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How much is Netflix subscription in Nigeria?

Netflix and Chill have become synonymous with having a good time. The movie streaming platform, Netflix, is number one among Nigeria’s binge watchers with a truckload of foreign and local, Nollywood, movies. 

Do you want to join the Netflix family and enjoy some of the best movies and TV series? If yes, then I’m sure you already know that Netflix is a paid service. If you were in the United States or some European countries, you could try Netflix free for 30 days before paying. 

However, in Nigeria, there is no such leverage; you must pay to watch anything on Netflix. In this article, I’ll be answering the question How much is Netflix subscription in Nigeria and also covering other necessary information you should know about Netflix subscriptions. 

How much does Netflix cost in Nigeria? 

If you’re in Nigeria, you have four pricing options to choose from. These plans include Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium. I’ll be explaining them in details below: 

  • Mobile Plan 

As the name suggests, Netflix Mobile plan allows you to watch Netflix on your mobile device alone. In other words, you cannot watch Netflix on your laptop, or TV if you subscribe to the mobile plan; you can only watch on your mobile phone or tablet – Android or iPhone. 

The Mobile plan costs N1,200 and you get Good video quality with a maximum 480p resolution. Furthermore, you can only login your Netflix account on one device at a time with the Mobile plan. 

  • Basic Plan 

The Basic is the cheapest Netflix plan if you want to watch movies on your TV. With this plan, you can watch Netflix on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV. However, the maximum resolution you can get is 480p just as with the mobile plan. The Basic plan costs N2,900 and you can only login your Netflix account on one device at a time. 

  • Standard Plan 

Just like the Basic plan, the Netflix Standard plan lets you watch movies on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV. However, your main advantage is that you get better video quality with a maximum resolution of 1080p. The Standard Plan costs N3,600. Furthermore, you can login your Netflix account on 2 devices at a time with the Standard plan. 

  • Premium Plan 

The Premium plan is the highest plan you can subscribe to in Netflix Nigeria. As you’ll expect, you can watch Netflix anywhere with the Premium plan – phone, tablet, laptop, and TV. You get the best video quality with this plan and with 4K + HDR video resolution. This plan costs N4,400 and you can login your account on 4 different devices. 

So to recap, how much is Netflix subscription in Nigeria?

  • Mobile Plan: NGN1,200
  • Basic Plan: NGN2,900
  • Standard Plan: NGN3,600 
  • Premium Plan: NGN4,400

How much is the Netflix family plan in Nigeria?

Netflix doesn’t have an outright family plan. It’s not just Nigeria but globally, there’s no Netflix family plan anywhere. Instead, people take the Premium Plan to be the family plan, this is because the plan lets you watch Netflix on 4 different devices at a time. Hence, each member of the family can use the same Netflix login. 

However, there’s no special discount; you’ll have to pay the full NGN4,400 cost of the Netflix Premium Plan.

How do I pay for Netflix in Nigeria?

Paying for Netflix is simple, so long as you have the money of course. Once you sign up for Netflix, you’ll be prompted to choose a subscription plan. Simply choose any of the subscription plans that meet your viewing needs and budget. 

Click on Next and you’ll be taken to the payment page. You can make payment using your debit card; Netflix accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Verve cards. Agree to Netflix’s terms of use and click on Start Membership. That’s it, you’ve paid for Netflix and you can start streaming your favorite movies and TV series.

How do I remove my credit card from Netflix?

After paying for Netflix for the first time, your card will save for quick payment of subsequent subscriptions. In other words, every month, once your subscription expires, Netflix will automatically debit your account to pay for the new month. 

If you don’t want this, you can remove your card details. However, note that removing your card details means you can no longer pay for subscription which means you can no longer watch Netflix. If you’re cool with that, follow the below steps to remove your card from Netflix:

  • Login to your Netflix account from a web browser 
  • Click on My Account and select Manage Payment Info 
  • Next, click on the card you want to remove and click the delete button 

That’s it. If you want to continue watching Netflix movies, you should have at least one payment method in your account.  


In conclusion, Netflix has different pricing options in Nigeria. The one to subscribe to depends on your budget and how you want to watch movies. The cheapest price is the Mobile plan that costs just N1,200 while the highest is the Premium Plan that costs N4,400. 

Knowing how much you’re to pay is one thing and knowing how to pay it is another. That’s why I also explained how you can pay for Netflix subscription. Finally, if you don’t want to watch Netflix anymore, you should remove your card details so you’re not charged. I also explained how to go about that.