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Is Brave browser available in Nigeria?

Are you interested in using Brave Browser? Do you want to know if Brave Browser is available in Nigeria? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Brave Browser is a global browser which you can use in Nigeria or anywhere else. 

However, there are so many things about Brave browser you don’t know and I’m sure it will interest you. For example, is Brave browser a safe browser to use? Is it illegal to use? What are the top features you should be using?

If you’d like to find out, read on as I’ll be covering all of that in this article. 

About Brave Browser

Brave Browser is safe, fast, and private. Brave Software Inc. launched the browser in 2019 to address major internet issues. Users can now surf the web without fear of being tracked. Brave’s developers claim you can browse 3x faster. 

Brave browser contains many features not found in other popular browsers and the browser is free. It’s open-source, which is good for developers. Every major platform is supported. The browser works on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. 

Installing Brave Browser 

Brave is a lightweight browser. The desktop version of Brave is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. The app is available on Google Play and Apple Store. You can get it on Android and iOS. Brave has some system requirements. The browser was released in 2019, therefore it supports the latest OS. 

Advantages of Brave Browser

Brave is a 3x faster browser and mobile devices have a faster browser than PCs. Brave blocks advertisements and site trackers. These elements make websites slow. Also, by avoiding advertisements and trackers, the browser saves online resources. 

A Time Saved Tracker appears in your Brave browser window. The tracker shows your saved surfing time and bandwidth. You also obtain the amount of prohibited trackers and advertising. The Brave Shields panel also shows these statistics for individual websites. 

This speed improves your browsing experience. Low bandwidth means less CPU usage. Brave won’t influence other background programs. You can also conserve more battery. 

Brave Browser includes a VPN and a Firewall. If you often use the internet, you should be aware of these benefits. Firewalls and VPNs are still for privacy. A VPN can change your location. Get around geographical restrictions. 

Unlike most VPNs, it does not hide your IP address. Your traffic is encrypted. Neither the VPN nor your device can track you. Turning on the firewall or VPN affects browsing across all devices. It’s not just Brave browsing. 

Brave’s Firewall + VPN is premium. It is a paid service. Now only accessible on iOS, but soon to be available on other devices. One payment works on up to 5 devices. 

Can you make money with Brave Browser?

Brave rewards users for browsing. This system uses BAT – Basic Access Token. To get these tokens, simply sign up for Brave Rewards. Spending time on webpages earns tokens. Longer visits to websites yield more tokens. They reward website owners, who are creators. 

It’s a way to show your support for Brave Verified Sites. 20 BAT = $5.20. You can choose which sites receive your tokens. Brave also allows direct site tipping. Viewing Brave commercials can earn you incentives. No adverts appear as you browse. They appear in new tabs and notifications. You can limit or disable Brave advertisements. 

Brave Extensions 

Brave supports extensions that offer new features. It lacks a native extension store to download and install browser extensions. Brave has an online store. But what you get in the store are clothes, shoes, purses, etc. No browser addons. 

Chrome Web Store has browser extensions. Brave, like Chrome, uses Chromium-based extensions. The Chrome Web Store has over 188,000 extensions available. Generally, any Chromium browser extension can be installed in Brave. 

Brave audits every extension you install to protect your privacy. Third-party extensions can be risky. The audit is easy and you’ll know if installing the extension is safe or not. You decide whether to proceed or not. 

Is Brave Browser illegal? 

Many people think Brave Browser is illegal owing to its unparalleled security and secrecy. Most cybercriminals aim to maximize their security and privacy. So browsers like Brave become popular. But Brave browser isn’t illegal. It’s a legal browser that won’t get you in trouble. 

Brave’s creators aren’t responsible for misuse. These cyber crooks also utilize Chrome and Firefox. Also, disabling advertising with Brave browser annoys ad-paying companies. That’s why they consider Brave illegal. Brave browser is all about protection. So it’s one of, if not the safest browsers available. Brave uses many methods to stop websites from tracking you. 

Brave offers more privacy than other popular browsers’ incognito mode. It does not track your data. Even if you use the Brave VPN and Firewall, they can’t see your data. Users haven’t complained about Brave’s security so far. Many customers say it’s one of the safest they’ve used. 

Bottom Line

Brave is a good browser to use if you care about internet privacy. This article’s features prove it. Despite its extensive features, the browser is free. Furthermore, you can 100% make use of Brave Browser in Nigeria. 

The browser is available for download as any other browser out there. You either download from the Google PlayStore if you use Android or download from the Apple App Store if you use an iPhone. If you use a computer, you can easily download the browser as well.