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How To Improve Your Spiritual Health

Most often than not, people ignore their spiritual health. Sometimes it’s because of fear or unwillingness to dedication and other times, it’s just sheer ignorance. Well, not putting your spiritual health in check along with the others can cause cardinal problems over time both in your career and your personal life. 

Once in a while, you could feel like you don’t know where your life is headed. It feels like you’re lost and you begin to ask yourself, “what is my purpose in life?”. What you need at such a point is support, comfort, and reassurance that all will be well someday. That’s when you have to connect to the spiritual realm to reach your high spirit. 

If you opt to seek comfort, support, and reassurance in material things, there’s a thin chance of you getting what you seek. You have a high chance of failing. Rather than looking outwards, you should engage in a soul search. No matter what religion you belong to, you should have standard principles and moral values that match your type of soul. 

There’s only one way to figure this out as it is within you and succeeding is a major step on the path to prosperity. Instead of worrying too much about the future, work on your spiritual progress now and see everything appear clearer. So let’s look at how this can be achieved; 

Meditation Mindfulness 

Meditation Is the use of techniques to direct and focus our attention on something. The focus now, however, is on yourself. Meditation is one way to help discover the principles and values that our soul reflects and this has to do with spiritual training. There are multiple ways to train yourself spiritually but meditation is proven to be the most effective. The most interesting part is that it isn’t difficult. 

Meditation can be done in a very formal way such as in the classic setting posture with eyes closed for a dedicated period. Also, it can be done in a more dynamic way along with our day to day activities. But then, what you should aim for is not just meditation but also mindfulness. 

Mindfulness can be a hard word to define. You can look at it as being apprehensive, cognizant, or sentient. However, the technical definition of mindfulness is being aware. When we are aware of what is happening in our experience at any time – whether it is a physical sensation in our body or thoughts and emotions in our mind – then there is mindfulness. The quality of mindfulness is an absolutely central part of meditation, most especially when it comes to insight meditation.

Make mindfulness an everyday habit and make  meditation an everyday practice. 

Practice Self-reflection

More formally, this is known as introspection and if you’re going to upgrade your spiritual health, it’s something you should take seriously. A simple way to practice self-reflection is by keeping a journal. 

It’s simple because all you have to do is write but then, interpreting your feelings, thoughts, and emotions transparently can be a task. Nevertheless, you should strive to get it right. 

Come up with some daily self-questions you’ll want to answer in your journal. It could be simple questions like; 

Did I insult anyone today? 

Did I do something good for anyone?

What did I do at work today? 

Am I happy? 

How many times did I pray today?

Is the diet I’m on doing me any good? 

Think of it like a diary but a more focused one. By writing, you’ll clear off all the negative thoughts that might hinder your connection with your spirit. The answers you provide will help you understand yourself better. 

Conversely, you can also engage in free writing – write on whatever comes to mind. 

Pray and Surrender

We cannot be able to control everything that happens in our life. You should know when to let go of trying to control outcomes and situations, especially what will happen in the future. Simply pray, and leave everything to manifest. 

Clutter takes many forms but what does clutter mean to you? Have you ever thought about mental clutter? Do you tend to stew over things in your mind? Do you spend too much time and energy pondering over situations you can or cannot change? 

If the answers to the last two questions are positive, it’s definitely time to work on letting stuff go. You might be angry for things that are out of your control but the truth is that many things around us are out of our control. Yes, you can try but don’t try too hard and then lose yourself. 

If stuff is out of your control, what’s the need to worry about it? You’ll only be wasting your time and energy which might hinder you from doing more important things. A prayer will set you at peace. 

Experiment Religions

Yes, you belong to a specific religion but one way or the other, most religions are related. Your religion shouldn’t hinder you from connecting with the spirits so if you feel it’s not helping much with your spiritual health, there’s no harm in “experimenting” with other religions.

You don’t have to follow up the practices. A simple investigation can help you learn a lot. If you come across any religion you freely connect to, you can follow up the practices. Not everyone can do this and it’s fine if you can’t but then, have it in mind that it’s your spiritual health we’re talking about; not mine, not that of anyone else. 

Find Inspiration

Inspiring content like text, music, spoken words, videos, images, etc, can be really helpful in your spiritual journey. It’s an easy one as there are lots of inspirational books in the library and on stores like Amazon, you can also find some on platforms like YouTube, etc. 

The aim here is to get yourself motivated. Most of the inspirationalists are experienced. What you’ve been through, they’ve been there and out. You can learn a lot and get inspired by their stories. 

Engage with nature

Nature heals – you must have heard that before and it’s true. All you have to do is to spend time with nature. Go out to the fields, parks, beach, and feel the wind, watch the trees, listen to birds sing, see waves crash, watch the sunset, etc. You can blend this with meditation and prayers.