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How much is visa from Nigeria to Canada

Nigerians who plan to enter Canada must apply for a visa. Visa applications involve different processes, with various documentations. One of the most important aspects, however, is the visa application fee. If you don’t pay your fee, the Canadian embassy won’t process your visa. 

It’s important to know how much applying for a Canadian visa costs before beginning your application. That way, you won’t have to stop half way because the fee is too high, or something of the sort. 

In this post, you’ll find all the information you need to know about “how much is visa from Nigeria to Canada.”

Cost of Canada Visa 

The amount you’ll pay for your Canadian visa will depend on the type of visa you’re applying for. Usually, you can apply for a Canadian visa for any of the following reasons: 

  • To visit as a tourist 
  • To visit a family member 
  • To attend a meeting or conference 
  • To study
  • To work 

These are different types of visas, but the Canadian Immigration Service classifies all of them as visitor visas. Hence, you’re likely to pay the Canadian visitor visa fee of CAD $100 (approximately NGN 33,000). 

So, to answer the principal question of this post — how much is visa from Nigeria to Canada? — the visa costs N33,000. Note that the visitor visa lasts for 6 months, after which you must leave the country. 

If you’re applying for a visa to study or work, the amount you’ll pay is slightly different. You’ll be getting a visitor visa, but what you’re actually applying for is a permit — work or study permit — and not a visa.

The study permit costs CAD $150, while the work permit costs CAD $155. That’s about N49,000 and N50,000 respectively. 

Therefore, the CAD $100 is solely for visiting purposes; if you’re going to Canada as a tourist, to visit a family member, or to attend a meeting. 

If you’re visiting Canada with your entire family (you’re taking your family on vacation, for instance), you can apply and pay a group visa fee. Instead of each family member paying CAD $100 each, you pay just CAD $500 for everyone. Of course, your family must consist of at least five people. In addition, you must all be applying at the same time and place. 

Cost of Canadian Permanent Residency 

The above visas and costs are for temporary residence only. Once your visa or permit expires, you must leave Canada. However, you can apply for permanent residency if you’re eligible. Permanent residency gives you the legal right to live in Canada forever. 

Like temporary residence visas, you also pay for permanent residency. Here’s a list of Canadian permanent residency fees for different cases: 

  • Business immigration: CAD $1,625 processing fee; CAD $515 right of permanent residence fee
  • Economic immigration: CAD $850 processing fee; CAD $515 right of permanent residence fee.

Aside from these, you have to pay CAD $50 for a permanent resident card, and another CAD $50 for your permanent resident travel document. 

How to Apply for a Canada Visa 

Applying for Canadian visa is done online via the Canada Immigration website. If you’re eligible to travel to Canada, the first thing to do is to prepare your supporting documents. The supporting documents you’ll provide will depend on what type of visa you’re applying for. 

You can find out what documents you need on the Canada immigration page. Some general and very important documents include a valid international passport and proof of funds (account statement). You may also need to present your previous travel history, especially if you’ve been to Canada in the past. 

If your documents are ready, you can begin the online application. You’ll have to create an account on the application portal using an email and password. Then, complete the application form by entering verifiable information. 

Don’t give any false information, because that will hurt your chances of getting the visa. Afterward, you’ll upload your documents, and pay your application fee. The visa processing begins only after you pay your fees.

If required, you’ll be asked to come to the embassy to submit your biometrics (fingerprint and photograph). Note that if any of your key documents are missing, processing will be put on hold until you upload them. 

If your visa is approved, you’ll send your international passport to the Canadian Embassy. You’ll get clear instructions on how to do this, and you’ll get your passport back with your visa. Now, you can prepare to travel to Canada. 

Going to Canada

While traveling, endeavour to carry your supporting documents. Your visa alone isn’t enough. You need your supporting documents to prove that your visa is legit. You should know that a visa doesn’t give you the right to enter a country, it only gives you the right to travel there. If you don’t provide your supporting documents, you may be denied entry into Canada. 

At the port of entry, you’ll get a stamp on your visa indicating how long you can stay in the country and when you should leave. That’s if you’ve been cleared to enter. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Nigerians who wish to visit Canada must first apply for a visa, and the visa application fee is one of the most crucial requirements. The Canadian embassy will not process your visa application if you do not pay the application fee. The cost of your Canadian visa can vary depending on the type of visa you apply for.