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I Didn’t Damage My Friend’s Car; It Was a Movie Scene – Charles Okocha

Following the viral video in which actor Charles Okocha is seen damaging a friend’s car, the Nollywood star has cleared the air that it was actually a movie scene. According to news making the rounds on social media, Okocha destroyed his friend’s car for going out with his daughter.

In the flash video, Okocha is seen storming out of his Toyota Venza which he drives across a busy road and blocking a Toyota Camry. He rushes to the passenger side of the Camry and drags out a female teenager which people speculate is his daughter. He pulls the girl roughly to his parked car and pushes her in.

He then returns to attack the driver of the Camry before getting hold of a spade which he uses to smash the windscreen of the car. A few passersby try to restrain him but he breaks free and then drives away with the girl.

Given that Okocha is known for aggression in his movie roles and the girl in question is about the same age and stature with his daughter, people surmised that he destroyed his friend’s car for going out with his daughter. Several Internet photos show that Okocha dotes on his daughter and appears to guard her jealously.

The viral video has sparked mixed reactions online, with many people condemning him for his aggression and for damaging the car of a friend who is dating his daughter. But the movie artiste has spoken up to reveal that the video was actually a snippet from a movie which is scheduled for release soon.

“You should know me by now that I will never do a thing like that,” the actor stated. “I will want people to zoom into the video, look at the face of the lady and compare it with my daughter. That is not my daughter. What people saw is a scene from a movie I am featured in but it is not yet released.”

Okocha said he is currently on a movie set in the east but will fully address the rumour when he returns from filming.