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How much does Apple Music cost in Nigeria?

Before now, we would all download our favourite music from websites like Notjustok, Naijaloaded, and Tooxclusive. Now, streaming platforms have taken over. If you use an iPhone, there’s a high chance that you’re using Apple Music. Apple Music is the native music streaming service of all Apple products.

Apple Music isn’t free, you pay monthly to access the millions of songs on the platform. That begs the question How much does Apple Music cost in Nigeria?  Is the price the same as with other countries? I’ll be answering that question and more in this article.

What is the cost of Apple Music in Nigeria?

Apple Music has over 70 million songs including songs from Nigerian artists and artists all over the world. You pay to stream music ad-free; it’s unlike free streaming platforms like Audiomack and Soundcloud where you’re constantly greeted with ads unless you subscribe.

In addition to streaming, you can download your favourite songs and listen to them offline. Apple Music has a lot of interesting features that make it one of the best music streaming platforms in the world and unarguably the best for Apple customers. So, how much does this awesome service cost?

Well, Apple Music costs N900 (Nine Hundred Naira Only) in Nigeria. With one subscription, you can access your entire music library on multiple devices. If you’re a new customer, it’s your first time registering for Apple Music, you get the first three months free of charge. Your account will be charged N900 on the fourth month if you continue with the service.

The price of Apple Music in Nigeria is N900 per month but can pay lesser if you’re a student. The price for Apple Music for students in Nigeria is just N450 (Four Hundred and Fifty Naira Only).

How do I subscribe to Apple Music in Nigeria?

Subscribing to Apple Music is simple. On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, launch the Apple Music app and you’ll be prompted to subscribe. Without subscribing, you cannot do anything with the Apple Music app; you can’t play any song.

Once you click the prompt to join Apple Music, you’ll find the option to Try For Free if you’re a new customer. However, you still need to add your payment details before you can try the three months for free. The app will redirect you to the Payment and Subscriptions page in Settings to add your card details.

If your card payment details are already added, then you just need to confirm your subscription with your Touch ID/Face ID or enter your Apple ID password. After registering for the three months, you can cancel the subscription at any time if you don’t enjoy the service. Just ensure you do it before the three months elapses so you don’t get charged.

For Nigerians, how to subscribe to Apple Music is usually not an issue; the main issue is usually finding a Nigerian bank that supports Apple payments.

Which Nigerian banks support Apple Music?

For Apple Music and other Apple purchases, you should be able to use any international debit card from about any Nigerian bank. This includes mainly MasterCard and Visa cards. You can even make use of virtual MasterCard and Visa cards from any Nigerian bank or services like Barter, Kuda, Opay, etc.

If you’re having problems with your card not being able to pay for Apple Music, it’s most likely a problem with your bank account in particular. Hence, you should contact your bank on a way to resolve it. You can try different cards on your device; if all don’t work, it may be a problem with your Apple ID although this is rare.

From user experience, some of the best cards for Apple Music include:

  • Zenith MasterCard
  • GTBank MasterCard
  • AccessBank MasterCard
  • Zenith Visa Card

Perhaps MasterCard is a more preferable option to Visa although both should work.

How do I change Apple music to Student?

While registering for Apple Music, just before you select the N900 plan, you’ll see the option for Student; select it. The app will redirect you to the UNiDAYS website to verify you’re a student. Verification involves you supplying your school email address. For this to work, however, your school email address must end in your school domain.

For example, if you’re a UNIPORT student, the official portal for UNIPORT students is Therefore, your student email address must end in They’ll send an email to your email address for verification. If you pass the verification, you’ll be redirected back to the Apple Music app so you can complete the registration as with the normal registration.

Is Apple Music better than Spotify?

Spotify was recently made available in Nigeria. Many Nigerians who are already using Apple Music are considering switching to Spotify as the platform is very popular. However, is Apple Music better than Spotify, should you make the Switch?

To be straightforward, both platforms are almost the same as they are both giants in the streaming industry. You can find almost every song on Spotify on Apple Music and vice versa. Also, Spotify mirrors Apple Music in terms of pricing for the Nigerian market.

As a new user, you can use Spotify free for three months, and then the subscription is N900 per month. Similarly, you can get a discount of N450 if you’re a student. Hence, you can use Apple Music or Spotify; any you feel more comfortable with.

Bottom Line

In this article, I discussed how much Apple Music costs in Nigeria. Also, you’ll find info on how to subscribe to Apple Music, the best cards to use for payment, and how to enjoy discounts as a student.