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How To Use Pajawiri App: Download, Referral, Features

With the increasing situation of insecurity in Nigeria, citizens are taking measures to protect themselves. Among innovations are mobile security apps, one of which is the Pajawiri app. 

What is Pajawiri app?

The word Pajawiri literally means Emergency in Yoruba. The Pajawiri app is a security app developed by the Yoruba Nation Group for the security and protection of residents in Yorubaland (majorly south-west of Nigeria). Pajawiri is described as an Emergency Communication Assistant. 

Purpose of Pajawiri app

Professor Banji Akintoye, head of Ilana Omo Oodua, introduced the smartphone application meant to track abduction victims and expose danger anywhere in the South West. 

The Pajawiri mobile application and alert system can also expose criminal elements wherever they are with their victims after the program is installed in their phones. 

Akintoye, who joined the event remotely, said the emergence of Pajawiri is proof that the Yoruba people are too intellectually sophisticated to be suppressed. 

“We have now shown to the world that we cannot be captured or subdued,” he stated. We are too smart to be repressed. We shall use these breakthroughs and intellectual powers to dig ourselves out of Nigeria’s quagmires.” 

According to Akintoye’s communications manager, Mr. Maxwell Adeleye, “anyone with the Pajawiri app on their phone would be able to activate the program instantaneously, if they find themselves in danger.” They can use the app to inform their families, friends, and neighbors that they are in danger and need help. 

The Yoruba people are never alone on their farms, schools, markets or shops. Anyone in trouble and in possession of Pajawiri can call for aid. By using the Pajawiri app, Yorubas can now enjoy individual and collective protection. 

The Pajawiri project coordinator, Engineer Ayobami Abolaji, stated that the app is a system for warning and protection through an alarm and alert system that will create protective action for the community and each individual user. 

A US-based IT specialist says the Pàjáwr app is aimed to provide a technical solution or system that allows people to warn others of imminent threats and activate established response teams in communities to stop and prevent various vices including kidnapping, rape and banditry. 

This software informs and locates the cause and flashpoints of dangerous security breaches where an unchecked massacre of precious human lives and properties is performed. The Pàjáwr app offers a new technique of permanently reducing or eliminating phobias that have grabbed any geographical place or settlement. 

What does the Pajawiri app do? 

There are many things you can do with the Pajawiri app including: 

  • You can initiate an SOS button whenever you’re in trouble by simply pressing a button 
  • You can report and share details of any incident in real-time with others 
  • You get alerts and notifications about things happening around from reports made by others 

Generally, the app lets you alert others when you’re in trouble, tell others what’s happening around, and also get information on what’s happening around. 

Pajawiri also works for your personal security. It lets you do the following: 

  • You can share your real-time location with your family and security agencies at all times 
  • You can share your location and time you spent in different places 

Notably, the app stores your location immediately you launch it or use any of the features.

How to use Pajawiri app 

The Pajawiri app is simple to use as the interface is friendly. Once you launch the app, you’ll find four options at the bottom of the dashboard including Home, Alert Feed, Emergency, and Profile. Each of these options does exactly what their label states. 

In the Home section, there’s an SOS button. Simply long press this button whenever you’re in trouble and you’ll get help. Also, the home section features a Report an Incident button. You can use this button to inform others on what’s happening. 

Next, the Alert Feed – here you can find updates from others on what’s happening in their area. It helps you stay informed. Note that Pajawiri is designed to work in Yorubaland, hence, don’t expect to get updates on happenings in other part of Nigeria like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Calabar, or Owerri.

The Emergency section allows you to make Emergency calls. You’ll find a phone dial from which you can emergency toll-free numbers in Nigeria like 112. Toll-free means you’re not charged so you can make calls whether you have airtime or not. 

The last section is your Profile; this is where you provide information about yourself including name, address, phone number, email address, photograph, and others. 

Pajawiri Referral 

Before you can create an account/profile on Pajawiri, you must have a referral. The essence of the referral is to ensure only Yorubas or residents in Yorubaland can use the app. Also, referral helps ensure criminals don’t install the app. 

Without the referral identity requirement, anyone would be able to create an account and use the app; this defeats the main purpose of the app. However, the challenge for most new users is how to get a referral. 

Well, at the moment, you can find referrals around you or better yet online. One person can refer to thousands, they just need to confirm that you’re Yoruba or a resident in Yorubaland. 

How to download Pajawiri app? 

The Pajawiri app will be available for download on Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iPhones. These are the two main mobile operating systems in Nigeria so everyone should be able to download it. 

If you search for the app in the Google play store or Apple store and can’t find it (especially on Apple Store), it’s because the developers are yet to upload the app. As a new app, it’s yet to be published but when it is, you’ll be able to download with ease.

Bottom Line 

The Pajawiri app is a welcome development for the Yorubas (Ọmọ Odùduwà) and is certainly necessary in a country like Nigeria. Therefore, please, do install the app, get a referral, and stay safe.