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How to get Qatar visa from Nigeria (2022)

Football fans from all over the world are looking forward to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. While some will watch the games on TV or other screens, others are planning to travel to the peninsular Arab country to see them in person.

Nigeria didn’t qualify for the World Cup, but that hasn’t stopped people here from wanting to travel to Qatar. There are other things to do in Qatar aside from watching football, after all. 

Perhaps you want to visit the museums and galleries or the markets, or you have to attend a business meeting or other corporate function. 

Qatar allows visa-free entry to citizens of more than 95 countries, but Nigeria isn’t among them. To visit Qatar from Nigeria with a Nigerian passport, you must apply for, and obtain a visa. In this post, you’ll find out how to get a Qatar visa from Nigeria. 

About the Qatar Visa 

Qatar issues electronic visas (eVisas) for tourists. It was introduced, for the first time, in 2017. The eVisa aims to speed up the visa application process. It’s much faster than applying for a paper visa offline at an embassy. 

An eVisa eliminates the need for, and inconvenience of, queuing at the embassy to apply for visas. You can complete the entire process from the comfort of your home. It’s simple, as you’ll find out later on. 

However, note that the eVisa is for tourist purposes only. If you intend to travel to Qatar for a different reason, you’ll have to apply for a different type of visa. Furthermore, not all countries can apply for an online visa, but Nigerians can. 

For countries that don’t support the eVisa, applicants are advised to visit the Qatar embassy to apply for a consular visa.

How to Apply for a Qatar Visa 

If you don’t qualify for a visa on arrival or visa-free entry, you must apply for a Qatar visa online before traveling to the country. 

You can apply for a Qatar visa online at or via Qatar Airways’ website. You should use the latter if you’re travelling with the national airline company. The application process is rigorous but not hard. Here’s what you should do: 

  • Fill out the online application form and upload all required documents. 
  • Pay the visa fee with a debit or credit card. The website supports Visa or MasterCard. The online visa charge in Qatar is QAR 100 (about NGN 11,500). 

That’s all. You’ll receive the result of your visa application via email. If approved, simply print the eVisa and carry it to Qatar with you. 

While applying, it’s important that you upload only legit information. Also, upload only original documents, as the visa officials will examine them for authenticity. 

You should get feedback about your visa application within four working days if all of your documentation is in order and there are no issues with your application. 

As mentioned before, the cost of a tourist visa in Qatar is QAR 100 (about NGN 11,500). There is a cost of QAR 50 (about NGN 5,800) for each person traveling with you, such as dependent family members. Note that the agency managing your visa application may charge you an extra service fee. That’s if you use one. 

Your Qatar tourist visa is valid for 30 days and allows a single entry. In other words, if you leave Qatar before the 30 days, you can’t re-enter unless you obtain a new visa. However, if the 30-day period elapses, you can extend your stay by applying to the Ministry of Interior in Qatar. 

Like the initial visa application, the application for visa extension is also online and is done via the Qatar Ministry of Interior’s website. You’ll have to enter your visa number, passport number, and a security code that’ll be displayed. 

Next, choose how long you’d like to extend your visa, pay the appropriate fee, and wait for your result. The charge for a 30-day visa extension is QAR 200 (about NGN 23,000).

What countries can enter Qatar without a visa? 

Perhaps you’re a Nigerian citizen and also a citizen of some foreign country. If so, you may be able to enter Qatar without applying for a visa if the country is any of the following: 

1. Antigua and Barbuda

2. Argentina

3. Austria

4. Bahamas

5. Belgium

6. Bulgaria

7. Croatia

8. Cyprus

9. Czech Republic

10. Denmark

11. Dominican Republic

12. Estonia

13. Finland

14. France

15. Germany

16. Greece

17. Holland

18. Hungary

19. Iceland

20. Italy

21. Latvia

22. Liechtenstein

23. Lithuania

24. Luxembourg

25. Malaysia

26. Malta

27. Netherlands

28. Norway

29. Poland

30. Portugal

31. Romania

32. Serbia

33. Seychelles

34. Slovakia

35. Slovenia

36. Spain

37. Sweden

38. Switzerland

39. Turkey

40. Ukraine

41. Andorra

42. Australia

43. Azerbaijan

44. Belarus

45. Bolivia

46. Brazil

47. Brunei

48. Canada

49. Chile

50. China

51. Colombia

52. Costa Rica

53. Cuba

54. Ecuador

55. Falkland Islands

56. French Guiana

57. Georgia

58. Guyana

59. Hong Kong, China

60. India

61. Indonesia

62. Iran

63. Ireland

64. Japan

65. Kazakhstan

66. Lebanon

67. Macau

68. Macedonia

69. Maldives

70. Mauritius

71. Mexico

72. Moldova

73. Monaco

74. Montenegro

75. New Zealand

76. Pakistan

77. Panama

78. Paraguay

79. Peru

80. Russia

81. Rwanda

82. San Marino

83. Singapore

84. South Africa

85. South Korea

86. Suriname

87. Thailand

88. United Kingdom

89. United States

90. Uruguay

91. Vatican City

92. Venezuela.