#. To use it, you have to dial it from the phone number registered to your keystone bank account. This is because the phone number has been automatically enrolled on the USSD platform and any other phone number will not work.

Another thing you need to do is to create a USSD PIN which will be used for approving transactions. This PIN can be created easily, first of all;

• Dial *7111#

• Select 8 to Enable/Disable USSD

• Select PIN from the menu

• Enter the last 4 digits of your ATM card number

• Create a USSD PIN

• Renter the USSD PIN to confirm your selection

• Finish

Now, this is how to check your bank account balance with the code;

• Dial *7111#

• Select 1 for balance

• Enter your USSD PIN

• Finish

Your account balance will be shown on your screen and sent to you via SMS as well. You can skip the first 2 steps by dialing *7111# and then enter your PIN.

Service Charge

Both bank charges and telco charges apply when you check your account balance with the Keystone bank USSD code. Your bank will charge you N20 and this money will be deducted from your bank account. Your mobile network will charge you N1 – N4 per 20 seconds on the USSD platform and it will be deducted from your airtime account.

Service Limit

Checking your bank account balance with the code discussed above has no limit because you are charged for it every time.

Supported Networks

Users of MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile and Glo can make use of the Keystone bank USSD code; the code is supported on all GSM networks in Nigeria.

Other ways to check Keystone bank account balance

Here we will be looking at some other ways a Keystone bank customer can use to check his or her bank account balance.

Using an ATM

Using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is one quick way of checking your bank account balance. ATMs are known mainly for use in money withdrawal but they can as well be used to carry out other banking transactions. You can make use of any ATM machine to check your account balance, it must not necessarily be a Keystone bank ATM.

If you have your ATM card with you, walk up to any ATM location and insert it. Enter your ATM PIN using the keypad and proceed; select balance inquiry or just inquiry from the menu (depending on which is shown). Your bank account balance will be displayed on the screen and if possible, the machine will print out a receipt for you containing it.

Using Keystone Bank Mobile App

Nigerian banks now feature official banking applications that customers can use to bank on the go; Keystone bank is one of such banks. The Keystone bank mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

After you must have downloaded and installed the application, launch it and register by providing some basic details about your bank account. On a successful registration, you will be directed to a dashboard; you would find your bank account balance on the top corner. If you have multiple accounts, click on the menu tap and select Accounts, you would find a list of your bank accounts and their respective balances.

Using Keystone Bank Internet Banking

The Keystone bank internet banking platform is another easy means for you to check your account balance. However, you must be registered on the platform before you can make use of it. Registering for internet banking is something you have to do at your bank branch; if you are already on the platform then you can use this method.

Visit the Keystone bank internet banking portal and log in with your username and password. From the dashboard, select account summary and you will be directed to a page that contains your account information, your bank account balance will be contained there.

Via Keystone bank customer care

You can contact the customer care service team of your bank and request for your bank account balance. This method will require you to provide some details about your bank account so your identity can be verified.

You can contact the customer care via call with this number +234 700 2000 3000; you can get them via e-mail by mailing [email protected]. Social media handles are not exempted, you can reach the customer care via Keystone bank Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Visiting a Keystone bank branch

Locate any Keystone bank branch close to you and walk in. Meet any of the bank staff over the counter and make a request for them to check your bank account balance. The most thing you need to do is to provide your account name and then verify that you are the owner; this should be very easy since you are present in person and your passport is in the system. After verification, you will be given your bank account number.


Your bank account balance is something you should keep up with, you are supposed to know just how much is in your bank account at all times. Thanks to Keystone bank for providing a simple USSD code for their customers to carry this out.