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How to treat your girlfriend on her period

Every month, girls experience their periods. This lasts for a couple of days and during this period, they usually experience cramps which come with pains and other discomforts. If you’re a loving boyfriend, you would be worried about your partner when she’s on her period especially if she’s the type that gets serious cramps. 

Even if it’s something that happens every month, you can never get accustomed to it. As a loving partner, the question you should ask is what can you do to help her feel better? Well, there are a couple of things you should do. Here’s how to treat a lady on her period; 

1. Don’t joke with her situation 

Your girlfriend experiencing cramps while on her period is not something to joke with. It’ll be very wrong to make light of the situation by joking about her symptoms. You should know better and act mature. Most girls don’t like to talk about their pains while on their period. If your partner doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t pressure her to tell you how she’s feeling. 

During this period, there are certain words you should quit using. Negative words like “stupid” “mad” “insane” or “crazy” shouldn’t be used when addressing her no matter what she does or says herself. When girls are on their period, they can be very emotional; this is commonly referred to as mood swings. Any little thing you say or do may anger them or make them sad. 

2. Be attentive and encourage her  

Being attentive is one of the best things you can do for your partner while she’s on her period. You can directly ask your partner what she would like you to do or get her. Aside from you asking, she can occasionally request something and you should be attentive to not just hear but understand her request.

Encouraging your partner is also important during this phase. Remind her that it’ll soon be over and she’ll be alright again. Your partner may not have an appetite and be unwilling to eat anything. While this is understandable, not eating is unhealthy. You should be there to encourage her to eat something and most importantly to drink excess water.

Your partner could be weak and unwilling to do other things important things like bathing. With your encouragement, she’ll be able to get up and do these things. 

3. Comfort her 

Pains experienced during the period cause a lot of discomfort to girls. Therefore, if you are keen on treating your partner well during her period, you should devise means to comfort her. 

You can comfort your partner by offering a back massage. While on their period, some girls experience bodily itches. A massage will go a long way in making her feel relief. However, before you start, you should ask her if she’ll like one. She might say no which is fine and you shouldn’t continue. 

Another way to comfort her is to get her some drugs that’ll reduce the cramps pains she’s experiencing. Ibuprofen or aspirin are ideal options so long as your partner is comfortable with taking them. Accessories like a heating pad, etc. can go a long way in providing comfort for a girl on her period.

4. Help her with chores 

You don’t expect your partner to run around the house, from one chore to the other, when she’s on her period. At the same time, the chores won’t do themselves. Therefore, if you don’t normally do, you should help out with house chores when your girl is on her period; it’s a loving gesture. Even if the pain she’s experiencing is minimal, ask her to rest while you handle everything. 

This includes chores like tidying the house, doing dishes, laundry, cooking, etc. Your partner will feel loved seeing you do these things she’ll normally do and it’ll show her that you’re interested in her comfort. Although not all the time, you can help out with her official job if she’s self-employed. You could help her send messages, emails, etc, to her clients and customers.

5. Give her some space 

While your girl is on her period, don’t make the mistake of being around her all the time. Sometimes, she’ll want to be alone and you should respect that by giving her some space. At the same time, you can prevent others, family and friends, from coming to disturb her.

Again, it’s important to be sure this is what she wants. Therefore, you should ask her if she wants to be alone before leaving her. Try not to sound judgemental so it doesn’t seem like you’re looking for an excuse to go away from her. The last thing a lady wants when on her period is to feel unwanted. If she keeps her space without telling you anything, you should respect that too. When she’s better, she’ll come back.

6. Have Patience 

Some girls can exhibit very irritating behaviors when on their period. If you’re not careful, you could easily lose your cool. This is why being patient is one of the best ways to deal with your partner when she’s on her period. Some girls might make a hundred requests in a day. 

Even if it’s unreasonable at times, remember that it’s a result of her current state. You know your partner and you know that’s not how she’ll act normally. If it seems you can no longer hold your patience, you can talk to her to behave better but do it politely. Don’t make it seem like something is wrong with her.

Bottom Line 

The tips on how to treat a girl on her period discussed above will help you be a better man to your partner when it’s that time of the month. However, you should note that there is no general formula. People are different and what one girl would like, another could dislike.

What ladies need when they are on their period is to be as comfortable as possible. The cramps they experience are enough discomfort already and they don’t need anything to further discomfort them. Therefore, whatever you know you can do for your partner to make her feel comfortable, do it when she’s on her period.