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How to Find Cheap Flights in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the need for cost-effective ways to travel is important. With major airports in cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt serving as hubs for both business and leisure travel, many people are looking for how to find cheap flights in Nigeria. The good news is that you’re on the right page. In this Nigerianinfobusstop guide, we’ll explain just how you can get flight deals in Nigeria with minimal expenses.

Top 7 Tips on How to Find Cheap Flights in Nigeria

Check out our expert-recommended tips on how to fly without spending too much: 

1. Start Your Search Early

One key strategy to find affordable flights in Nigeria is to start your search early. Booking in advance often gives you access to lower prices than last-minute bookings. Airlines usually release their tickets months ahead, and the initial prices tend to be more accommodating. As the departure date approaches, ticket prices might increase based on demand. Additionally, by starting your search early, you can monitor fare trends. Observing price fluctuations over weeks or even months can provide insights into the best times to seal a deal. So, the earlier you begin your hunt for cheap tickets, the higher the chances you’ll land a good bargain.

2. Use Nigerian Flight Comparison Websites

When looking for affordable flights within Nigeria, turning to local flight comparison websites can be a game changer. Platforms like Wakanow, Travelstart Nigeria, and NaijaTicketShop specialize in providing a range of flight options tailored for Nigerians. These websites aggregate flight prices from various airlines, presenting them in an easy-to-compare manner. To get the best deals, simply enter your travel details and scan through the results. By comparing offerings on these sites, you can easily spot promotional fares or discounts that might not be visible when checking individual airline websites. So, for a hassle-free way to find pocket-friendly flights, Nigerian flight comparison websites are a valuable resource.

3. Be Flexibile with Travel Dates and Airports

Being flexible with your travel dates and choice of airports can lead to significant savings on flight costs in Nigeria. For instance, there can be a noticeable price disparity between flying to Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, depending on the time of year or promotions by airlines.

Additionally, while popular airports often have more flight options, they might also come with higher ticket prices due to demand. On the other hand, opting for flights to or from lesser-used airports like Akanu Ibiam International in Enugu could offer cost advantages. Such airports might have fewer flight frequencies, but if your schedule is flexible, the savings can be worth it. 

4. Take Advantage of Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs and promotions offer travelers in Nigeria a chance to save on flight costs. Local airlines, recognizing the value of repeat customers, often have loyalty programs in place. By consistently using the same airline, travelers can accumulate points or miles that can later be redeemed for discounted or even free flights. Over time, these points can lead to significant savings, especially for frequent fliers.

Moreover, special promotions during Nigerian holidays present another opportunity for savings. Airlines often provide discounts around festive periods like Christmas, Eid, and New Year celebrations. Keeping an eye out for these promotions and booking during these times can lead to reduced ticket prices.

5. Travel Light When Possible

Traveling light can lead to significant savings when flying within Nigeria. Airline ticket prices sometimes don’t reflect the total cost of traveling, especially when considering the fees tied to heavy or multiple pieces of luggage. Most airlines have a weight threshold for checked bags, and exceeding this limit can lead to additional fees that quickly add up. If you frequently travel with items that push your luggage past the weight limit, the extra charges over several flights can be substantial.

Choosing to travel with just hand luggage is another way to save. Some local and foreign airlines in Nigeria offer discounts for passengers who don’t check in any luggage, allowing them to pay less than those who do. This option is ideal for short trips, or business travels where there’s no need for several changes of clothes or other bulky items. By packing only essentials and utilizing space efficiently, you can sidestep checked luggage fees altogether.

6. Consider Multi-city Flights

Multi-city flights can offer a strategic way to save money when traveling within Nigeria. Instead of booking direct flights, consider combining different destinations into one trip. Suppose you plan to visit both Abuja and Kano. In that case, you can fly from Lagos to Abuja and then from Abuja to Kano to save cost.

The thing is, airline pricing can be complex. Sometimes, a flight that makes a stop in a major city like Abuja can be cheaper than a direct flight to a less popular destination. By breaking your journey and booking these legs separately, you might find better deals. 

Moreover, this approach can also allow travelers to spend time in a transit city, turning what would be just a layover into an enjoyable mini-trip. However, it’s crucial to compare the combined cost of multi-city flights with direct flights to ensure savings.

7. Avoid Travel Agents and Middlemen

Booking flights directly rather than through travel agents or middlemen can lead to cost savings for travelers in Nigeria. Often, middlemen charge extra fees or mark-ups on the ticket prices to earn their commission. These added costs can increase the overall price of the flight. On the other hand, direct bookings, either through airline websites or their official offices, allow travelers to get the exact fare without any additional charges. Besides saving money, direct bookings also give passengers more control over their travel arrangements, ensuring clarity and fewer chances of misunderstandings or discrepancies in ticket details. In short, to save on flight costs, it’s usually more economical to book directly.


Finding affordable flights in Nigeria is achievable with the right strategies. By following the provided tips in this article, you can save on airfare costs and better enjoy your trips. It’s essential to be proactive and informed to make the most of available flight deals in the country. Safe travels.