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How much to travel to Dubai from Nigeria

Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Also, it’s one of the locations Nigerians love to visit for vacation and holidays. Some Nigerians also work there. Traveling to Dubai, especially for vacation will cost you money. You have to pay for flights and other bookings & reservations when you arrive in the UAE. The question is, how much exactly are you going to spend? This question is asked by a lot of Nigerians who want to plan their trip to Dubai and want to know if they have what it takes financially. Well, you’re on the right page as here, we will be discussing how much to travel to Dubai from Nigeria. 

Visa Application Cost

If you plan on traveling to Dubai, the first thing you have to pay for is your visa. There are 6 main visa types available for Nigerians and they include; 

  • Tourist Visa; N35,580
  • 48 Hours Visa; N4,000
  • 96 Hours Visa; N14,240
  • 90 Days Visa; N73,605 
  • 90 Days Multi Entry Long Term Visa; N179,140
  • 30 Days Multi Entry Long Term Visa; N70,890

Depending on what you want to do in Dubai, you’ll know which Visa category to go for. Hence, you know how much it will cost you. Note that if you ever need to cancel your visa application for any reason after processing has started, you’ll pay N11,640. 

Flight Cost 

There’s no fixed flight cost from Nigeria to Dubai. The cost will depend on different things including the air line, booking agency, season, etc. Nevertheless, flight cost from Nigeria to Dubai is not very expensive. You can book a flight ticket to Dubai with $280 to $700 (around N110,000 to N270,000). The best way to get the cheapest prices is if you book two way flights. You get a relative discount on the return ticket. However, if you want to fly first class or business class, you may pay slightly higher than this.

Hotel Cost 

Hotels in Dubai are high standard hotels, so their booking costs are usually high. According to most Nigerians who have traveled to Dubai, the most affordable you can get for a hotel booking in Dubai is N20,000 per night. So, it’s up to you to do the math depending on how many days you’re going to stay. Note that you’re going to have free WiFi to browse and you’ll be served breakfast.

If you have the money, there are other expensive hotels in Dubai you can opt for to receive the king and queen treatment. Some of these hotels cost as much as N500,000 to N600,000 per night and even more. At such an amount, you get 100% luxury all throughout your stay in Dubai.

Other Expenses 

As you should already know, people don’t go to Dubai to fold their hands. They go to have fun, visit tourist sites, shop, visit the best restaurants, etc. All of these things also cost money and you can budget them as other expenses. Aside from these fun activities, other expenses will still apply.

You will need to buy food to eat because your hotel will only serve you breakfast. If you want to visit anywhere, you have to book a taxi to take you there unless it’s within a walking distance from your hotel. Furthermore, you never know what you’re going to meet over there so it’s always safe to have some extra cash budgeted.  Aside from the money you plan to spend on fun activities in Dubai, N100,000 to N200,000 extra cash is ideal to carry along.

What You Need To Travel To Dubai

Money is important but it’s not the only thing you’ll need if you want to travel to Dubai. There are several other requirements you’re expected to meet. You need to first of all get your visa and visa application requires a lot of documents. The required documents include; 

  • A Nigerian international passport. This passport must have at least 6 months before it’s expiry date for it to be valid 
  • Proof of your financial status to show that you have the funds needed to stay in Dubai. This is most important if you’re going to live or work in Dubai and your recent bank statement is enough proof. 
  • Proof of health insurance to show that you’re covered in any situation where you fall in. 
  • Proof of hotel reservation to show that you have a place to stay when you arrive in Dubai. This is why you’re expected to book a hotel reservation forehand.
  • Letter of invitation from a friend or family member in Dubai if you’re going to visit them. 
  • Letter of leave from your job/workplace if you’re going on vacation to show that you’re cleared. If you’re self-employed, you have to present your tax and business registration documents.
  • Completely filled visa form with all necessary information and duly signed.

You can get your Dubai visa ready in two to eight days. It all depends on the visa type you’re applying for. Nevertheless, it’s important to apply for a visa about a month or more before the day you intend to travel. This way, you’ll have enough time to make corrections if there are any problems. There are options including the 96-hour visa, 14-day visa, 30-day visa, and 90-day visa.

Bottom Line 

When you ask most Nigerians where they would like to go on vacation or honeymoon, their answer will be Dubai. This is because they’ve seen how beautiful the city is and Nigerians who have gone there attest to its luxury. As discussed, how much to travel to Dubai from Nigeria depends on several factors. There’s no flat fee. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a good vacation in Dubai with less than a million Naira.