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Glo Night Plan Code

Night plans and night bundles are common with Nigerians and for now, all mobile networks in Nigeria feature them. This article here will be beneficial to all Glo Customers, most especially those looking for the Glo Night Plan Code.

Glo offers just one night plan and we’ll be discussing the code and a few other things about the plan.

What is the Glo Night Plan Code?

The Glo night plan code *127*60#; it is the code you will use to subscribe to the Glo night plan. This plan gives you 1 GB worth of data at the rate of just N200.00 (Two Hundred Naira Only). It is one of the best night plans available for Nigerians and it stages a huge competition among other mobile networks in the country.

The code is a USSD code which means it can be dialed from any GSM device. However, to be able to use the data, you need a device that can access the internet (Smartphone, tablet, Pad, Laptop etc.)

This night plan is under the Glo Flexi Tariff Plan which you must be on before you can subscribe. However, you would not need to migrate to Glo Flexi because you are already on it, it is a default tariff plan that accommodates all Glo users.

How to subscribe to Glo Night Plan using the Night Plan Code

Before you can subscribe, you must ensure that you have at least N200 in order for it to be successful because your purchase will fail if your airtime balance is anything less than N200. If you do not, do well to recharge your SIM before you continue.

To subscribe, all you have to do is to dial the code *127*60# from your Glo line. After dialing the code, a notification will be displayed on your screen that you have successfully subscribed to the Glo night plan. The N200 charge will be deducted from your airtime balance while you will receive 1 GB worth of data.

You can as well subscribe to the Glo night plan via SMS. To do this, simply text “60” to “127” and you will receive an SMS confirmation from Glo if successful.

Glo 1 GB night plan validity

As a night plan, this data can only be used during the night. It is valid for 5 Hours; 12:00 AM (Midnight) to 5:00 AM (Morning). However, you will not be able to access the internet once the 1 GB data is depleted even if it is not up to 5:00 AM.

How to check Glo Night Plan Data Balance

As you browse, It is recommended that you check your data balance so you know how much has been consumed and how much data is left; the same goes for the Glo night plan.

To check your Glo Night plan balance, dial *127*00# from your Glo Sim or text “Info” to “127”. A notification will be displayed containing your data balance for the former while you will get an SMS notification for the later.

Can the Glo Night Plan be rolled-over?

Rolling over the Glo night plan data is not possible, all remaining data expires after 5:00 AM. If you wish to use the night plan data the following day, you will need to subscribe again which means paying another N200.

How many times in a night can the Glo Night Plan be purchased?

The Glo Night plan data can only be purchased once in 24 hours which means it can only be purchased once in a night. If you happen to finish your 1 GB data before 5:00 AM, you will have to wait for 24 hours from the time when you subscribed before you can pay for another.

When Should the Glo Night Plan be purchased; Night or Day?

The Glo night plan can be purchased at any time whether night or day. What you should have in mind is that no matter when you pay for it, you can only access it from 12:00 AM and it expires by 5:00 AM. If you purchase the data by 4:30 AM, it will still expire by 5:00 AM (Within 30 minutes), so always try to subscribe before 12:00 AM.

Should you use the Glo 1 GB Night Plan?

There are a couple of reasons why the Glo Night Plan is an ideal night plan for any Glo customer who loves staying up to browse at night. You should use it if you are one of such customers.

Rather than making use of your normal data subscription, you can cut costs by making use of the Glo Night Plan as it is very cheap. You can not get 1 GB worth of data for N200 on Glo Network aside from it.

Other than that, browsing at night is faster and more efficient than browsing during the day due to the fact that many mobile users would be asleep. What this means is that, you can download music, videos and others faster in the night time. Loading your favorite websites and web pages will also be faster.


The code *127*60# is the primary code to use if you want to subscribe to the Glo Night plan. With the plan you have more data at a relatively cheaper rate. It comes with a price though as you have to stay up at night to use it.

Glo formerly featured a 500MB for N25 night plan but it has been discontinued and no longer available. The only one available for now is the 1 GB for N200 night plan.