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How sportybet balance adder works

SportyBet is a contemporary and increasingly popular betting platform operating in Nigeria. It’s popular among sports bettors because of the many booking options, high odds, and overall intuitiveness of the platform.

Recently, news has been spreading about a SportyBet balance adder app. This app supposedly multiples deposits so bettors have more money to stake and win. However, is the app legit? Does it work? How does it work? You’ll find answers to these and more in this post.

About The SportyBet Balance Adder

Contrary to what you might think, the SportyBet balance added application isn’t new. The app has been around since at least 2020. It’s only attracting attention now as the SportyBet platform is currently more popular than before.

The SportyBet balance adder is an Android app. In fact, there’s no one SportyBet balance adder app. Instead, there are different adder apps created by different people. However, they’re all Android apps as Android accepts third-party app installations, whereas on the iPhone you can only download apps from the App Store.

Nevertheless, you won’t find the SportyBet balance adder app in the official Google Play Store. It’s only available on unofficial websites. The app is also sent peer-to-peer between Android users, and sometimes the receiving user has to pay for the app.

Some SportyBet balance adder apps will multiply (or claim to multiply) your deposit by ten, while others will multiply it by five. Also, some only work with an amount with up to 5 zeros (N100,000 and N200,000, for example), while others will work for any amount, even if it’s just N1,000.

These apps were introduced not so people could play more games but to withdraw money. In other words, after a user multiplies their deposit, they withdraw it immediately and won’t stake any game with it.

With all of these, it’s only logical to say that the SportyBet balance adder app (or apps) is an illegal app as it causes SportyBet to lose money. The main question is, how does it work? If it really does.

How Does The SportyBet Balance Adder Work?

Like every other Android app, you have to first download and install the SportyBet app. The app needs internet access to work, so it requires data too.

To use the app, users are required to create a SportyBet account and make a deposit. Not that they do this on the official SportyBet website. After making payment, SportyBet usually issues users a transaction link. This link is what’s used to multiply deposits with the SportyBet balance adder.

Therefore, users are to copy the link and launch the balance adder app. Next, they edit the end of the link to the amount they want, and then run it. Here’s an example:

Assume this is the original SportyBet transaction link:

It’s a deposit of N10,000 as you can see at the end. To increase the deposit to N100,000 for instance, they’ll edit the link to something like this:

Adding one more zero to the end. They simply edit the last part of the link.

Now, after running the link via the SportyBet balance adder, the app processes it and delivers a notification if successful. If successful, the initial N10,000 in the user’s account changes to N100,000.

Once the amount changes, the user is to withdraw the money immediately, so SportyBet doesn’t identify the glitch. This further demonstrates that the SportyBet adder app is an illegal app. 

Is The SportyBet Balance Adder Legit?

Many people claim that the SportyBet balance adder has worked for them. Many others claim that it hasn’t. Ultimately, whether it works or not, it’s an app you should avoid as it’s illegal.

For something to be legit, it must conform to the rules, and the SportyBet balance adder doesn’t, even in the smallest amount.

Using the SportyBet balance adder app to multiply your deposit is equivalent to stealing. If you deposit N1,000 and you multiply x10 to get N100,000, you just stole N99,000 from SportyBet.

As a result, you should avoid using the SportyBet balance adder app, as well as any other similar app for other betting platforms. If you stake on the right games, you can still win big with your regular deposits.

Furthermore, you must note that betting is a risky adventure and one you must embark on carefully. Like you’ve heard a million times before, Bet Responsibly!

These are words from some SportyBet users on Twitter about the balance adder application:

  • “This sporty bet dragging  isn’t necessary. If anyone brings sporty balance adder to you, you should be careful. Whomever you provide your information details is capable of taking all that is in it! Y’all stay careful! Don’t be too greedy, there’s nothing like balance adder!” – @I_be_dara
  • “The way sporty bet balance adder bot guys are scamming people nowadays is alarming.. My pal was ripped off 260K last year November. Say no to local scam.” – @amusan_smart
  • “Very true, That sporty bet balance adder shit is a huge scam, the app is also not in anyway affiliated with sporty bet, na greed dey kee them” – @ikenna_owen

Bottom Line

SportyBet balance adder apps claim multiple users’ deposits. However, some say it works while others say it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter which school of thought is right. You shouldn’t use the SportyBet balance adder app because it’s illegal.