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How to become a fashion model in Nigeria

The modeling industry in Nigeria is not a very vibrant one. For lots of people, models are just people who take photoshoots and contest for pageants. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of talented models in the country; a lot of them are making serious income from modeling.

Nigerians and Africans, in general, are very fashionable. When modeling meets fashion, the result is always intriguing. Are you interested in fashion modeling? Do you think you have what it takes to become a fashion model? Well, there’s a lot to know about getting into modeling. Read on to know how to become a fashion model in Nigeria. 

1. Learn how modeling works 

First things first, you need to understand how the modeling industry works if you’re going to be part of it. There are different niches in modeling and even in fashion modeling. You can be a runway fashion model, promotional model, photography model, or alternative model. It’s important that you understand what each one entails. 

You can learn on your own by reading modeling stuff or watching educational videos on YouTube. Also, you may have a model, whether Nigerian or foreign, that you look up to as inspiration; you can learn from them too. Understand the core qualities of a fashion model and evaluate yourself to know if you have them.

2. Practice 

Are you going to be a runway model? If yes, you need to practice how to walk on a runway. Do you want to be a promotional or photography model? You need to practice a lot about posing in front of the camera. When you see top models do these things, they appear easy but, there was a lot of practicing in the background.

Again, you can make use of tutorial videos on YouTube and get a friend to comment on your progress. Your friend can also shoot your pictures for a start. You’ll be a lot more comfortable if someone you know is capturing you. 

3. Build your portfolio 

To improve your chances of getting signed by a modeling agency or getting gigs is by having a strong portfolio. This is simply a collection of content that shows how good you are at modeling. They could be your best photoshoot pictures or your runway walk videos. You can build a portfolio website for this.

Your portfolio can also be in form of a PDF or just an infographic. However, these are not as easy to maintain a website. Social media platforms, most especially Instagram, are great for building your portfolio too. It’s important to keep it digital so it’s readily accessible at any time. 

4. Join a modeling agency 

There are several modeling agencies in Nigeria that you can join. When you join a modeling agency, they become your management. Most persons mistake modeling training agencies for actual modeling agencies. A modeling agency will assign you jobs while a training agency will simply train you. 

You either apply to join a modeling agency or the agency contacts you to join them. The latter is preferable as it means they’ve already judged your work and believe that you’re up to the tasks. This is why the previous tip is super important as a good portfolio increases your chances of being signed. 

5. Always improve your physical appearance 

Models are always expected to always look good. This is one of the burdens that come with a career. To stay in the market, you have to constantly take care of and try to improve your skin, body, hair, and overall health. As human beings, these things are important but for a model, they are a must. 

The truth is, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to improve your physical appearance. Simple hacks like drinking enough water, limiting alcohol intake, and not smoking could go a long way. For skin, you can always wash, exfoliate, and moisturize.

6. Engage on social media 

In every industry, the more your fame, the more your chances of succeeding. If you want to be a fashion model in Nigeria, it’ll be an advantage if you have strong social media following on Facebook and Instagram. For example, if you’re a popular model on Instagram, there are high chances of you getting noticed and signed by an agency. 

As mentioned earlier, you can build your portfolio on Instagram. When people love your pictures, they’ll follow you so they don’t miss the next. A lot of Nigerians are on social media so there’s a large online audience for you to introduce yourself to. 

7. Be committed 

Commitment is important in everything you do. You can’t succeed in the fashion modeling industry if you don’t put your mind to it. As a model, you might need to occasionally travel on long trips for photo shoots or runway walks. You might need to stay up long hours just to complete a photoshoot, etc. 

Supposing you’re signed by an international modeling agency, you might need to relocate and leave Nigeria. Will you be comfortable with all of these things? You’ll only be comfortable if you’re committed to accomplishing your dreams. 

8. Learn not to give up 

Up and downs are inevitable. The first modeling agency you apply to might reject you citing that you’re not good enough. You could be criticized for your performance on a runway or appearance in a photoshoot, etc. These are normal in modeling. 

The important thing is that you learn not to give up. If you allow these things to get to you, you’ll be discouraged from continuing your career as a fashion model. 


Modeling in Nigeria is not very easy. Although there are many fashion products everywhere, there are not many actual brands that’ll be willing to pay models to sell their products. If you’re a top model already, you may find it easier but for a beginner, it could be hard.

Nevertheless, the fashion and modeling industry in Nigeria is entering a new era. With the tips on how to become a fashion model in Nigeria discussed in this article, you’ll be able to start your career on the right foot.