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Getting The Perfect Kiss: Expert Tips

A kiss can leave an indelible impact. It can reveal how you genuinely feel, how loving you can be, and much more. It is critical to keep the passion alive with your partner, especially when it comes to kissing. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple maneuvers to get your kisses back into “pucker up” shape, and that’s why we’re here to help. We’ll teach you some pointers and methods to improve your kissing technique and prepare you for whatever comes your way, whether it’s a first date or rekindling the romance with the love of your life.

1. Know What You Want 

First and foremost, it is critical that you state your objectives on where the kiss is headed, especially if you are with your partner. When you kiss someone, it is quite easy to convey the wrong impression. So, if you’re expecting a kiss from whomever you’re with, there are a few cues you may give to make the signal clearer. For example, when you’re talking with them, start focusing on their lips just a little bit more.

The most efficient method to do this is to look down at them every now and again, even if you’re in the middle of a discussion. Another subtle signal is to progressively lean in toward your partner while talking. If your spouse or date begins to lean in toward you, you’ll know that everything is set for you to take the plunge and kiss them.

2. Don’t Rush, Go Slow 

Have you ever been on a date with someone and your first kiss was aggressive or simply stiff? If you have, this is obviously a massive no-no, right? Kissing too aggressively or stiffly might make things very awkward. So, as you lean in for the kiss, begin softly and slowly. There’s no need to start getting hot and heavy straight soon. Playing it slowly can heighten the emotion between the two of you, revealing whether or not you have genuine chemistry.

3. Allow Your Partner Make Effort Too

Have you ever heard of going a small percentage of the way into a kiss, say 10%, then forcing your partner to come the rest of the way? This has been depicted in movies and television shows for as long as we can remember, but it is really accurate! When you are kissing your partner, or date, you should only lean in approximately 50 percent of the way (sometimes less), and let your partner come the rest of the way into the kiss. Even if you believe you are the dominating person in the relationship, it may be time to step aside and let the passion find you.

4. Kiss More Than The Lips 

Don’t get too carried away at this point, but this trick may really ratchet up the heat when you’re kissing your sweetheart. Of course, you’ve already started kissing softly and slowly at the beginning, but if you feel like it’s getting dull between the two of you, it could be time to shake things up a little. Take your kiss to their cheek, or perhaps to the nape of their neck, and give them a few kisses and a nip or two. Make your way up to their ear, kiss or tug with your lips, and whisper a lovely nothing in their ear if you’re feeling very adventurous. You’ll make your intentions and love for them quite plain.

5. Be Spontaneous 

This advice overlaps a little with the ones we just provided you, but if you’re stuck in a kissing rut with your partner (or just with dating in general), it might be time to shake things up a little. Pacing yourself is usually a smart idea in most situations, of course, but if you want to spice things up a little, go for it! Show your love that you’re feeling passionate by kissing them harder than usual. Intensify the situation.

6. Try Practicing 

This may appear to be a foolish and even obvious tip, but practice makes perfect in this circumstance as well! Try some of these techniques and tactics out on your next date, or when you have a date night in with your partner. Just keep in mind that it’s perfectly normal to feel a little uneasy when trying out new things. It’s new and unusual, so you’ll have to get used to it. Isn’t that why it’s called practice?

7. Use Your Teeth

Nothing screams passion more than giving your lover’s lips a small tug with your teeth if you truly want to ratchet up the intensity between you and your relationship, or even your date. Of course, don’t bite down firmly enough to cause bleeding or discomfort, but gently enough to provide a hint. This is a clear indication to your partner that you are ready for more passion in that situation.

8. Change Head Position 

Have you ever been kissing someone you care about and noticed that you always lean your head to one side and stay there? Then this is the tip for you. It may be beneficial to adjust your head posture slightly to produce movement and liveliness in the kiss. Of course, you can’t kiss directly on since noses interfere; instead, switch from one side to the other. It will create the impression that you are more immersed in the moment and are fully immersed in your partner throughout your kiss.

Bottom Line

Of course, it’s vital to note that these are just some helpful tactics we’ve devised to heat things up with your love, and they don’t necessarily mean that they’re the best things for you and your relationship. Make sure you are comfortable with what is going on, because if you are not, no one else will be. Kissing is intended to be a beautiful, sympathetic, and caring component of our relationships that allows us to express ourselves in a different way. Use these suggestions and even change them to make them your own.