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The best 7 places to go while on a first date

Do you want to surprise that special someone with an unforgettable date? We recommend that you break with the clichés and that you dare to try different, fun and, of course, romantic dates. Because what we are looking for in that first date is to connect with that person, create an intimate and ideal atmosphere to see if sparks fly between you and, if so … long live love! In this article, we offer you a compilation with the best places for a first date. They are good ideas that will help you to prepare a dream date and, who knows, maybe that way, start a new love adventure … Dare to try!


The best 7 places to go while on a first date


Now you know how important a first date is and you’re more than ready for the the big day. However, you are probably confused as to how to go about it to leave a mark on your partner’s memory for a long time, without overspending beyond limits.

Yea, I get the frustration but you really don’t have to do that. Highlighted below are seven places to achieve your first date without spending much.

1. Amusement park, an ideal place for a first date

Why not add some adrenaline and fun to your date? One of the best places for a first date is in an amusement park, an ideal option to break the ice and make the two of you feel like children again riding the roller coaster, entering the house of terror, eating sugar, and sorts like that.

This is a great idea for the two of you to live an unforgettable day and, really, the date is a success. And is that … what can go wrong in a place like an amusement park or a fair? You can play bumper cars, test your aim with shooting tests and enjoy a romantic ride on the Ferris wheel. Without a doubt, it is a real plan if you want to conquer that special person.

2. An outdoor date for a round day

Nature is a perfect setting for any date worth its salt. There is nothing better than leaving the city to breathe, relax and live a moment full of romance with that person that you like so much. For this reason, organizing a first date outdoors is an ideal option if you want to experience a unique and intimate evening.

Some of the best places to organize this appointment are:

  • Beach: if you live near the beach, a good idea for your date is to go to the beach and enjoy a delicious walk in the sun, a delicious ice cream or simply lie down in front of the shore and talk long and hard.
  • Mountain climbing: it is another of the best options to organize an appointment. The mountain has something magical, nature in its maximum splendor can be seen from the mountain. So you can organize a hike and enjoy beautiful landscapes with that special someone.

3. Romantic restaurant for your first date

Although it is a big topic, the truth is that one of the best places for a first date is still a good restaurant that is intimate and cozy. There is nothing better than meeting that person in a candlelit setting, with background music and a glass of wine, right?

Therefore, one of our recommendations is that you look for a well-decorated restaurant in your city and that you invite that person to dinner. You can also choose restaurants that have live music, in this way, the environment will be even more elegant and censorial, something perfect to conquer that special person. You will succeed for sure!

4. A place with live music, ideal for a fun date

But if you want to escape from the most classic and traditional plans on first dates, there is nothing better than breaking schemes and taking that person to a place with a good atmosphere and good music. If you like music, a great option is to go to a bar with live music or where they have jam sessions so that you can enjoy an evening of good music and good drinks.

You can also choose to go to a concert and, thus, between dances, songs and drinks you can have a fun time and also very close. There is nothing better than music to express everything that words silence, don’t you think? So if you put a little music on your date, rest assured that the energy will flow through the environment. Quite a hoot!

5. Game afternoon for your first date

And if you really want your first date to be memorable, nothing better than recovering your inner child with an afternoon of games, laughter and maximum fun. It is a different plan that will surely surprise your date since, most often, two adults sit down and talk to get to know each other better. But why not do it between games and good laughs?

There are many options that you can include in your appointment but, below, we will offer you a selection so that you can better guide yourself:

  • Billiards and table football: there are many bars that have pool or table football tables and are ideal to spend a fun and original time.
  • Escape room: how about taking your date to an escape room? It’s a great plan! In 60 minutes you will have to activate your ingenuity to be able to get out of the confinement in a hilarious way
  • Virtual reality: there are more and more centres with virtual reality games and it is a good option to surprise your date and live both a unique experience.

6. A sporting event: ideal to surprise

Another of the best places for a first date is for you to take her to practice a sport or have a fun time in a sporty and different environment. This option is ideal if the person you like you know is into sports because, otherwise, they will probably not like your plan at all.

By “sports appointment,” we mean a large number of plans that you can incorporate into your appointment. To mention just a few of them:

  • Go see a game: be it soccer, basketball … or whatever you like! This idea can be a hoot if the person you are meeting with knows that he or she likes sports since, for him or her, it will be a memorable day.
  • Ice skating: another sport that you can include in your date is to go to an ice skating rink to skate and enjoy a romantic and memorable moment.
  • Boat trip or sailing: sea sports are also perfect to include in an appointment, so you can incorporate a trip on a boat to enjoy an unforgettable evening.
  • Bike ride: This is another good idea to include in your sports appointment. You can tour natural spaces uploaded on your bikes and, later, have a drink and enjoy the moment.
  • Horse riding : you can also take your date to enjoy a horse ride through a natural environment that, for sure, they will love.
  • Ski day: if it is winter, nothing better than surprising your date with a day in the snow to ski, snow or simply enjoy a snowshoe ride.


7. A date at a viewpoint, the most romantic thing!

And we end this article with the best places for a first date to tell you about a corner that is in cities and that, really, is the most romantic there is. We are talking about the viewpoints, those places that are in elevated areas and that offer incredible panoramic views of the environment. You can surprise your date even more by bringing a bottle of wine, cava or a few beers so that you can have a drink while admiring the surroundings.

The best time to go up to a viewpoint is at sunset as you can enjoy a beautiful sunset and, afterwards, you will have the privacy of the stars to continue your appointment. Without a doubt, it is one of the most romantic corners of the city.