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Hair Transplant In Nigeria: Everything You Should Know

Your hair is one of the top features that compliments your appearance. For ladies, it’s a lot easier as they have numerous hair options – wigs, weavons, etc. Also, the majority don’t get to deal with baldness as they grow.

For guys, it’s a lot different. There are about two standard options – you either cut your hair low or grow it long and get a style cut. Only a few percent of Nigerian guys plait their hair. 

However, that’s not the core. Majority of men deal with male pattern baldness as they age. Sometimes this happens at relatively young ages – in their 20s – and it could affect their self esteem. 

Hair transplant is one of the modern and straightforward ways of dealing with baldness. Can you do it in Nigeria? How much does it cost? You can find out the questions to all these answers in this article.

Is Hair Transplant Done In Nigeria? 

The answer to this question is Yes! Hair transplant is indeed done in Nigeria. Considering the high rate of baldness in Nigerian men, there is increased demand for a solution. In view of this, different hair transplant centers have been launched in Nigeria.

However, a lot of Nigerians are unaware that hair transplant is done in Nigeria. Some that are aware don’t have much conviction to undergo the procedure in the country. They prefer traveling to countries like the United Kingdom, India, or the United States to do their hair transplant. 

The truth is that hair transplant in Nigeria is a lot cheaper than the cost in foreign countries. We’ll be discussing more about the price later on. Instead of traveling out to spend huge amounts on hair transplant, it’s ideal to settle for a renowned hair transplant centre in Nigeria. So, where and which are the hair transplant centres that are in Nigeria. 

Hair Transplant Centres In Nigeria

The majority of hair transplant centres in Nigeria is located in Lagos state, Nigeria’s commercial hub. Nevertheless, some are also located in Abuja. There are 2 main hair transplant centres I’ll recommend and they are;

  • Vinci

Vinci is a hair transplant centre with branches across different Nigerian cities. Their head clinic is located in Lagos and they have experts on deck to perfectly conduct a hair transplant surgery. They also have other hair restoration treatments. Vinci is the most renowned and best hair transplant centre in Nigeria.

  • Alvi Armani 

Alvi Armani is a renowned clinic for treating hair loss problems. They have hair clinics all over the world with one in Lagos.The clinic utilizes advanced hair treatment solutions to conduct fue hair transplant. For emphasis, the fue hair transplant is one of the latest and best ways of transplanting hair.

There are a couple other hair transplant centres in Nigeria. Note that some act as a proxy that’ll connect you and arrange for your hair transplant to be done in a foreign country. 

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Hair Transplant In Nigeria Price 

Hair transplant doesn’t have a fixed price. This is because there are varying techniques involved so the price is determined by the technique used. Nevertheless, a hair transplant in Nigeria will cost anywhere from N1.5 million to N5 million. 

In many ways this is relatively less expensive than travelling out of the country. Although the actual price might not vary much, you have to bother about obtaining visa and flight costs in addition to the cost of the transplant. If you chooose to do the procedure in Nigeria, you don’t get to worry about any of this. 

It’s not possible to get a good hair transplant for less than a million Naira. Hence, if you see anyone offering very cheap hair transplant in Nigeria, you should be wary and avoid patronizing them. There is a high chance that they are fake and they could damage your health. 

Hair Transplant Procedure 

Hair transplant, whether in Nigeria or overseas, is done in any of these two procedures – Follicular Unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). They are both different. 

With Follicular Unit transplantation (FUT), a strip of hairs is taken from an area of your head where there’s surplus hair. These strips are then carefully planted in the bald areas so they can grow again. Often, there’s a scar in the area where the hair strip is removed. 

With Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), on the other hand, the hair follicles are extracted one at a time. They are not removed in strips so you have to worry less about scars. Since the hairs are removed individually, this method is more careful hence why it’s the most expensive among the two. 

Furthermore, an FUE hair transplant could take more time to complete that a FUT transplant. Nevertheless, both of them when conducted accordingly are effective. 

Hair Transplant Side Effects 

Hair transplant has very minor side effects. If don’t very well, there’s almost nothing to worry about. If you have to worry, it should be about the scar that could be left behind after an FUT procedure.

Other side effects you can watch out for include, inflammation, itching etc. Nevertheless, as mentioned easier, these side effects will only happen if the procedure isn’t conducted very well. 

When you undergo a well conducted hair transplant surgery in Nigeria, the only side effects is success. Nevertheless, if you want your hair transplant to work for you, you have to follow the instructions of your doctor.

Hair transplant can last for years but, you’re likely to start experiencing hair thinning again. The results are not always permanent. However, you can always do a follow-up transplant. 

Final Note 

I have discussed all the important points that you need to know about hair transplant in Nigeria. In summary, hair transplant is a safe and effective procedure for dealing with hair loss when it’s performed by a professional and you can do it in Nigeria.