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How To Join Big Brother Naija (2021)

Big Brother Naija (BBN or BB Naija) is the biggest reality TV show in Nigeria and Africa. Every year, the show brings out the latest Nigerian celebrities most of which have gone on to be a lot bigger after exiting the show. Some notable Big Brother Naija celebrities include Tacha, Layton, Erica, Mercy Lambo, Efe, Nengi, Vee, Frodo, Ike, and Dorathy to name a few. Due to the huge success the show brings to its participants, a lot of Nigerians queue to apply as housemates every year. Same is happening this year, if you’re wondering how to join Big Brother Naija in 2021, I’ll be discussing all about the application in this article. 

About Big Brother Naija 

I’m sure you already know how the Big Brother TV show is played. About 20 people, the housemates, are admitted to the Big Brother, where they’ll stay without having any contact with the outside world. They can’t watch TV or use their mobile phones. Every week, the fans on the outside vote for their favorite housemates if he/she is up for eviction. At the end of the week, the housemate(s) with the least vote gets eliminated. At the end of the show, last week, the housemate with the highest vote wins the show.

What are Big Brother Naija 2021Application Requirements? 

To join Big Brother Naija, there are several requirements you’re expected to meet. If you don’t meet these requirements, there’s no way you’ll make it as a contestant of the TV show. Check out the application requirements below; 

  • To apply for Big Brother Naija 2021, you must be a Nigerian citizen. It doesn’t matter if you reside in Nigeria or you reside in the diaspora, so long as you’re a Nigerian, you’re good to go. 
  • Big Brother Naija is an adult reality TV show. Hence, to apply you must be up to 21 years old by June 2021 when the show is expected to kick off. 
  • A valid means of identification is required to prove your identity as a Nigerian and your age. You can present a driver’s license, international passport, or voter’s card. 
  • The Big Brother Naija show requires that you’re emotionally and mentally stable. This is because you’ll be meeting and living with different people and you’ll be unable to communicate with anyone outside the house for 90 days. 
  • To apply for Big Brother Naija 2021. You must have at least an O’level certificate. This could be WAEC, NECO, or GCE. Tertiary certifications like a degree aren’t a must.

How to Audition for Big Brother Naija 2021

If you’re sure you have all the requirements to be a Big Brother Naija contestant, you can proceed to partake in the audition. According to the organizers of the Big Brother Naija TV Show. MultiChoice Nigeria, it’s been confirmed that there will be a competition this year and the audition will be online. 

In 2020, there were questions if the competition will hold or not due to the ongoing pandemic. Although not much emphasized in 2021, the audition will be online to adhere to social distancing rules to prevent the spread of the virus.

To audition for Big Brother Naija 2021, all you have to do is to upload a 2 minutes long video online. In this video, you’re to state why you want to be a Big Brother Naija Season 6 contestant and why the show organizers should select you. That is all. 

How to apply for Big Brother Naija Season 6 

Your audition will be nulled if you’ve not applied for the show. Application is very easy as the organizers are making use of an Early Access application model. The earlier you apply, the higher your chances of being a finalist. Here’s how to apply; 

  • Subscribe your DSTV and GoTV decoders. For DSTV, you can subscribe for DSTV premium, compact plus, compact, yanga, or confam bouquets. For GOTV, you can subscribe for GOTV Jolli or Mac bouquets. Make sure you subscribe between 24th to 31st March 
  • Next, you need to alert the show organizers of your subscription. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected]. This snail should include your IUC or smartcard number. You’ll get a registration link in the reply and you can complete your application from there.

When will Big Brother Naija 2021 Start? 

The organizers of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 are yet to release the official date when the show will start. They’ve only released the audition date which as stated is from 24 to 31st March 2021. Nevertheless, you can decipher the start date looking at the dates the previous seasons had kicked off. For example, the season 4 was kicked off on 30th June while the Season 5 kicked off on 19th July. With this, you can predict that the Big Brother Naija 2021 show will start by late June or early July.

How Much is Big Brother Naija 2021 Form?

When you win Big Brother Naija, you go home with multiple millions. The Season 4 has a 60 million grand price while the Season 5 had an 85 million grand price. The Season 6 in 2021 might be up to 100 million. For such a high rewarding show, you would think contestants pay huge money to get in or get the form. Well, that’s not true as they don’t pay any money. The Big Brother Naija 2021 form is free. 

The question you’ll have is this, if the show is free to apply how do the organizers make money. Well, it’s simple. To watch BBN, people need to subscribe to their decoders (GoTV & DSTV) with money. Also, to keep their favorite contestants in the house, fans need to vote using airtime, which also costs money. When you see the weekly turnout of votes on the BB Naija show, you’ll know that there’s much money in it.

Bottom Line 

If you could make the Big Brother Naija 2021, you could be on your way to stardom. Simply upload your audition video and ensure you meet all the requirements, you don’t need to pay money.