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Is AliExpress In Nigeria?

Many Nigerians now purchase stuff online. AliExpress is a platform that is now gaining popularity. Can you buy from AliExpress in Nigeria? Is AliExpress in Nigeria? I’ll be answering all of these questions in this article. 

About AliExpress 

AliExpress is a popular online shopping website. The platform is unique and different from most other shopping websites due to how it operates. AliExpress is a renowned as a retail service. Most retailers you see on the platform are actually dropshippers. 

They don’t necessarily own the product they sell. Instead, they sell on behalf of wholesalers and manufacturers. This is why there are so many products on AliExpress. AliExpress was launched in 2010 so the platform has been around for a relatively long period. 

It’s a Chinese company but ironically, Chinese residents don’t purchase stuff from AliExpress. This is because they can easily get these products at walk-in shops. AliExpress is targeted at foreign buyers.

Is AliExpress In Nigeria? 

This is the main question and the answer is YES! AliExpress is a Chinese based online retail website and you can access it in Nigeria. However, buying from AliExpress in Nigeria is a totally different discussion. There are many factors that affect purchasing from AliExpress in Nigeria and we’ll get to that.

Although AliExpress is in the Nigerian internet space, the company isn’t physically in Nigeria. In other words, you won’t find any AliExpress office in Nigeria. Not in Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt. AliExpress is simply a website that connects businesses and buyers. If you have any problem with purchasing on AliExpress, you’ll have to settle with the seller or retailer directly.

How To Buy From AliExpress In Nigeria

Buying from AliExpress in Nigeria is a relatively long and complicated process. It’s basically like purchasing an item from China to Nigeria. The reason why most Nigerians purchase from AliExpress is that the products are relatively cheap. You can sell them for higher prices here in Nigeria. 

To begin with, you shouldn’t buy from AliExpress if you’re not buying for the sake of reselling or doing business. I’m sure you can get anything you find on AliExpress in Nigeria as well even if not at the same rate. If it’s for business sake then, you can go ahead. 


To buy from AliExpress, you need an account. You can easily create one by visiting the AliExpress website. You can browse the AliExpress website or install the AliExpress mobile app. It’s best if you use the website and on a computer to avoid making mistakes. 

After creating your account, proceed to the product page that you’re interested in. You can search for the product and click on any that interests you. Go through the product page clearly to be sure it’s what you want to buy. Importantly, you should check the credibility of the seller. 

Most of the sellers in AliExpress are individuals. Even though they drop from renowned manufacturers, it’s still ideal to check their ratings and reviews to be sure they’ll deliver. After that, you can proceed to add to cart.


AliExpress offers a variety of shipping methods. Shipping to Nigeria will be relatively expensive, no matter the shipping method or company you use. Sometimes, shipping can cost more than the price of the actual product. This is why you should only buy in bulk from AliExpress. 

In addition, shipping will take sometime – weeks and sometimes months. It all depends on your shipping carrier. You can pay for premium shipping for it to arrive faster. Also, you might get to pay custom duties in most cases.

An important thing to also note is the postal code. You should enter the correct postal code of your area when entering your address. If you don’t know the postal code of your area, then enter the general postal code of your city or state. The wrong postal code will see your package delivered elsewhere.


After setting your preferred shipping method. You can go ahead to place your order. You can pay for products on AliExpress using your MasterCard or Visa. However, it may not work for most banks who have limits on international transactions. If your bank card doesn’t work, try another. 


After purchasing, you’ll be issued a tracking number. You can use this to follow up the location of your package until it arrives in Nigeria. As mentioned earlier, this could take weeks or months. You might have to disregard the arrival data shown on the website as it can be delayed by several factors. Most of them are customs. 

Your package has to cross different borders to arrive in Nigeria from China. Custom officers at these borders could stop the cargo for inspection and search a number of times.

Receiving Your Package 

When the package gets to Nigeria, you should go and pick it up immediately. Normally, the package would be sent to NIPOST whose officers will then deliver it to your address. However, the NIPOST is more dysfunctional than it is functional. 

If you wait for NIPOST, your package will take even longer to reach you. Lagos is most likely the landing point for your package. Go there with the right documents (receipt and all) and claim your package. You will be charged custom duties too. 

Bottom Line 

AliExpress doesn’t have an office in Nigeria but you can access the website from Nigeria. You can also buy from the retailers. However, as explained in the article, purchasing from AliExpress is complicated. Try to purchase what you need from Nigerian vendors instead.