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GTBank Airtime Recharge Code

Ever need to buy airtime, going to a shop / store nearby to purchase one seems likely. How about sitting down wherever you are and dialing a code from your mobile phone to purchase airtime directly from your bank account, sounds more interesting.

If you are a GTBank customer, then you can do that using the GTBank airtime recharge code which I will be introducing to you.

What is the GTBank Airtime Recharge Code?

The GTBank airtime recharge code is the GTBank mobile USSD code which is “*737#”. It is 3 digits in number and also easy to memorize.

With this code, you can buy airtime directly from your bank account in just minutes anywhere you are. How do you do this?

How to use the GTBank Airtime Recharge Code to buy Airtime?

If you want to buy airtime, it is either you are buying it for yourself (Self Recharge) or you are buying it for someone else (Third Party Recharge). The GT Bank airtime recharge code works for both ways and using it is pretty simple but before you can purchase airtime, you need to create your transaction pin (if you have not).

Your transaction pin is used to secure all transactions you make with the *737# USSD code. To create this pin;

* Dial *737*5# (or dial *737# and reply with “10”)

* Select if you are using your Debit Card or not  

* Input the last 6 digits of your Debit Card or 10 digits of your account if you chose without debit card

* Create a 4-digit PIN.

The pin should be something you can remember easily because you will constantly make use of it as far as the *737# code is concerned. With your transaction pin created, you can now go ahead to buy airtime by following the below instructions;

• Self Recharge; To buy airtime for yourself, dial *737*Airtime Amount# from the phone number registered with your GT Bank account. For example, let’s say you want to recharge your line with N1,000, you will dial *737*1000#.

• Third Party Recharge; To buy airtime for other people, dial *737*Airtime Amount*Phone Number# (E.g. *737*1000*09061333155). The third party can also be your other phone numbers not connected to your GT Bank account.

After a successful recharge, you will be notified and your bank account will be debited with the recharge amount.

GTBank Airtime Recharge Code Service Charge

Using the GTBank airtime recharge code is free, other than the airtime amount that will be deducted from your bank account, no other money is taken from you. However, it is a VTU (Virtual Top-Up) service so GTBank still makes money from it.

GTBank Airtime Recharge Code Limit

With the GT Bank airtime recharge code, you can recharge a maximum amount of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira Only) daily. You can not recharge more than that and it is rare for someone to recharge up to N10,000 daily.

Networks you can recharge with the GTBank Airtime Recharge Code

The GTBank airtime recharge code can be used to recharge all major networks in Nigeria which include; Glo,  Airtel, MTN and 9mobile.

Why you should use the GTBank Airtime Recharge Code

If you are a GT Bank customer and you are not yet making use of the *737# code to recharge your phone, you are definitely missing out. There are a couple of reasons why you should be using this code to recharge and some of it includes;

• It is fast; With this code, you get to recharge your line in just a few seconds.

• It is convenient; Using this code will not stress you in any way. It is convenient to use as you can dial it from your comfort zone, anywhere you are.

• It saves; You might be in a situation where you really need airtime and you do not have cash on you to buy. This code can save you from such embarrassment.

• It is modern; Using USSD codes to carry out banking operations is a modern development so it is nice if you are following the trend. Cashless (operating with no cash) is the new trend and this code provides just that.

• It is cheap; You do not have to pay any amount to make use of this service. As a USSD code it is, you won’t be making use of data and it would work on any GSM phone whether it be a smart phone or not.

• It is available 24/7; You can make use of this airtime recharge code 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is available all the time unless of course there is network downtime.

• It is secure; The *737# service is secured by a 4 digit pin. You do not have to worry about someone purchasing airtime with your money when you are not with your phone.


The GT Bank airtime recharge code makes recharging your line and that of others very easy and I don’t think that there is anyone who doesn’t like it when something is made easy. It is a simple code, just 3 digits (*737#) so you will be able to remember it quickly whenever you need to buy airtime. 

Also, it is secure, your pin offers you security so your bank account is not compromised. As a GT Bank customer, you should be making use of this service, it is an impressive one and everyone welcomes it.